Sunday, November 16, 2008

Never happened before(s)

So, we left for Ipoh on Friday evening, directly after my day's work.

It was raining and we were caught in a jam just as we hit the highway. But hubby managed to recover the time lost!

We arrived at 7.30 pm. I was FAMISHED !!!

Helped with getting Christopher seated and prepared for his dinner, unloaded the stuff from the car and off we were again.

Aneka Selera, Ipoh Garden, here we come!
It had been ages since I last ate there, partly becuase it is not a very baby friendly place. And we were gaming for some seafood, coz seafood and active toddlers don't match!

Incident #1

We ordered 2 ice kacang, sotong kangkung, balitung, satay and fried soft shell crab.

I have only eaten balitung once in my life. So, I was not very good at it. I tried one or two and couldnt get the sill little morsel out.

After trying a few time, I would pass it on to hubby to get it out for me instead!

Hahaha...after a while hubby was complaining that it was too much trouble eating this silly thing! He was nearly out of breath!

All our laughing and sucking must have caught the attention of the tables nearby coz one by one we saw them ordering balitung as well!

One husband and wife couple was sitting facing us and MY, THEY WERE DOING A FAST JOB!!!

I told hubby if this challenge was in Amazing Race, we would definitely arrive last at the pit stop! :) I looked at the man at the other table sucking, to get some tips on how he did it! The way he was doing it looked different, so I asked hubby to look too!

Hubby tried again and then he showed me perhaps the 'trick' to getting the morsels out!

I looked at him! WHAT !!! You mean you have to suck from the other end?

You see, I was sucking on the wrong end all this while. And even at that tiny hole, I managed to get 1 or 2 morsels out from the shell.

What more if it was supposed to be from the 'bigger' end, the job would have been easy peasy!

GOSH....I am still blaming hubby for not telling me earlier! All the trouble and all the wind in my tummy is still upsetting me!
Incident #2

Half way through my "sucking" dinner,I felt my phone vibrate. My hand being slimy and dirty, I left it! Then I felt hubby's phone vibrate. OK....

I finished up a bit more and washed my hands. Took my phone and saw that it was my mum who was calling.

I called back.

Oooohhh.....Christopher was screaming in the background.

According to my mum, he had not stopped crying since we left, after his dinner!

He walked around, pointed to hubby and mine wedding photo and cried.
He walked to the main door, pointed outside and cried.
He stood at the door and cried.
When grandma tried to close the door, he pushed it open and cried.

As soon as we arrived, I called him from outside. He was still waiting at the main door. And he cried.

Into mummy's arms and he smiled.

This happened 2 times throughout our stay in Ipoh. And all other times, we left while he was sleeping.
Incident #3

Now Christopher has a nasty bump on his head. Nasty enough to grant me a non-stop nagging Ipoh trip.

So, we had to get a new product for bruises that is in the market now, something called "A-Bruzzy", a traditional medicine for reducing the swelling of bruises. Recommended by an 'aunty' from my parent's church in Ipoh, we bought it at about RM14 and in Watson at KL. Ipoh pharmacists were going "what is that?" though!

We also had to get some gauze and plaster to create a soft cushion there to protect the area in case he hits his forehead again.

And kungkung and popo have also decided to get him Thudguard, a new product to be shipped from UK. This product will cost them RM200+ and would be Christopher's Christmas present from them.

They have never shopped online before or given their credit card number online.

Somethings never happen and will never happen. They have decided to give MY credit card number (since it is already out in cyberspace anyway) and pay me back in cash!

Oh well....


Cuddly Family said...

goodness! pakai helmet hehe can wear on his trike next time :D

poor thing, he's not used to it I guess, you are usually around at his dinner time etc. Still it';s nice to get away and have couple time, however short :D

Kids will have a lot of bumps and bruises, as they grow, j2 and k always seems to bump themselves badly in ONE spot on their forehead, usually on opposite ends of the forehead lol So once we took a pix of them both..


Julie said...

That's cool. Never heard of Thudguard.

Seems like you need to bring Christopher back to Ipoh more often. Jonathan won't allow my parents to carry especially my dad cause he hardly sees them and eventhough I show him my dad's photo just to get him familiarise.

Eat more balitong then we can have a balitong race next time. They are my favourite.

Mummy-yeoh said...

Ha ha, I can never suck one out either. So I gave up trying.

I like the helmet. I want to put Sara in a bubble if I can. He he

Christopher is probably having a separation anxiety esp in a 'new' place. It will pass

andrewjune said...

well, just yday my friend and i were talking of getting a helmet-of-sort for rachael and her daughter :-) prob we will get thudguard as well...but i thk it looks better on boys than girls hehehe...

uh dont remind me of ipoh's food pls! i SO crave for them! used to hang out at ipoh garden too! and i've never liked balitung for i never get it right hahaha!

HI said...

LOL...this post is so funny, especially the balitung eating experience.

I hardly eat balitung as I could not suck it out either.

Not to worry, kids will have bumps and bruises. Their skull is actually pretty tough. If Olivia head butt me, I see stars...hehe. Will Christopher be wearing helmet all the time?

LittleLamb said...

Hey..thanks for the info on Thudguard. I jsut ordered it and should arrive soon :)

Btw, I do miss Ipoh food..
next time bring yr son out as well..

Ann said...

Cuddlyfamily - I would not have thought too much about it if not for the nagging scares given to me by all the aunties and my mum as well!

Julie - actually the sauce of the balitung was nice...not so much the morsel itself! :)

Mummy-Yeoh - yeah, if only we can put them in a bubble! Then they wont even fall ill ya!

June - so scary when the bump gets too big and 'permanent'!

HI - I actually managed better when I got the output right! And Christopher's bump is REALLY TOO BAD !!! I will put up a pic soon!

Littelamb - will def have to see how it is with your kid. I am still contemplating if I should order it!

Ann said...

Little lamb, can I be added to see your blog as well? Can share some stories about our active kids!

Ann said...

Little lamb...oh, can only see your blog...but I guess that is where you allow public viewing!

Ponytail said...

Balitong...that's a pet for me!!....kidding...

Well, separation anxiety is also my main problem now...only now was not that hard when Zoe was younger

Cecilia said...

I love balitong, yum,yum. The trick is to suck on the small end first and then suck on the big end. If it is fried with chilli, you end up with swollen lips at the end of the sucking but it is worth it.
Hve sent you a pic of Christopher with his plastered forehead.

hissychick said...

The balitung sound..interesting. Im hopeless with seafood :)

Good luck with the Thudguard. Ive got my kids into the habit of wearing their helmets on bikes and trikes but there is no way I would have been able to get E to wear the Thuddy thing when she was first walking!

Moomykin said...

Thudguard - both my boys had had quite a few head bumps, but we never thought of a helmet...

balitung - oh, love that. Only thing is sometimes when they dislodge as you suck, it might head straight in to the throat and make you choke.

online purchase - always an adventure for the first time. Your parents had fun? :D

Angeline said...

aiyo! your first incident make me laugh so hard!

I hope the bump have subsided....