Sunday, November 30, 2008

Of rest(au)rants!

Now, I don't usually brag over a new place that I have tried.
But this one is worth mention.
I have heard of the excellent durian cake from this place some 4-5 years ago.
Recently in one of my old school friend meetings, we had intended to meet here.
But fate had it that I never made it there till now.
BonBon, located in Damansara Jaya, near Atria.
Indeed a place where great food and great people meet.
It seemed that everyone knew the owner in the short 45 minutes that we sat there.
And there was even one older couple who walked in and asked if the owner had reserved his favourite slice of cake for him!
The menu is not that extensive. The cake menu on the other hand is to 'die' for!
The breakfast menu looked good,
but we arrived too many minutes late for us to order from the breakfast menu.
So, we opted for the set lunches.

Hubby's rosemary chicken set lunch - with ice lemon tea/coffee/tea and ice cream.
My Sichuan noodles which was slightly spicy and totally YUMMY !!!
It's a pity they don't have this permanently on the menu!
Local set lunches are dependent on what they can cook for the day.

And our desert - vanilla ice cream with chocolate powder.

"Take it from me, it's yummmmmyyy !!!"

Christopher tired all our food due to his unceasing "mummumm, mummumm!"

And on Sunday, while everyone was out,

Christopher was following me around

And he saw that I brought out my camera.

"Pose boy, we take picture, ok?"
He obliged. And posed perfectly still with just a hint of a smile!

Mummy says "sitting pose, so I shall sit and maybe pray?"

"And another one of me resting ok mummy?"

And so I rant, "I am so proud of you, son! "


simon said...

whoa, you're spoiling the boy with all the delicious food! :)

Julie said...

Jonathan won't just sit there and let me take his pic. He will try grabbing the camera/hp from me.

I like the one resting on his tummy. He really pose that for you?

No pic on the durian cake? Show how was the taste? Great? I must go since you said it's good.

milochel said...

so cute geh ur baby...

and wher's ur review on the durian cake??? you said it's famous for that ... :(

but damansara is so so sooo far!!!

come to cheras!!!!

Ann said...

I haven't tried the durian cake. They didn't make it that day. Not in season I guess.

Thus no pic. But everytime I mention BonBon, people go "Have you tried their Durian cake?"

So, hmm....I am also waiting for them to bake it now!

Julie, yes woh, he REALLY pose like that! I was surprise myself!

Simon, we only give him the parts without gravy. We know the repercussion of too much outside food, and no longer wanting porridge/bland food!

Ponytail said...

Bon Bon's...that is my school friend's restaurant!
It's a family business...and we all used to stay nearby in the humble Sentul neighbourhood...

Yes, they are great cook...Hainanese...

I used to sample cakes for free last time...hahaha!!!

andrewjune said...

where is this place? is it in KL or ipoh?
must gv it a try since you highly recommend it!
ohhh chris, such a clever boy to pose for mummy!

Mummy-yeoh said...

Christopher is so cute, can pose for mummy. He likes taking photo :)

BonBon sounds nice. Maybe I will give it a try one weekend. Did Christopher try the spicy noodle too? A few times Sara wanted whats in my plate. I was having spicy fried chicken and gave some to her and popped some pieces in her mouth. That left her speechless for a moment and she quickly asked for water :) She never asked for second.

Ann said...

June, Bonbon is in PJ. Yes, when you come down, you should try. If you exit the Damansara toll plaza, it is very near!

Mummy-yeoh...he can eat a bit spicy I think. Actually I only gave him parts of the noodle that was not covered totally in gravy. But he has even eaten chap sui with rice and loved it!

mumsgather said...

Hi Ann,
Want to try out a contest for a chance to win something for Christopher? Check this out.

Sorry for spamming your comment box. Hehe.

Ann said...

Mumsgather, I saw this in our blog but I couldnt's follow your instructions on searching under boy's clothing.