Sunday, November 2, 2008

Things are looking up

Everything has more or less cleared up - health wise - in the household.
Thanks to all for your prayers.

So, weekend was back to inlaws, church, swimming and our latest project - house planning!
And Christopher wanted a say and a do in everything!

"I think I want this table and chair, daddy!"

"Maybe we can get this rocking horse as well?"

"Don't I look cool?"

"Mummy has blown up my float. But I still want her beside me! Mummmmeeeeee..."

"My latest conquest! To climb every stairs I see!"


Ponytail said...

Ha Ha Ha!Happy shopping for the new home. Yea Christopher, auntie think that red rocking horse is good too :P

hissychick said...

Glad that your boy is much better. And he's growing up so fast too.

Looks like you all had fun shopping for your new house. Enjoy.

Andrea said...

Awww...those are such cute pictures! I love the one of him with the sunglasses - he looks very cool indeed!

4malmal said...

glad to know that he is feeling better now. The parents suffer as much when the child fall sick, esp if one still need to work the next day. glad that the ordeal is over. u take care too!

andrewjune said...

oh no! climbing the stairs! kids just love stairs, dont know why! better get the gate for the stairs soon...i'm thinking of getting one soon too!
been awhile since i see chris's photos...i thk he looks more like daddy :-)

happy planning/decorating/buying for your new hse! it's a happy occasion!

Julie said...

Christopher is saying: Please get me that rocking horse for Christmas, would you, Mommy? :P

Ann said...

PN - ya, took some time to get him off the rocking horse!

Hissychick - yes, he is indeed gorwing up very fast.

Andrea - ya, come to think of it, the sunglasses look really cool ya!

4malmal - yes, thank God the ordeal is over. Life back to normal now.

June - you think?? Some still say he looks like me!

Julie - hahaha, if we are at the new house, maybe ya!

Baby Darren said...

Wau...Christ has grown up so much. He looked like a little boy now, no longer a baby.

You will have a good time chasing him in your new DOUBLE STOREY house soon!!

Don't forget to get a safety gate for the stairs.