Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dressing up Christmas

When I first read about this from Parenting Times, I was quite excited.
The writer of this blog is right. It is not as interesting shopping for boys' clothing as compared to girls.

I mean for boys, the best you can do are shirts and pants or maybe dungarees.

And with my active toddler who cannot wait 2 seconds for me to put the shirt over his head, my range of clothing that I can choose from is even more limited. I try to look for shirts that are buttoned instead of over the head. And given that they are for casual wear, I also need to get some shirts that are casual in nature even though they are buttoned!

And as if shopping with an active toddler is not tough enough....what more shopping with a limited choice in mind.

So, this new range of clothing that she told me about really got me curious.
I can't imagine how cute my boy would look in these boys' clothing!

There are some casual patterned shirts to choose from.

Also there are some more formal clothing. The shirts are very colourful and would look great especially with Christmas coming up! And the Chinese New Year collection also looks rich and glamorous!

There is one short sleeve one in rich red for the day and another long sleeve one with bright red sleeve ends for the night. And the colour should be dark enough to hide any toddler accidental food stains too!

Also looking at the other range of boys' clothing there are some sharp looking, bright coloured mini look-a-like daddy's shirts that I can buy for him. In the next wedding dinner, dressing him up looking like a little adult would thrill my inlaws and parents to bits!

So, the shop being in The Curve makes it great. And the choice makes it even better.

Check out the website and the shop as well. You may very well find the best outfit for the next function for the little angelic boys that we have!


andrewjune said...

i was at the curve last weekend...what is the name of this shop?
will you be buying those for chris?

Andrea said...

Those are some really cute clothes! And yeah...it's crazy how much more stuff there is to buy for girls than there is for boys!!

Jaanvi said...

ya there are so much more options for girls.. when I was pregnant,I was hoping for a girl for the sake of how nice it would be to dress her up.. :)

andrewjune said...

i hv a link in my post rgding the giraffe...pls click on it for more info :-)

we bought it at toys r us...

rachael got the same giraffe too for her bday gift from hubby's partner but we gv it to lil charmaine...

Julie said...

What to wear if the boy refuse to put the shirt over his head or even wait till it's buttoned? That's Jonathan...

Ann said...

Andrea - but from your site, Tate has equally great clothes!!

Jaanvi - we shall try for another one and prayerfully we will have a girl ya!

June - thanks for the info. By the way, the shop is at:
Lot 172B First Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
Tel +603 7726 8566 Fax +603 5161 6788
Email: lindaysp@gmail.com

Julie - hahaha...Christopher is the same actually...we have to resort to all kinds of ways to get him to wait while we button his shirt! BUt over the head....I think his head is too big for most of the shirts!!! :)

mumsgather said...

Sorry I took a while to link to you. Streamyx is driving me up the wall!

Haha. I know exactly what you mean about dressing up active boys. My boy is always running away from me when I want to dress him. After a shower, he runs straight off to hide from me and he would giggle happily in his hide and seek game and he never seems to stand still when I want to put something on for him!