Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New house updates

So, are we rushing to move in before Chinese New Year?

That is the question we have been receiving alot to date. And with no doubt. Quotations, sending reminders, choosing colours, checking out prices etc. has intensively filled up any free time I have during my weekday and almost all of my weekend hours.

Things done to date:
1) Quotation for renovation finalized after 3 weeks
2) Grill quotation finalized and deposit given - work started and planning to be completed in Jan.
3) Sofa booked - deposit paid
4) Water filter confirmed - monthly imstallment starting
5) Lightings choosen, save for the porch light - deposit paid
6) Fans bought - all 5 of them!
7) Backdoor confirmed to be changed
8) Tinting confirmed for back 3 windows
9) Shower door - deposit paid

Things outstanding:
1) Washing machine and fridge
2) Aircons
3) Paint brand, colour and quotations
4) Dining set and beds
5) TV cabinet
6) Master bedroom curtains
7) Blinds for living room and kitchen
8) Bathroom and kitchen accessories
9) Buy tiles for wet kitchen
10) Find mover

And with all the things to do, my planned 'timing' of events are:
1) Wet works completed 2 weeks before Chinese New Year
2) One weekend to paint the window sills
3) Put up grills and backdoor


4) Paint the dry kitchen and master bedroom
5) Put up dry kitchen cabinets and wardrobe
6) Continue to paint the rest of the house

....and so I plan, and I pray and I wait.....


Something About Us said...

hope that you can move in before Chinese New Year !

It will be great to celebrate CNY in a new house. =)

Debbie Y said...

hey, thanks for dropping by and your kind advise. Very much appreciated that.

New house?? Whooaaa... show us the photo of your new house. Guess it will be great to celebrate CNY at new house huh???

LittleLamb said...

that is surely a long list. Hope u r coping well.

Yes, it will be great to move in by CNY n have yr first open house..:)

Julie said...

Not an easy task yeah? So many things to plan and organize. Praying hard that you could move in on time.

There's mega sales now so a good time to get those things in your outstanding list.

andrewjune said...

well well well there's really tons of things to be done before moving in...
been there done that...
but after all those hassle, you and your loved ones just couldnt wait to get back home everyday...cos it's so comfortable!

HI said...

Woo hoo...must be so exciting planning for a new house. Do show photos when all is completed.

milochel said...

uh-oh.. sounds headachy..

4malmal said...

wow sounds like alot to be done. definitely looking forward to see your new house! meanwhile, don tire yourself :)


Hey Ann! Thanks for dropping by. So you are moving into new house too ...congrats but mine is not ready yet ler . maybe 3-4 months more before we can get keys but I love to plan.

What kinda contacts do you stil need .. maybe we can exchange ideas, etc. you may email me at family_first3@hotmail.com. May I ask what brand of hood & hob you bought .. me thinking of Pacific or Fotile. And I just bought an Ariston oven yesterday almost 50% discount for brand new model & brand new unit! So happy!

Moomykin said...

Oh, I don't envy you...

I doubt Gadget-daddy and I will want to have to go through all that again... unless we really have no choice.

Well, hope all things run well.
In the mean time, keep well.