Monday, December 15, 2008

Shrudder, tear...

I was at the doctor's office. Picked up a magazine and saw an article about child trafficking.

I read one paragraph, shuddered and teared...

"...he opened the diaper of an infant girl and inserted his finger into her vagina. After a few minutes of doing so, he had sex with her."

Your little girl.
An infant just in diapers.

He is not human, he cannot be human.

And then I found this You Tube. Did you cry too?


Jaanvi said...

Oh My god! even reading this brings me goose bumps,my heart literally missed a beat. And you know Ann,its not only the baby girls who are target,paedophiles does not spare boys as well. i feel these people should be tortured and killed mercilessly for being so inhuman.

Jaanvi said...

And most of the times these people are somebody closer,whom u may trust. I even wrote a post on child abuse Discover Parenting: Child Abuse:Break the silence

hissychick said...

I didn't get to the video as I couldn't get past the quote.

All I know is that I would be capable of tearing someone limb from limb if they did this to my girls. I mean it.

If only paedophilia could be eradicated from the face of the earth.

HI said...

ANIMALS!! How could they do that?? An infant is not even developed in the private parts.

If anyone abused my girl, he/she is dead.

andrewjune said...

having a daughter sometimes comes with a fear...esp for these matters!
we watched a movie back then called TAKEN, a very nice movie...more to women trafficking and they target on solo women tourists!
and one of the missing daughter's dad really went all the way to look for these inhuman ppl! needless to say, they are not spared!

milochel said...

*sticks a broom into fella's itchy backside and suffocates him with infant's diapers*

din watch the video yet..too tired and enraged when i read tat quote..

bodoh punya bapak..

Ann said...

Dear all,

It was not my intention to provoke anger or spoil anyone's day with this post.

I felt strongly about it and had to write it down. So, my blog becomes the output of all my feelings.

Sometimes we complain about all the little things...when this very minute someone else is suffering greater than we are.

Appreciate every moment, thank God for good health and even safety.