Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Highs and Lows of Christmas

I wasn't looking forward much to Christmas this year actually. Well....up to the point when it was the 24th and I was on leave.

Got the last minute purchases done for our first Christmas BBQ. This was our first organised family gathering. All these years, it has always been Christmas at my uncle's house. The year my uncle migrated to US, we had no celebration at all save one morning of exchanging gifts. So, this year signalled a new beginning in more ways than one.

  • A new tradition of an organised Christmas family lunch/dinner.
  • An addition to the family - my sister's bf - and more to come in the next few years (prayerfully).
Christmas morning was fun. Had fun making all the preparations for the BBQ. Mum infuriated me by making me slice the carrots and the cucumbers so thinly !!! But frustration in a good way! :) By 10am, we had everything done. And just in time for my sis and her bf to turn up!

I always 'complain' sis always comes at the right time. No more work to do and just in time for me to wash my face and look less flustered!

Her bf brought his camera and took alot of photos. Of course, I took some too....more of the food since he had the people covered!!!

We ate with our hands coz (ummm.....) I forgot to get steak knives for everyone! No pretense at all in being family! We also shared bowls for the chowder. And boyboy had a great time enjoying the feast too! He loved the bacon and ate up the salad with his potato. Also downed a big bowl of chowder. We were all glad he ate so much.

For desert we had ice brewed coffee, ice cream and stollen.

On Christmas night, the 2nd event I was geared up for was a gathering at my sister's bf's house. We were to meet his church and his family. You can imagine I was the most relaxed one in the family (apart from hubby and boyboy, who didn't know the significance of the event).

Boyboy was prepped earlier to be a good boy and listen to mummy. He was also told he was going to korkor's house and that got him excited !!! Got to say, he has taken to my sister's bf (thereafter will be called J). He sat on his lap for some duration of the eating time while we were there.

It was such a high on the 25th that on the 26th morning, I admit I was a bit on the low side. The saving grace was a SG dinner gathering on the 26th, more gifts to be wrapped and food to be prepared. My euphoria returend when everyone started to arrive. It's always great to be among good and easy company. Also a good time to get all the kids together and reflect back on the pass year. We have all come a long way, the kids have grown so much.

So, as of now, it is the 28th. 27th flew by with all of us sleeping half the time. It didn't help that we only slept at 3 am on the 26th night - relatives were also in town and needed a ride to the airport!

The recuperation did me good. But now we just found out hubby's uncle passed away from a heartattack. It was so sudden. A blood clot found its way to the heart and 10 minutes of revival came to no good.

Hubby will be rushing down to Penang. I have been disallowed from going. Anyone can tell me why? And when he comes back to KL tommorrow, I would have been gone to Ipoh. Will miss him till New Year's eve.

So, have a Happy New Year everyone! Hope you toast in a delightful, peaceful and warm new year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Moments with Christopher

Christopher was walking down the chocolate and biscuit aisles looking high and low. Hubby was with him while I had pushed the cart further ahead so as to NOT crowd the aisle. When at last Christopher takes something and shouts to me saying:
"Mummy, this is what I want lah. See. This one lah!"
He was holding the Rocky biscuit (blue box).

In fact I must say he is fond of blue packaging food. He also picks out the blue packet M&Ms.
Sometimes he will bring his doggie to me and say "Hold mummy!"
He wants me to talk in doggie voice to him.
Sometimes he will ask his doggie:
"What you want? Milk want?" And I will shake doggie's head.
"Lol-pop want? Ask kungkung to buy. OK?" And I will shake doggie's head.
And he will go on and on thinking of things that he can give doggie....which can range from mummy and daddy to praying and lying down.
Sometimes when I take him back from school, he will sit quietly in his canvas car seat and suck his thumb. If I see him doing it (and the traffic is manageable that day), I will say:
"Christopher, are you sucking your thumb?"
He will smile and quickly turn away.
Sometimes I will try to pull his hand out which ends up in him squirming around. And sometimes when I am at a red light (and I know it will be some time before my turn), I will tickle him a bit. One day, he told me:
"Don't want (tickle), mummy! Mummy drive car. Hand put there (pointing to steering wheel)."
And sometimes when he sees that daddy does not have 2 hands on the steering wheel or if daddy is not wearing his seatbelt, he will tell daddy:
"Daddy, hand where? Put there (steering wheel)."
And when daddy does it, he says:
"Good boy."

"Daddy wear seatbelt. Faster. After(wards) police come."

Or sometimes: "Daddy, don't drive so fast. Drive slowly."

Its a tit for tat....police man catch him, also catch us!!!
I play a particular Hillsongs CD in my car. Everytime when Christopher is in the car, he can't wait for hubby/me to start the car so that he can press the CD on button/or get us to turn it on.

He will say: "Mummy, on music."

He just learnt the word music and has been using it since.

And when the song that he likes comes on and hubby and I are talking, he will tell us:

"No talk. No talk. Sing song."

If we ignore him, we will look at me and then hubby and say:

"No talk. Sing song." And he can be VERY persistent.

He also frequently tells us: "Please turn loud/soft."
And if daddy turns the music down so that we can talk, he will tell me:
"Mummy turn loud. Daddy no. Daddy don't turn."

Of course he does accept if I tell him that daddy and mummy want to talk. Of course that depends what song is on.
And that day when I was singing to him, I was going to sing the ABC song and he told me:
"No no. Sing Wheels bus."
That day he wanted me to get him something. So, after getting it for him, he said:
"Thank you".
I corrected him: "Thank you mummy."

I know saying thank you is good enough. And he does almost 90% of the time. But I was taught to say repeat the person's name after a greeting so teaching my son the same.

Then I told hubby : "He is quite good with his Ps and Qs".

Christopher overheard and said : "R,S,T,U,V....etc."
We were at Giant that day. My son saw another kid pushing the shopping cart. So, he asked to be taken down from the cart seat. And he started to push the cart as well.

Of course he didn't do it very well. We had gotten the big cart after all, not knowing he would ever decide to push the cart!

So, I tried to maneuver the cart just a little so that he doesn't bang the aisle shelves so often! Thank God, we were not in the breakables or the dentables section. Christopher looked up and shouted:

"Mummy NO! You go there (pointing some where far away). You don't touch. I push."

Neither I nor hubby could touch the cart after that. So, I left him with hubby coz I wanted to get some fruits and God FORBID if he was pushing the cart there and the whole heap of apples were to fall on the floor! Also there would be more carts and more people there! We don't want to get cursed!
He has a real detest for washing up now. Started when he started school. Not sure what caused it. Hope it was not any molestation!!! (just crossed my mind)

So, now whenever he poops and we ask him to go up to wash, he would straightaway say: "Don't want. Don't want."

Usually ending up in me raising my voice, some tears and sometimes a little spanking.
Still not toilet trained. He can tell me :

"Mummy, stomach ache."

But when I bring out the potty and ask him to sit, he runs away shouting:

"Don't want! Don't want!"

But after he has done his business, he will happily allow me to put him on the potty. I do so in case he has more and to get him used to the potty!

One day I knew he was in the midst of it and put him with his diapers on sitting on the potty. When he sat down, I took off his diaper so that it will fall into the potty. But when his diaper came off, he stood up and looked at the soiled diaper sitting in his potty and told me:

"Mummy, take away. Dirty."

When I took it away, he sat down and said:

"OK. Now (can) sit."

(shake head)
When he doesn't want to go where I want him to go, he has a tendency to kneel down if I am holding on to one hand. And if I am holding on to 2 hands, he has a tendency of bending his feet so that I am holding him in the air by his hands!

And he will shout: "Don't want! Don't want! Aaaahhhhhhhhhh"

Yes...he does shout. I wonder what the neighbours think!

How lah???
He loves to pretend cook, pretend make milk, pretend drive car and all other pretend role playing games.

"Want milk", he sometimes asks his teddy bear.
"Want", he will change his voice for his teddy's response.
"Chris-pher make. Wait."

He will then take the Astro remote control, do the washing sound, scoop the milk in, shake and then bring to teddy. He will put it down and take a pillow and let teddy lie down. Then he will make the sucking sound and pout his lips like he is sucking.

"Good boy."
"Want somemore?"

And then....the whole thing repeats again.
After his bath, when I am on knee level drying him, he likes to hold my head between his two wet hands and shake my head saying:
"No no no no no."

Laugh then run away!
He can point to his vegetables and tell me : "I want this."
And when I try to get some meat in the same spoon as his vegetables, he will tell me: "No mummy, I don't want this (meat). I want this (vege)."
When he eats something spicy, he will tell me:
"Spicy!!! Pain pain (pointing to throat). Water where mummy?"
And that day, he took out his plastic beach spoon and banged the floor saying:
"Tidy up. Tidy up."

That must have come from school!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Memories of Christmas

My colleague asked me yesterday what I did for Christmas last year. AND to my horror, I couldn't remember !!!! Gosh!

I checked my blog and discovered I never wrote when I did on Christmas eve or on that day itself. SO....

I should make it a point to write down any out of the ordinary things that I do and what I do every festival!

So, last weekend was an out of the ordinary one.

For one....we nearly spent 6 hours in 1U. Reason being 1 and a half hours was spent having high tea in Cinnamon Cafe, One World Hotel.

I remembered when I was carrying Christopher around the 5th-6th month, hubby also took me for a buffet.

The Cinnamon Cafe spread was great. Well....for a novice in buffets, I have nothing much to compare against.

There were cold dishes, dishes in porcelin spoons and dishes in table spoons. There were oysters (baked in cheese and parbroiled), prawns and crabs, japanese (raw sushi and sashimi), the usual malaysian spread, satay, noodles, pasta....

For desert, there was a chocolate fondue, ice kacang, cakes and puddings, chocolates (dark and milk) and fruits.

Boyboy ate his portion. He enjoyed his pasta and of course his sushi. hubby ate his fill. I ate more than the last buffet 2 years back, according to hubby.

At night, would you believe it, hubby still had a craving. But for stewed duck porridge. Good thing too....coz I had enough meat for the day. Just ate pickled vegetables with my porridge! :)

It was a good Saturday. High tea (more like lunch) and then shopping for Christmas and then planning for our family Christmas lunch.

So, my plans for the 24th-26th?

Tong Yuen dinner with my parents on the 24th. Family lunch (with my sister's boyfriend as the newest addition) on the 25th. Dinner gathering at my sister's bf's house on the 25th. Dinner with my extended 'family' on the 26th.

Then work work work. you remember what you did last Christmas?

And may all of you have a blessed time with family and friends, remembering that Christmas is about relationships and not about food! Have a good one ya all!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2 causes

Christopher has been coughing (more like hacking like an old lady) for a week plus now. With the coming holidays and my paed going off, the 2nd time we went to see him, he told us this:

Cough is caused by 2 things, either an infection or an allergy.
Since Christopher does not have a fever and is running around, his cough is most likely an allergic reaction rather than an infection.

We have been controlling his food intake since the 1st visit to the doctor. Which meant no ice cream, chocolate, nothing fried, chips, citrus fruits, grapes etc. for 3-4 days. But his condition only slightly improved.

So, the allergic reaction would most probably be due to weather, change in temperature, humidity level.

Which (in my heart I was going !&^!@&#^) we can't control!!!

For his second visit, to control the allergy and stop it from ending up in an asthma attack (due to more secretion/phlegm being created which could result in a constriction of the bronchiol) Christopher was prescribed stronger cough medication and a steriod (to be taken for 3 days only).

And what more, his teacher told me he had a nose bleed when he woke up from sleep yesterday afternoon. And it was still bleeding when I picked him up in the evening.

And 2 days ago, his nose starting running in a marathon!!!

I woke up at 4 am this morning wondering what I can do to help my kid. Coz only God can control the weather!!!

And herbal teas don't work on him. He refuses even Lor Hon Kor and Barley.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I nearly had an heartattack !!!

No...not those need to go to the hospital kind.

As I was reversing out from a parking space, I heard a loud horn blasting. I looked around in panic coz my last accident happened just this way. I looked at all my mirrors and could not find any car in sight.

What the $^#&%#^ ??!!!

It was from an radio advert.

I reckon radios should ban all adverts and songs which has car horn sounds, sudden shouts or anything that could possibly come from the road.
Sigh....or maybe I should just stick to my low, merry and quiet Christmas CDs for now.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I was on leave

Yes....I was on leave the whole week last week. It all started out with an eye infection on Monday which resulted in two days of MC. And I already had planned leave on Friday. So, my boss told me to take the whole week off since I had 40 days to clear and only 2 more months to do it!

Yes.....I will be out of job by end Feb. Hopefully some news on my new contract will come before I deliver. Can't imagine myself doing a teleconferencing interview in hospital!!! I think my milk will like dry up on the spot! (smiles)

Anyway, my parents were also down last week (part of the reason why I so readily agreed to take off). But no, I didn't manage to get much Christmas shopping done. Partly due to the fact that I was trying to search for a dinner gown with a 5-month huge tummy. Empire cut dresses sure seem hard to come by when you are really looking!!!

Also I discovered that I have not really been maintaining myself very well. Ummm.....I shall spare the details of my bulging unsupported fats! :)

And I also decided to whip up a new dish to satisfy my craving of kerabu mee hoon. I used:
1) 1 bunga kantan (only used the pink flower bit)
2) 5 leaves of limau purut
3) 1 medium sized serai (the inner end parts)

Cut all these ingredients extremely fine. And I MEAN extremely fine.

Boil some mee hoon.

Add the hot meehoon to your raw finely sliced herbs. Pour chilli tuna over the whole thing. Added in half a lemon juice and mix well.

Actually, I should have used lime instead of lemon. Also should have added small onions and dried shrimps and used tom yam tuna instead. But well....the mixture still turned out great. And apart from the slicing, this dish is relatively easy to make.

Hubby also found it good! :)

I would be making it again the next time I am on leave. And next time I would try to get my Christmas shopping done!

By the I the only one working during the year end?

Monday, December 7, 2009

An old wives' tale

My mother in law says :

Look at the crown of the child before. If the crown of hair curls/falls clockwise the next kid will be a girl. If the hair falls/curls anti-clockwise, the next kid will be a boy.

Hope you know what I mean!

Anyone want to proof this theory?

Christopher's falls clockwise. (smiles)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christopher in action

What has boyboy been up to?

Talking on the phone with kungkung (my dad).
He always asks me if he can talk to kung kung on the phone. And it delights him to no end when the phone rings. He will be the first one to rush and pick it up.

As of now, no other person calls us except kungkung and pohpoh (my mum), so we allow him the luxury of picking up the phone. He does it well with a "Hello. Christopher here." But that is provided you understand what he says. And talk and talk to him with only an occasional word or two from his limited vocabulary.

The other surprising thing he is into now is MY house! The Lego house, I mean.

Haven't uploaded the photo of him studying the house yet. But this was the house I made and he is opening the front door, the roof window, the back door and other windows and squeezing his fingers inside.

The letter box and the BBQ set gets dislodged ever so often and he will exclaim "oh!oh!" and give it to me. Coz he knows this belongs to mummy and if he drops it on the floor or spoils anything, he will get into TROUBLE. "Mummy angry no, ok?" he will look at me 'beggingly', hoping I wouldn't take the house away from his rough playing! :)

Of course I don't. It can be rebuilt after all.....even though he did take off the roof that day!!!

By the way, my favourite fruit is back in season and so cheap! is orange and has dark brown seeds. I love it when it is just going soft. Can you guess what it is?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

All about the airplane

What can I say about this Penang trip?

It was really totally all about the airplane.

We went out to eat 2 times. Once in the foodcourt opposite Swatow Lane for lunch and the other time at a coffee shop near Swatow Lane for breakfast. I was totally disappointed both times.

Ordered Laksa for lunch that didn't meet up to the sourness, spiciness or the quality. Ordered Koay Teoy Ting (fishball noddles) for breakfast and ended up with more Pork noodles that Fish!!!

Any all other talk of the day was about Christopher in the airplane and the lollipops he got to eat (courtesy of his kungkung).

Of course, we attended the wedding which of course ended up with some rumours. And yes, hubby had a good time since some of his buddies were also invited.

Good thing we rented a car. Cost us RM129 for 24 hours (and a bit). Managed to go around the next morning.

Went to Gurney Drive and had trouble getting the kid back into the ar. It didn't help that I was as mad as him in jumping and running and enjoying myself. Gurney Drive does bring back childhood memories to me too!

One good foodie that I found good though was the fried carrot cake we had in one chinese restaurant in Midland Plaza. It had the right amount of spiciess and was very very tasty. Not too oily too. Reckon it was partly due to the unsatisfied craving from breakfast (where I wanted Char Koay Teow (fried noodles) but the guy refused to take my order!!!).

oh...and the plane ride was easy peasy! :) No ear ache whatsoever. Maybe it had to do with my insisting he swallow saliva every other minute, opening his mouth like a goldfish (I had to open mine in return) and his multiple sips of water (which ended up in 3 wet pants by the time we landed).

Christopher of course didn't keep to his seat especially the trip back since he realised he could get away with it (partly) and that it was more fun sitting on mummy's lap looking out of the window. But all in all, when the seatbelt sign was on, he tried very hard to keep in his cannot-see-anything-middle seat!

Now....hubby is talking about going back again before I deliver. Next time we will drive up!

Kiddo all smiles in the airplane!

By the way, the bleeding was due to a fibroid in my uterus.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spotting again

This morning, I noticed that I was staining (again).
And given tommorrow I will be flying to Penang, I guess I should go see the doctor to rule out anything.

Must be the stress of the pass few days! Coz I doubt the lingering overwhelming smell of paint in the office has anything to do with it.

Well, we shall have to see what happens at the doctors. Better safe than sorry.

In the Lord I place my trust!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Stolen Car

Hubby's car was stolen yesterday....well to be exact, sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

It was a real headache getting the police report and now with the insurance claim.

We will have to get a new car nevertheless.....and that is quite tiring when you don't have a downpayment ready (no car to trade in), insufficient savings and expectations of more expenditure when the #2 comes.

It is between a Honda City, Vios, Persona or a second hand car now.

And now I have to add stroller and car seat to my list of shopping needed to be done.

I don't want to sigh.....but I feel it coming.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eating habits

When I was carrying Christopher, I remember ....
  • I couldn't take any milk products especially ice cream or yogurt (foodies which I loved before that).
  • I could eat almost anything (though I craved pork noodles).
  • I still prefered noodles to rice.
  • The 2nd half of my 2nd trimester, I also craved honeydew and had to have one slice,at least, a day (I never ate honeydew before this)!

Christopher's eating habit is as such
  • Doesn't like his milk much
  • Loves salty food (chips etc.)
  • Prefers noodles to rice
  • Loves his vegetables and fruits

For this current pregnancy....
  • I look (and sometimes long) for yogurt or yogurt ice cream (Bulla kind!)
  • I don't really like salty food (especially chicken!!!)
  • Staring to prefer fried rice (which I would never have ordered last time, I was more a noodle person) and sushi (which I considered was just RICE!!!!).
  • I don't really crave for fruits, eat it more to soften the after-dinner taste in my mouth. Chocolates work as good!
So, I wonder if my kid will
  • LOVE his/her milk better than the big brother?
  • Be a picky eater at the dining table?
  • Love rice (and porridge) more than noodles?
  • Love cake for deserts more than vegetables or fruits!?

Does your eating habit when you are pregnant determine the eating habit of your child?

And if that is the case, would my drinking more herbal tea make my baby more acceptable to herbal tea when he/she is bigger? Coz boyboy doesn't take Lo Hon Kor or any other sweet herbal remedies (except bitter ginseng) now.

What do you think?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busy Crazy Weeks

It has been a super busy week with work, hubby's assignment, water tanki problems at home, Christopher falling ill, parents coming to and fro and of course a short holiday!

The short holiday first.....we went 'back' to PD 2 weekends ago. It was really a last minute decision. So we didn't really have many options of available hotels.

In the end managed to book Thistle (previously Guoman) for RM250.

Of course, the king bed was the best thing!!! And I wuold say I prefer Thistle's shower to Avillion Admiral because it is the old fashion kind that you can bring down the shower head! Easier to bathe the kiddo......but of course hubby begged to differ!!! :)

We checked in at 1 pm and of course the kiddo was sleeping in the car all the way, his evergy level was at full blast when we arrived. Hubby was drained and so was I.......but......

How to deny a kiddo.......after exploring the hotel, he proclaimed again and again that he wants to go swimming!!!

So, mummy took him down at 2.30 pm!
Thistle's pools are GREAT (or should I say Guoman)......the kiddy pool was rather big and seperate from the adult pool! The kiddo could stand in the pool by himself and was THRILLED that he could walk around! He also had a good time trying to mimic me kicking! :)

Near 4 pm, rain clouds were gathering and a wind was blowing. So, we got up. Told hubby it was a good thing the kiddo insisted on doing this at 2 pm. Else what a waste to come all the way and not step into the pool or the beach at all!!!

The evening weather turned out fine. So, since we were already out, we decided to take in some sea breeze at the public beach. I was hungry and requested some ice cream. But the kiddo 'stole' it from me!
Next morning was rainy again.....sigh....

As kiddo and I were waiting for hubby to get kiddo some breakfast at the heavily attacked buffet line, we prayed the rain would stop. :)

IT DID!!!! And we were allowed some 30 minutes at the Thistle beach. It sucked!!! I beleive the public beach was better than the private stretch of beach. Maybe coz it just rained, maybe coz there was a high tide yesterday bringing in all the seaweeds. But.....yeah, it SUCKED !!!

We went nevertheless. And kiddo picked shells, jumped on waves and got all wet. My doing really coz I feel you have to get sand between your toes and your pants wet at the beach! :)

A slight drizzle afterwards got kiddo and hubby runing back to the hotel. Me? I got wet picking up kiddo's shoes and I was not really in a position to run up the grassy slope to shelter!

Came back to water problems at home (totally SUCKS when you have salty clothes to wash, you know!) and a fever (only me!).

But it was truely worth it. Truely.

To see your son beam up at you with an amazing smile on his face.
To watch him strode around exclaiming "walk myself", "mummy! come", "see mummy!", "faster!faster!". We let him walk by himself and explore while hubby and I just followed him. Very unlike in PJ when I would insist he hold our hands.

It was really really very satisfying!!
Also went for my monthly checkup last weekend.....and brought kiddo along. To my chagrin, he actually strode into the doctor's office when the nurse called my name and started showing my temperamental gynae a picture of a teddy bear.

Aaahhh.....but how not to smile down at a 2+ year old eagerly showing you something?

And when the doctor pulled the curtains for my scan, of course, kiddo asked at the top of his voice "Mummy, where?" and started crying!

But Doc must be used to shutting out everything else when listening to baby's heartbeat and concentrating on the scan!

It went well. Next month's checkup will bring more updates!
Right now, Christopher just broke through a 2 day fever and is still trying to break the flu virus.

As for me, I need to chill and listen to some music, finish up my work and think about my Christmas shopping......and prevent myself from getting that nasty flu!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A list of updates

I have been rather lazy I admit in updating my blog. In part coz THERE REALLY IS NOTHING HAPPENING !!! :)

But random thoughts prevailing:

1) A prodigal son has returned to church gaining more exposure than a celebrity!
2) I got my son a pair of Riders which is now in the shoe cupboard since he has taken a liking to his new lookalike Crocs instead (which incidentally was so much cheaper!)
3) It's a Monday morning and I just want to curl back up to sleep. Workload is killing me!
4) I am into my 2nd trimester and still wondering if this fetus is growing well at all !!! (I lost 1 kg in 1 week due to lack of appetite and so far have only put on 2 kg in this 14 weeks!!!)
5) Haven't got any other shopping done for the new baby
6) Have yet to move my baby cot to my new place.
7) Looking at every other family's weekend outings and wondering if I should take boyboy somewhere
8) Going on a trip to Penang by flight in Nov with boyboy and wondering does the air pressure affect the kids much? Don't want to take care of a wailing boy for 1 hour in the plane!
9) Two more months till year end. There goes my leave being frozen!
10) AAARrrrGGgggghhhh......haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. Maybe I will forget about the Christmas tree this year.!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh shopping

My kid and my baby is growing some shopping is required, as much as I seem to detest walking around the malls now!

You know malls...and food areas....and smells....all not good for smell sensitive person!!!

So anyway, need some advice so that I can like just go to that particular place and get what I need without browsing shop!

I need to get some comfortable sandals for my son. He is wearing a Rider (which some people told me are really comfortable) now which he somehow doesn't quite like. So, please, can you please tell me where to get comfortable, not too expensive boy's sandals?

ALSO, I am thinking of getting a budget conscious but still effective electronic breast pump. Saw some offers on the Spectra brand. Anyone tried it before?

Can give me some tips on which one to get? I think I will be using it often and NOT occasionally. And I heard there are some that can only be used occasionally!

And does having an electronic breast pump really help prolong breast feeding? I have an unrational fear for sore nipples and am trying my darnest to avoid breast engorgement this time round.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

And another week goes by....

Hubby is away for a week again. This time to Siem Reap.
So, my parents are down to help.

Without hubby, I find I actually sleep better. Maybe coz I am a very light sleeper and I sleep way earlier than boyboy or him! So, when he is around, I am awaken twice in the night when each of them decide to come in. And that is not counting my toilet breaks and my 'semi-awake-totally-hungry-cannot-sleep' state!

Without hubby though, I have to take care of boyboy's poop (if he does so while I am at home) and bathing him in the evenings. My mum simply doesn't like using my shower!!!

With my parents around, I am eating more. Partly because they MAKE SURE I eat well. My dad is never too tired to drive out to get me something which I at least feel like eating......apart from the other sweet junk I prefer to consume!

Without my parents, my son is more disciplined though and less 'crazy'. My parents dot over him and do all kinds of crazy, not dangerous bear dancing, marching round the house, building huge forts with pillows, playing rocking horse...etc. Me??? leave me alone, please!!! Even the sight of such activity makes me ill!!!

So, it's a both good and bad state. It would be most ideal if BOTH hubby and my parents were around! Or....more ideal would be that I don't feel this tired and ill.

On the high note, at 12 w 4 d, the little one has a well defined head, dancing feet and hands, a spinal cord and a developing brain. Give me my folic acid and vits. And give me my I can dream of the little one growing healthy inside....and not this active toddler of mine giving me a headache!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A wonderful surprise

So, hubby came back from Bangkok on Saturday.
And surprise surprise, he came back bearing many gifts.

"Look what I got boyboy" he says.

A spider man T with pants !!!

Christopher LOVES it alot. I am not sure what his fascination with spiders are all about. He can say spider very clearly and now can even say spiderman (better than he can say his name, which is by the way also 3-syllable....sigh). It doesn't help of course that his first bag we bought him was also a spiderman bag (for lack of choice!).

"And what did you get me?" I was poking through some of the bags which he has taken out of his suitcase.

"This". He took out a white Polo T with the huge number on the sleeve.

"Hahaha", I laughed. Coz boyboy has one, he has one.....and now I have one.

"And this". He took out some cystallized ginger candy. "Good for your nausea", he continues. I opened it and tried it and poooohhheeed it out!!! was salty!!!! I was expecting it to be ALLLL sweet and spicy! Opppsssss....

"And this", he pulls out a dark chocolate bar.

"Aaahhhh.....this one looks really really good". But I kept it aside for now.


Newly released in Bangkok

Oh....I was SURPRISED !!! And more pleased that now I can have mp3 songs in my phone which I can set as my ringtone! That was the MAIN reason why hubby decided to get me a new phone.

Lesson : Complaining a few times works. And yes, hubby does listen! :)

"It is for helping me with my assignments all these while. And also as an anniversary gift"

MUAKKKKSSSS !!! Thank you dearie! I love the gift TREMENDOUSLY!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3 years now....

It's our anniversary today and I forgot.

I was actually looking at the calendar (the non-marked one) this morning....and it didn't even register! hahahaha......oppsss.....

....until hubby wished me on MSN, I presume while eating his breakfast in Amari Watergate, Bangkok.

How are we planning to celebrate?

Not anytime soon....not anywhere spectacular.

Most likely when I safely hit 2nd trimester and in a hotel room......preferably with room service too!!! hahahaha....

What is my gift to him?

2nd child considered???

Anniversay Lessons?

Hold your tongue for one more day....then nag! Most times when I ask hubby to do something, he was already planning to do it the next day and by me asking, it has become a chore instead of volunteer work!!!

Q : Do you make it a point to celebrate your anniversary? And get gifts too for that matter?

Currently not in the state of mind to think romantic....spare me this year!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Understand OK

This is something I must record down. He picked it up when I was back for one week in Ipoh during my spotting. So, that would be about 3 weeks ago.

Kungkung : You cannot use your spoon to bang the bowl ok? This is not a drum. Understand ?
Boyboy: Un-der-stand. (nod head and smile)

Kungkung : Ah....don't cry ah. Big boy already cannot cry all the time, ok?
Boyboy : O.K. (nod head)

And does he do all the things he say 'Understand' and 'OK' to? Well, kids being kids, they forget....but upon reminding, he does catch himself a bit. It depends on whether the action is that compelling.

But it sure is too cute to see him look at you seriously and answer back. Then smile.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Celebration

First, a little backdated post.

The 3 of us plus my sis went for lunch one day in hubby's friend's future wife's (now already wife) family restaurant. Partly coz they have superb cakes and pies and partly becuase we wanted to show my sister the place.

Backofen is situated in Desa Sri Hartamas. Address : 34, Jalan 24/70ADesa Sri HartamasKuala LumpurTel: 03-23006676

This is what we had. The servings were HUGE !!! We were wondering if it was becuase we were friends with the daughter or if it really was that huge!

The lamb was SUPERB, I tell you....with the wonderousfully wonderful mint sauce!! BUt then my taste could be a little 'off'!!!

So we all know Friday, 18th Sept was declared a holiday by the government...for schools only and not for the the parents. So, my son stayed home with me. Thank God I was on leave that day.

It was also his birthday. And me being in my current condition well.....didn't really put in much effort to make it a celebration for him....apart from getting his present.

Thanks to WY for coming over and helping boyboy celebrate his birthday. He had a blasting time with the 5 feet pool gift and the smiley balloons!! In fact for the whole day, he wanted to carry the balloons all around the house with him!

And the following day, Saturday, we celebrated boyboy's birthday again with my inlaws. I asked him to pose after his bath, and he took his chair out and sat down! Ain't that cute!!!

And the saxaphone was a gift from his uncle and aunty. I never taught him how to blow it....but it seems he must have picked it up from somewhere!
He is such a big boy now. All ready to be a korkor soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My 'What a WEek!' has some funny points I need to remember too...

When I vomitted until I peed in my pants....

Christopher went "Mummmmyyy....mummmyyy......why??"
And took a step back at each overhaul I made.

When I vomitted until I got a sorethroat....

Christopher went "Mummmmmyyyyy....come out...mummmmmyyyy"
(He was still strapped in his car seat you see!)

And now whenever I make a vomitting sound...

Christopher will run for my balm and sour stuff and run towards me shouting "Mummmyyy....nah nah nah."

And that day when I was lying down...sick as usual, he took my balm and handed it to me and pointed to his tummy saying "Baby...pain pain".

I have been telling him that mummy cannot play with him and need to lie down becuase in here (point to tummy) got baby and mummy pain pain. Geezz....I hope I don't give him the wrong impression!

He is a blast....standing by me when my wisdom tooth started swelling, and I had to guggle with cold water or Listerine ever so often to numb the pain.....

He pushes the ottoman in front of me everytime I sit down and lifts my legs up.

And he doesn't complain when I tell him "Mummy too tired. Go find daddy." Daddy is complaining though! :)

Today is my 8th week. The little fella's heart is pumping.

And I am on flu meds, panadol and......(drumroll).....Tamiflu!!!
Better safe than sorry the doctor says....

Monday, September 14, 2009

What a week!

First I vomitted until I peed in my pants.

Out comes the calendar.....strike off all evening appointments.

Imagine going to a wedding dinner in a 5 star hotel and making an exit with a wet evening gown. nonononono......

Then 2 days later I vomitted until I got a sorethroat.

Out comes the calendar.....strike off all other appointments.

The next day, I got a flu.

And the next, I got a fever.

Now.....I am working from home trying to make it through another weak week.

When it rains, it POURS.

I had a point to this post.....wanted to know anyone took Paracetamol during their pregnancies previously?

Monday, September 7, 2009

2nd Pregnancy

They always say the 2nd delivery would be easier. I guess coz you know what to do already, the body also remembers and all essential parts have been ballooned to be able to handle the output.

But they never told me the 2nd pregnancy would be harder.

Harder coz
you can't lie down even though you are bleeding and feel like throwing up
you still have to cook for the other kid (hubby can take care of himself)
you still have to make the meal palatable OR ELSE!!!
you have to take care of the kid while hubby cleans (since I can't do it anymore)
you have to accept the sheets hubby chooses although they are far from colour coordinated
you have to start buying appliances to make cooking as easy and as smell free as possible (bought a slow cooker!)
you can't shop as much as you would want for the 2nd baby (walking with a toddler is tiring enough...not to mention....)

So basically its all to do with the FIRST KID. Especially with you have an active toddler like mine. Who (I kid you not) NEVER sits still. Unless I put on TV in which case I get 10 minutes rest. And especially when they are at the age that requires HEAVY disciplining.

How do you all do it? How even do you go on to the 3rd one? Or maybe the 3rd one is easier since the 2 other siblings can play with each other?

But (100% confirmed) I am intending to stop at 2 unless an accident happens (will not.).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2 lines,1 dot and spots

So, what happened? caused me to cancel my holiday for the long weekend. It also caused me to basically lie down on the sofa in my parent's place for the entire week.

2 lines was the indication. Can you guess what it meant?
Chances are you would have got it right.

Decided to wait before I went to the doctors but heavy spotting determined otherwise.

Called my mum and told her I sure have drama kids! My previous experience got me rushing to the hospital as well.

Lack of hormons is the cause. So I am currently on hormon pills and folic acid.

It sure is amazing. When I went in on the 21st August, a vaginal scan only confirmed a spot. On the 1st Sept, some 10 days later, an abdominal scan found a mass of 5 weeks old.

I am currently back home but still on MC. Have to sit and sit and sit until my bleeding/spotting/staining stops.

Life begins and life changes even now.

More updates on the changes next.....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Something has happened....

Something has happened.......
and I will be away for 1 week plus.
Hopefully will catch some bloggers from Ipoh.
Since that is where I will be.

See you all again on the 2nd Sept.

Monday, August 17, 2009

"I will not cry"

We were walking in the shopping complex. Drove my car that evening since it was going to rain (my car gets to be parked in the porch since it is newer!). As usual we forgot to transfer the stroller to my car.

Christopher started acting up pulling my hand and dragging his feet and jumping each step. I could see the crowd behind us was gathering and hissing (if only they could horn, they would have BLASTED!) So, I pulled him one side and spoke sternly to him.

In an instance, he yanked my hand too hard. He was balancing on the balls of his own feet. His hand was a little oily. And he fell.....the 3-4 inches on his back and knocked the back of his head.

He had a total look of surprise.

I had let go. Mummy let him go!!!

(Not on purpose, or course. His hand was too oily for me to grasp.)

What trust a child has in us. And how we reduce it overtime.
Christopher is at a crying-to-show-temper stage. If we do not give in to what he wants or if he gets angry or upset, he will throw a crying fit. Of which will stop magically once his needs are met.

Of course I don't condone to his crying to get his needs met. And many a time he has sat in a corner crying for the duration it takes him to stop. And many a time I have stood at a lonely aisle in the shopping centre standing with him until he stops crying.

It is not a pleasant job. People do stare when we are outdoors. They must wonder why I am not doing anything. But I do really stand my ground. The lesson must be learnt consistently no matter where we are.

Of course, if it happens at home, he still has to complete whatever task he didn't complete before he started crying. And he still will not get that junk food he wanted to eat. But yes, sometimes after his crying when he has hugged me and followed after my "sorry mummy", he gets to watch the show of his choice.

(I am really gald I followed through on this lesson earlier. It is paying off.)

If outdoors, he just gets a drink of water and a 'change-the-subject-distract-him' talk after that.

Everytime when he cries, reasoning doesn't help. He will not or cannot listen. Giving in will be worse. Asking him to stop right there and then is impossible.

But yesterday I found a new way.

He was crying as usual becuase he wanted to watch Barney. It was night time. When at home, night time means no more DVD/VCD shows for him.
It wasn't a hysterical or loud cry. More a frustrating demanding whine. I was asking him why he was crying. He should know the rule by now that night time means no more TV for him.

When he stopped, I asked him to repeat after me.


He looked at me. We continued our business.

The next time it happened, some 1 hour later, I looked at him and told him why he could not eat an orange at 10 pm. And that I will give it to him tommorrow.

Then I said...

"Christopher, repeat after me"


He stopped crying. And I could repeat my reasoning to him. I gave him some raisins instead.

We repeated the sentence some 3-4 times that night. He stopped everytime he completed the sentence.

I am hoping this method will run its course till he learns to verbalise his feelings (that is still very much work in progress).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nut(s) over mooncake

I'm a little excited.

Partly because my colleague is already raving over Yong Sheng's White Lotus Paste Moon Cake (claims to be sugar free). She was saying that in one sitting, she could eat half this mooncake coz it was not that sweet and not oily!

I kinda like mooncakes, perhaps because it only comes out once a year. And you really can't eat alot, so usually in total, I only manage a quarter of 2-3 varieties.

Since I started working, I make it a point to get mooncakes for my parents every year. I used to get it from a shop in Old Town Ipoh (can't remember the name at this moment). The shop has been in existence for many generations and this the mooncake recipie is years old.

The reason why I only get it from this shop is because the Nuts Mooncake has the right amount of meat, nuts and 'tung kua' (candied melon) to suit my dad's taste. And my mum is not a big fan of mooncake so she goes for the traditional, homemade, cheaper kind.

This year, my excitement is intensified by the fact that my little one is not too little to participate. I wanted to get him a lantern but my mum 'begged' me to give her something FUN to buy. Hai....

We will get some mooncake, play with his lantern(s) and hopefully spot the moon too!

This year Mooncake Festival falls on the 3rd October. And my parents will be in KL 2 weeks before that coz of the multiple weddings and school closure during Raya.

So....this means we will nto be able to buy the mooncakes from Ipoh anymore! Anyone know where to get GOOD nut mooncakes in KL? I heard there is a stall (already in their 3rd generation) in a small town called "Hakk Tan San" (black carbon hill) somewhere on the outskirts of KL that sells heavenly mooncakes. Any idea? Else where do you get your mooncake?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Set an amount to love yourself

Ever since I was young, I have been taught to save.

My mum told me that in the early years, every last penny of their pay went to petrol and food. Yet as the years went by and my father got promoted, we got to learn the piano and take mandarin classes. We did not have any holidays save for the ones during festive seasons to visit my grandparents.

As I grew up, I learnt to save more than I was used to spending. We brought food from home and a tumbler of water so there was no need to buy food at the school canteen. In fact, thinking back, I don't remember ever spending much in school. Most of our weekly allowance was put in the bank.

When I was about to go to college, dad opened a joint savings account with me. I held the ATM/teller card and he held the book. Even then, I only allowed myself RM70 per week for food and any other miscellanous things I needed. I found I could survive on RM50.

When I was in Australia, I applied the same concept. Making withdrawals only once a week for the amount needed.

The friends I hanged out with were not party goers nor lavish spenders, so we coexisted well enough. And when they went to expensive restaurants, I tended to stay home instead. Not totally becuase I did not want to spend but also because I prefered to curl up at home with my book.

You can imagine I did well enough in my studies! :)

Till today, I have no problems saving. Thank God for my mum's training. I still live by portioning out my expenditure instead of putting aside savings. Force savings don't mean much to me.

In fact when I started working, my dad used to tell me that I need to learn how to spend on myself. The strange thing about my whole family is that we are alright spending on someone else within the family but not on ourselves.

I have realised that the concept of "loving yourself" does not work very well with us. And that can be a bad thing sometimes. Lack of love for yourself could result in unmet expectations (when you expect it from the other person instead) as well as emotional and physical tiredness (when you don't learn to relax).

My colleague and I were discussing something the other day. She was thinking of joining a club, membership fee about RM100 per month so that she could take the kids swimming during the weekend, as a recreational activity. However, her hubby suggested that instead of joining a club and finding that you may not even be able to go some months, why not just book into a hotel every 2-3 months and really utilise the hotel's (cleaner and better) facilities then? Meaning they will allocate RM1,200 per year for hotel (min 4 star) visits with the kids, to swim, relax and enjoy themselves.

So, here is my take. From now on, as long as I am working, maybe I will allocate RM1k per year to really love myself (i.e stay in a hotel).

Say only....don't know if I can do it! hahaha.....

How about you? Are you a spender or a saver? How do you love yourself?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brownie and Low-fat Lemon Yogurt Cake

2 weeks ago....baked brownies. Not becuase I wanted to bake brownies, but because I had some condensed milk in the fridge that I wanted to use up.

As usual, I only vaguely followed the recipie. Bad habit!
It was hard to find this recipie since I had limited ingredients - i.e. I didn't have butter and didn't have baking soda.
Picture first


  • 2 cups choco graham crumbs (which I ommitted)
  • 2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (I used my going to expire 3 in 1 milo)
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk ( I used 3/5 of a can)
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2cups semisweet choc chips (I ommitted)


  • Preheat oven to 350 F. Line an 8x8" baking pan with nonstick foil.
  • In a large bowl, whisk graham cracker crumbs, cocoa, baking powder and salt.
  • In a smaller bowl, whisk condensed milk, egg and vanilla extract.
  • Add milk mixture to dry, stirring until combined.
  • Fold in 1 cup choco chips. Pour into pan and smoothen
  • Bake 20-25 min until center comes out clean with toothpick.
  • Spread i cup choc chips on top while it is still hot.
  • Cover with foil for 5 min. Spread choc chip to form frosting.
  • Cut into bars to serve.

Well....mine was cut into bars alright. Sis said it was GREAT but then she was fasting and eating only occasionally. Reckon all food tastes really good at this stage. Hubby says it was nicest when it was still warm from the oven....eaten with vanilla ice cream....mmmm...

Reckon anything with chocolate, even though it was only Milo would taste alright. Even boyboy ate a little bit.

BUT....I tell you this other cake I baked last weekend was a KILLER! It was polished up in 2 days!!! It helped that my parents were in town and eating it!! :) But seriously, this cake is a KEEPER!!! Even I LOVE IT!


  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 kosher salt
  • 1 cup plain low-fat yogurt (I used the plain Nestle kind)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 whole large egg and 3 large egg white
  • 2 tsp grated lemon zest
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/3 - 1/2 cup veg oil

Glaze (I omitted)

  • 1 cup confectioners' sugar
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Limoncello (optional)


  • Preheat oven to 350F. LIne loaf tin with parchment paper.
  • Whisk flour, baking powder and salt in one bowl.
  • Mix yogurt, sugar, eggs, lemon zest and vanilla in another bigger bowl.
  • Add dry ingredients to wet and whisk together.
  • Fold veg oil into batter
  • Pour into pan and bake 50min-1 hour
  • Cool for 10 min
  • Combine glaze and pour on warm cake

The bottom part of the cake was a bit too moist....but this was because I was trying to be 'smart' and added the juice of 1 lemon as well. Reason being I didn't have a zest grater and grating 1 lemon zest was an accident prone act for me!

Also, I used my conventional oven for the first time instead of my toaster oven, which I had used for my brownies earlier. Was too lazy to take the instruction book out of the box earlier!!! Hai.....And now since I know how to use it, have decided to be more ambitious. Bought my baking soda already since alot of recipies call for it.

Have to visit Merryn to see how to stop the top part of the cake from breaking now. And next....going to bake some cookies. Really need to start following recipies and not being too clever!!! Have to practice enough so that next year, I can bake some CNY cookies!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last night....

Sigh....another crying session tonight.

Christopher is at the stage where he is using his tears to get what he wants. Well....he has always done that actually but it is becoming irritatingly prominent of late.

I cannot give in when he starts to cry since it would only promote bad behaviour. I cannot discipline him when he cries since it would be useless anyway.

So, I let him cry it out. And try to reach a compromise.

It usually end up in he having to pick up all his toys first before he gets that biscuit or yogurt drink that he wanted. Or a "pleezzz" before he gets the show he wants or my laptop.

Last night, he wanted to watch some Youtubes on my laptop. As usual he started whinning in the whole process of asking me for it and waiting for me to start up the laptop.

(I hate whinning!)

So, I would usually be telling him to keep quiet and WAIT ! And he will follow after me...."wait, wait, wait" and keep quiet for a while.

Anyway....getting back to last night, I forgot last minute that I had some bills to pay so since I was booted up, I decided to pay one bill first.

OF COURSE.....then the crying started when he saw I was not going into Google Search. I told him to wait....mummy has to do one thing first then we will see his Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes Youtube.

He went on and on "I want" and pointed to his head and toes.
And I went on and on telling him to Wait.
At last when I was done, sick and tired of his whinning, crying and "I want"s, I told him to say "please mummy".

In between sobs he said "pleezzz". No mummy.
So, I repeated to him that I wanted him to say "please mummy".
Again it was only a "pleezzz". give in or not to give in?
Maybe under other circumstances, I would have given in. But I didn't last night.

Asked him to call "mummy"......followed by a "no no no".
I put the laptop one side and reasoned with him. Told him to call me again. Got more cries and whinning and "I want"s.
In the end, I picked up my crying child and sat him on my lap. Then I reasoned with him and rocked him.
Tired out due to the crying, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Was the lesson learnt? Should I have not insisted? Did he go to bed a sad boy last night? Mummy certainly did.

At what age do they start remembering unhappy incidents from their childhood? What could I have done differently? Maybe not paid my bill last night.
Note : This actually happened 2 nights ago. The lesson was learnt and learnt very well. Last night when he asked again, he straight away said "Mummy, pleezzz".

Two Sides of the Coin

Ever since he was 1, I have been teaching my son to pray. We pray before eating and at bedtime. It came quite suddenly when he realised that to pray, one must bow their head, clasp their hands together, close their eyes and don't move.

Of course, the 'don't move' part is too much of an expectation....and the close eyes bit now lasts maybe for 1 second. But other than that, he does clasp his hands and bow his head.

And the wonderful thing is the loud AMEN he proclaims at the end. Reckon he does it because of the beaming smile and shuffle of hair I give him when he does say AMEN.

Sounds all good and cheery?

Last Sunday we were at my inlaws place and my little ignorant child stood in front of the Chinese altar and told my mother inlaw to pray pray! And then he went through the notions of bowing head and clasping hand. Then he started to sing......

Of course my mother inlaw was happy and made quite a big deal out of it. As for me.....well....

So, there.
Two sides to the coin.
Never in my life been more accurately used.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A short update

Just a short update on what Christopher has been up to in school.
Whenever it is drawing time, he would always request for the sun, start, moon, rain, thunder and umbrella.
And if not the weather, he would request for piano, guitar, drum.
Other than that, the latest nursery ryhme that he has learnt is
'I'm a Little Teapot' and would insist that I sing it over and over again while he does the actions.
He has learnt to call my inlaws and my parents now.
Follows us when we ask him to ponounce words.
But when we put it all together, he laughs and then shys away.
Knows extremely well the name "kakak" and would call "kakak" after he does his business and when he wants to wash his hands, even in the house! Maybe that is why the kakak (Malay term for sister) at school loves him so much! hmmm......
Current favourite food = pasta. And of course soup!
He can even take pasta in herbal soup! Hmmm.....

Also loves to watch performances, judging from our last Sunday Church Anniversary. He sat there quietly and even pointed out a few things to us and asked us to watch when we started talking. Can put his finger to his lips and say "Sshhhhh...." ! Hmmmm.....

Other than that, coming of age...very cheeky.....very demanding.....tiring me out. And I am gaining weight eating chocs and ice cream to curb the stress! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacuum Cleaner

I always used to spell vacuum wrong....

But anyway, I would like to know, what brand of vacuum cleaner do you have?

We got a Electrolux one when we first moved in. I was previously not really a vacuum cleaner user but we got it becuase hubby wanted one. You suck up all that dust at the window sill....and also to suck up all that dust after you sweep....

But reasons aside....I have takes to using it more frequently now. It sure makes getting rid of all the fallen hair and crumbs easier to deal with.

But I also know the bad thing about vacuum cleaners is that after a while the inside filters get too dirty and when the vacuum cleaner comes on, there will be some smelly air that comes out. This smelly air actually hurts our lungs....

So, now, I am thinking....

Cost of the vacuum cleaner bag aside, are the water based ones better?
If you are using a water based one, do you ever get that foul smell after say 3-4 months of heavy usage?

Anyone has the Cosway Steam Vacuum Cleaner? Is it easy to use?

Info info please.....too lazy to research since hubby's assignment research itself is already killing me....illnesses and kids aside.

Coming at all directions

I've got a swollen gum...reckon the wisdom tooth is creating problems.
I've got an infection in my's D*mn itchy and started to get painful.
I've got a flu hitting my system.

Herbal tea, eye drops and Actifad.....that's the workings for the day!

Only that hubby's assignment requires help and
Christopher is still as demanding as ever...if not more.

Mummy, daddy.....I need your help!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

7th Heaven.....again

Was going through Youtube....just realised that wow! too many things happened in the later episodes.

I so wish to be able to catch the entire thing right through....

But as I was going through the later parts...came upon a few Youtubes that well, I want to apply...


In the one entitled "Lucy's Gift", a person Lucy's dad helped decided to adopt all the 5 kids from one lady, who I guess could not keep them. And in return she gave Lucy's father a gift to give to Lucy - the gift of courage. Something to help her get back the courage to have another kid (she had a miscarriage).

I don't know what is inside to signify courage....but I thought this kind of meaning behind the gift is really truly meaningful.

The other one entitled "Mary's Gift" was a brown box wrapped around a little eraser. An eraser because as a young mum, Mary had made a little mistake which she could not forget that has held her back in the best of ways. Forgiveness belongs to God, but if we can forget the mistakes that we make, perhaps it will be easier for us to go on being our best. And so Mary's gift was that of forgetting (and in essence forgiving). This gift, although for Mary, was also given to Mary's father by a lady who has also been touched by her father.

The final one was entitled "Simon's Gift". I guess as a growing teenager, Simon must have lost his way. And a mother who had a son that Simon's father nurtured back to the right path gave this gift to Simon. It was a scarf curled up around a gift. To get to the gift, the scarf had to be unfurled and then the gift had to be somehow unravalled from the coverings. And the gift was a gift of purpose.

I think as a parent it is great to be there for people as much as we can and help them....that our kids may see the good in themself through the good we see in people. That people may always see the good in our kids through the good they see in us. And it is great when gifts in wrapping paper mean more tahn just the excitement of the moment. That is brings life long changes, more tahn money can buy.

Think about this perhaps as Christmas come.

Birthday gifts are forever meant to be frivolous!!! :)

7th Heaven

No...nothing delirious happened!

I am talking about the series "7th Heaven". Have you ever seen it?

I started watching this series when I was studying in Australia. It is currently showing on Astro 711 at 3 pm. Since I am blessed enough to be home by 3.30 latest, I usually will turn the TV on to catch the last 30 minutes or so.

It is really a feal good family show. A show I feel I would love my kids to watch as well. I mostly always cry at the end...partly because there always is a lesson to learn in every show and well....the lesson is always learnt with some degree of 'repent'.

I wish that there would be reruns of this show when my kids are bigger enough to understand and yet young enough to let me dictate their TV time.

If you have the time, do try to catch it. may like it....or may not. I am just one sentimental fool latching on to a good cry.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Losing and gaining

No, it is not weight I am talking about....though it is somewhat correlated!

I lost it on Tuesday evening...

.....picked boyboy up from school at my usual 5 pm and as soon as he was sitted in properly, he started on and on about wanting to sit with me at the steering wheel. But I ignored his cries and just told him "mummy is driving. When we get home, you can sit here." His cries got on louder and louder and I was already driving at this point.

I was at the junction waiting to turn out when boyboy started squirming out of his car seat and kicking and crying. At this very moment, I was about to move in to the island in the middle before turning into my lane....when a fast car swerved out of the corner gaining quickly towards me.

I pressed on the petrol harder.....I still had to stop at the island.....and then slammed my brake harder when I reached the island.

All this while boyboy was trying I lost it.


Silence immediately. Sat really still. I don't know if he was shocked coz I was really busy driving. Drivers can be unforgiving in BU!

When I reached the traffic lights, it was red....thank God. I looked over at him and kissed him. And told him (again) "When mummy is driving, you cannot cry like that. Mummy cannot look at you and give you what you want....yadda yadda yadda...."

I lost it....and gained maybe 1 kg eating chocolates after that.
My son has 1 guitar, 1 keyboard and 1 drum set.....apart from the real piano he insists on tinkling on. And he would frequently ask me to strum the guitar (toy one) while he bang on his drums or play his keyboard and request that I "sing, sing, sing"!

And now, apart from the usual story book time before bed, in an effort to ellloonnnggaaatteee the night, he would request for me to sing songs to him.

So, it would Twinkle Star, Jesus Loves You, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, ABC etc. He sings along when I sing Twinkle Star, ABC and Jesus Loves You.

And there he will lie, just beside me, slightly lower than me. So that when I am done and he is done....and we clap...and he looks up and I look down....and we start all over again.

But what a look....when he looks up and smiles at me and signals for me on to my "next" song.

It is pure joy .... angelic .....

And in that moment, hungry or not, I can sleep.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When I am counting down....

How do you get through the week? Do you actually realise that it is already mid week - Wednesday?

I used to count down by means of TV Tuesday would be 90210 (a poor excuse I know to couch it out!) and Thursday will be xx get my drift.

Then recently, I counted down using what day to cook what.....Wednesdays will be soup days, Thursday will be spaghetti day....etc.

And this pass few weeks, it has been Wednesday is hubby's class day, Thursday is grocery day....

Monday and Firday you seldom need to factor in at all in the counting game. Occasionally Tuesday, but it is too early in the week to want to be reminded you have 3 more looonnnngggg days to go.

The weekdays will be easier if my son doesn't pull up a fuss in sleeping.....and just GO TO BED at 10pm when he is supposed to! Or maybe I should be flattered he wants to spend more waking hours with me? right.... :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today seems longer....

Strange day today. It seems different for a Monday. Not blue at all. Like a day that happened since a long weekend.

Strange day today. The weekend seemed long....and sufficient.

Strange day today.

So everyone know MU was in town? I should know best since well, they made hubby go back to work Saturday morning. Well...not them per say, rather the fact that they were here. And NO...I didnt' get anything out of this except maybe a ticket to see their game today?? Which wouldn't bring me any good now would it?

Strange day today....
.....that I am supposed to have some blues but I am just irritated with the inconvinience.

Strange day today.

I wished someone would not ask me questions and when I tell her the best I can, she turns around and decides to do some research and then declares that I am wrong. Wrong about what? The lack of information does not make whatever information I have given her wrong. Incomplete maybe, but still not wrong. I wish for her to take it back....but why create trouble? It finds me easily enough.

Strange date today.

I wish to be part of the group in giving, yet the decision to be in that group is not mine for the choosing. Whatever is best....

Strange day today that it is nearly 2 pm and I feel the day has indeed passed by too quick. I should be glad shouldn't I?

Strange day today....that I feel the need to escape into my music. It is need, not a form of entertainment nor a want.

Maybe it is not the day that is strange.

I think I need some protein....and a new tag.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Old manual vs. New auto

This is a post on what I feel driving my new car.

My previous car was a manual Wira 1.6. My current car is a Myvi 1.3

So, my first difference would of course be my ability to speed at 130 km/hr. At 5.30 am, you bet it is possible to drive at that speed along the highway on my way to work. :) Now, I find the fastest I go is a 100 km/hr.

Next, I am able to be more courteous to the highway toll booth operator. I am able to say "Thank You" when she collects my money and then opens the bar up quickly! Of course this has to do with the car being new and that the auto windows work...... so I am not struggling to open the door and consciously aware that I need to close the door and drive off quickly before the person behind me starts honking.

Also getting out of the car park is easier since I am also able to open the window. There is a bump created where we 'teet' to go out. And most cars do not have to go over the bump since the bump was created just at the right area to 'stop' the front wheel of the car and the 'teet' machine will be where the window usually is!

Reversing is a breeze - the Myvi is a much smaller car than my Wira.

But I realised that auto cars use alot of brake power. And that the hand break doesn't really work if your car is still in Drive.

I also have accepted and even enjoyed the fact that an auto car in Drive can move by itself for quite a long distance.

I seldom drive in neutral now unlike with my manual Wira car.

And oh, the power of balancing!!! My heart doesn't skip a beat now when I know I have to face slopes laden with slow vehicles!

The Myvi though is a higher car and therefore more difficult to wash on the top!

I am listening to CDs now and not tapes and seldom the radio.

The additional features especially with regard to the wiper functionality is sorely limited in the Myvi. Something which I have found quite irritating since the speed is either to slow or too fast for me. In the Wira, I could manipulate the speed to suit the rain conditions.

All in all.....of course the Myvi is an easier drive. It being auto makes the main difference. It being shorter makes up the other.

But I think I still have no preference. A car is still a car. Avalibility of CD player aside.....

Monday, July 13, 2009

I want "Ice...hold!"

He wants ice cream.
He doesn't want those from the box.
He wants the cone.
So....we ate half of it.
And gave him the bottom half.
That is my hand propping him up else
he will lean on the pillows and lick slowly.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Much ado about MyLot

A bandwagon is something you have to jump on. It helps that the bandwagon helps you pick up pennies along the way.

Since I love to surf, blog, read and write.....MyLot seems just about the right bandwagon passing my way.

See some of you there. Add me if you may - myLot User Profile . And if you cannot folllow the link, then just look me up at esp2_mayn.

Discuss, share, write and read.....all can help you earn money and make friends you know.

MyLot, the latest bandwagon in town! Jump on it!

Yeah....this is not a sponsored post. Just a required one. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

I can market....

If you are involved in something totally, you will be able to market it effectively.

There are 2 things I am able to 'pull' people in too well currently.....

1) Reading the Twillight saga*
2) Eating Pearlin**

The first addicts you to romance, the second helps you live it out.


*Anyone want a read?
**Pearlin has been recommended (by me) to women who have been trying hard to conceive

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Christopher's day out!

We were all geared up for it - a weekend at Awana Kijal on occasion of my cousin's wedding. The bags were packed. Christopher must have guessed we were going somewhere coz he saw he stuff being packed as well.

Friday morning came. We were taking our time to leave given we would only be able to check in at 2 pm. But around 10+ am, I noticed my little one looking tired.

Brought him upstairs to sleep.

One hour later, after his nap, I noticed he was frequently lying down and holding his head and when he was satnding up, he tended to double over. He also looked a bit flushed and was warm to touch.

His fever ran to 39 degrees and he vommitted a couple of times.

Sigh......something was on its way.

Friday night I unpacked the bags and put everything away. I decided as much as I want to go, the risk might not be worth it (given my cousin is marrying an Australian and there will be like TONS of Aussies/Sporeans in the house - H1N1 you know!).

On Saturday morning, I knew for a fact that Christopher knew we were indeed supposed to go for a trip. And that his grandparents were going and he was NOT. I had the hardest time dragging him back into the house and closing the door. I had the longest hour trying to coax him into doing something else and stop sitting by the door crying and pointing to go out.

It was heartbreaking. Truly.....really.....never had to deal with a case of disappointment as bad as this.

He cried himself tired and slept.

It was a Saturday and I couldn't bring him out - partly due to his fever and also hubby was out for classes. So, disappointment coupled with disappointment added with a fever = TROuBLE!!!

I was close to losing it by Saturday night. We needed a night out.

So, when hubby came back at 5.30 pm (one hour later due to car battery trouble), I was dressed and eager to go out!

Now.....there are many memories we can build into our kids mind.

When we think back on the days gone by, actually it is the routine things that brings back warm fuzzy feelings.

True, holidays are memorable. But warm chicken soup when we were ill or mum's curry chicken or dad's famous fried mee hoon or weekday evenings at 6pm watching Chinese serials with mum or Saturday night family dinners......those routine things are the ones that remind us of home, that pull us by during lonely cold college days, that makes us remember mummy and daddy's love.

I have made it a point since Christopher could eat adult food (somewhat) to make Saturday night out enjoyable for him as well as for us. Some family time together.....

So, this Saturday - disappointment 2 times over, a fever breaking through and a day stuck at home half crazed, I decided something different for dinner would be good. It does help that Christopher's concept of FUN is also a good meal!

So, where did we go? What new food did Christopher get to eat?

JAPANESE @ Sakae Sushi.

Fever also can eat Japanese? Umm, cannot?? Well, my little one had chawan mushi and Sushi rice rounded up with green tea ice cream pancake.

He declared "Good" and then "I want this (pointing to the sushi rice)".

He ate 7-8 rolls of sushi rice, 3 quarts of the chawan mushi and half the green tea pancake. He walked around, ran around and laughed outloud. Brought him to the toystore and he played pee-ka-boo, climbed up and down, banged some drums....all that in slightly more than an hour.

Change of clothes after eating and pooping!

I reckon he had fun. It is not really a biggie making my son happy. It shall be our 'tradition' to have a family Saturday night out FUN. Well, at least as long as he is young enough to want to spend his Saturday nights with us.
Until that time arrives, I will always want him to remember the Saturday nights with mummy and daddy doing something oh-so-enjoyable and eating that oh-so-wonderful dish!

It might just pull him through one lonely night when he is in college far far away and homesick!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dish of the day

My last half day got me trying a new recipie in the kitchen.
You know when you cook something and have a taste at it and still find you need to put in more salt or more sugar or something else is missing to give the dish that ummmppphhhh?
Surprisingly when I tasted this one wihle it was still simmering in the pan, it didn't need any improvements.
I myself was surprised that I got it right the first time.
And it is proven to be excellent by my most fussy eater who finished a portion I think I could not even have managed!
I didn't follow any, I can't really tell you how much to put in....
I would presume I had two hands heapful of mince meat.
To this I marinated it with 1 tbsp oyster sauce,
1 and a half tbsp light soya sauce,
2 swirls round the meat (about 1 tbsp I think) dark soya sauce,
some sugar and some cornflour.
I ommitted the pepper becuase of Little C.
I lightly fried some garlic.
Added the mushrooms and black fungus plus its
2nd round 'essence' (water it was soaked in).
Let it boil a bit while I shaped and threw in the meatballs.
Cut up some Japanese tau fu and dumped it in.
Cooked till it was well....cooked!
Dished out for Little C
then added spring onions and some freshly cut chilli.

The result!

Note : I find meatballs easier for kids. Once it is cooked, I will break the balls while feeding them. I find that cooking mince meat this way is less 'dry' (more tender) compared to cooking it minced. And Little C's tendency to chew it up and spit it out null.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tis' is the age.....

This is the age of marvelling....

When Christopher wants to "eat mumm mummm" (he doesn't fully grasps that it is the same meaning, these 2 words!)
......pulls me to the cupboard to open it for him
.....looks at the stuff inside
......sometimes even moves some of the tupperwards around so that he can see what is behind them
.....even looks to see if there is anything new
.....and if there is asking me "What's this?"
.....touches all those packets that are familiar to him, asking himself "mummm, mummmm? no no"
......and then moving on to the next one
.......crocks his head when he reaches something
....deciding, contemplating
.......and then declaring "I want this one."

When daddy just pulls in a car flyer stuck on his windscreen
.....and the little one declares he wants a look at it
......puts is up in right order and smoothens the paper
......and 'reads'
......and looks at me with a question in his eyes
.....(and I pretend to understand and answer him)
.....and I tell him "Honda is Yee Ma (my elder sister's) car, this logo is Toyota, kungkung's (my dad) car, this is mummy's car (perodua logo) and this is daddy's car (proton logo)
......and after telling him once, I ask him "Where is Kungkung's car?"
.....and he points to the Toyota logo going "There!" (in a singsong voice)
....and does it correctly for all the other logos and again a few days later

When he sees a cake and candles
.....and pulls me to "Sing"
....and claps his hands as I sing the happy birthday song
....and when I am done, he pretends to blow at the cake and candle picture

When he is crying
.....and I pull out his teddy
...and do a sing and dance with teddy
....and he stops, watches a bit and then laughs
....and comes over and sings and dances with us!

When he hits me (playfully, though it hurts)
.....and I actually cry (or pretend to cry)
.....and he looks at me worried
....and tries hard to change the situation around
.....and when it doesn't work he calls daddy
......and if daddy is not around, he will look at me
......almost crying
.....and stroke my face

And when it is time to eat or just before bedtime or when we are in church or in sundayschool
....and I tell him "Let's pray"
.....he will look at me and then bow his head
.....and close his eyes
.....and put his hands together
.....waits like 2 seconds
.....then looks up at me again to see if I am done! (cheeky smile on his face)
.....and if I am not, tries really hard to remain quiet with his hands together (but usually gets distracted.....)

When I am feeding him his rice
....and he looks into the plate
.....and points to the carrots declaring "I want this!"
......and points to the meat declaring " no no!"
......and asks for "Soup, want soup" sometimes in between
.......and when he is full declares "No more, no more!"

And the way he understands instructions and does it out so quickly the way it should be done when he wants to when he wanted to play the piano that day
.....and I told him to put away his water bottle and wash his hands
....poof the bottle went shut (normally he will not remember to close it) to the table and put it there nicely (sometimes he puts it there but it falls coz it is not balanced properly) he went like a little bullet
...took out his stool to climb on
....waited for me to turn on the water and soap his hands
....down he goes and off to dry his hands
.....goes straight into the room
....climbs on the piano bench
.....he can't understand why I am so slow!

There are marvellous things that he does everyday. It is true at this age, their capacity for learning is so quick and they are so willing to learn. They are growing so fast, becoming so independent yet they still LOVE cuddle time, story reading time, rolling around before bedtime, splashing in the tub, sitting on your lap talking to you, singing and dancing, playing hide and seek....and any simple activity that we do with them.

It is an amazing amazing age....this age of 21+ months.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Classic ladies of old(er) shows

Remember the movie "Mirror has 2 faces"? Heartwarming romance movie. Remembered the first time I watchd it was when I was in Australia. All 8 of us in the dorm sat in the common room and watched it together - 4 Aussies and 4 Malaysians.

Barbra Streisand (Julie Andrews, Audrey Hepburn) are all classic ladies whom I will always cherish. Shows the like of Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Hello Dolly...all musicals I wish for Christopher to see and love and sing along as well.

Looked up "I finally found someone", a duet by Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams. It is the theme song for the show "Mirror has 2 faces".

Bryan Adams is a great singer....his death, maybe I will mourn. The hype over the weekend of MJ is really too much. Truth be told, MJ is a great singer but an eccentric guy...not really a fan.

Walking along the yellow brick road of movies brings me back to another movie that I loved when I was younger - "Pretty Woman". Love the fairytale romance. Love the casual defiance, self assuming attitude of Julia Roberts...yet managing still to capture the heart of Richard Gere. And in the end falling herself, with a kiss on the lips.

Thought and memory of the day.

OK folks...going back to my Barbra Streisand Youtube playlist. Remember to put on a song and sing it today. It sure cheers up a Monday morning.