Thursday, January 29, 2009


ThAnk GOD it's FriDaY!!!

I only worked 3 days this week
but TODAY makes
the entire week seem so much looongggger!

Have a great weekend folks!
If you hear someone screaming in the malls
it could just be ME!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


4 casualties....

1) Forehead
2) Below the left eye
3) A cut at the left back base of his head
4) A HUGE bump on the right back side of his head

Playing at usual but pushes my hand away the minute he sees it coming to his head.

Sigh....such is the nature of boys....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When it rains,it pours...than a cheerful rainbow

New tiles had to be hacked to remedy the water output blockage. I so hope I will not have any problems with those tiles that these people re-tile back for me. I mean a plumber doing tiling work? Oh well...

Water pressure is still very low even though the air bubble in the pipes seem to have been cleared. So low I think my heater pump doesn't even know where to get the water from! Oh well....

And to top it off, this morning I found my car tire flat! That would explain why I nearly lost control of my car yesterday evening.

So poor hubby now has to run around taking care of the house and taking care of my car.

My legs can only carry me as far as the nearest lighting shop to buy a light bulb for my condo kitchen, which at this moment after 5 years has decided it doesn't want to work anymore.

And also a bit of sprucing needed for the condo. Doesn't mean I have a new house, I can neglect the old place.
So, any escapades happening for you on Saturday? Or any visitors coming over from abroad?

If you are joining the trail, rememebr to check your car, turn off all the lights and that taken-for-granted thermopot in the kitchen before you leave. Remember to bring your packed bags along (my blooper last CNY) and lock all your doors.
Have a safe trip and grand time with family.

If you are expecting visitors, remember that extra pillow covers and shampoo/soap to be put in the guest room and toilet. Remember to make sure your condiments are all never know how sweet your relatives want their tea!

Take it easy with the cleaning and entertaining. Don't stress and remember to have fun.

All in all, Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers!

Gong Xi, Gong Xi!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Right and left

I pose this question as a wife.
If you are a married guy, rephrase my sentences accordingly, ya!

When you lie down in bed facing up, is your husband on your left or right?
In the house, are you on even grounds with your husband or is he the dominating one?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hiccups, let outs....released

These pass few days have been a bit stressful, especially the weekends when hubby wants to get everything done NOW.

There have been issues with the house at the final lap.

We finally got our water supply in, although the meter is not up yet since our pipes are not aligned and they need some special equipment to get it done. But I am not bothered water to use given their inefficiency.

But then we realised that our dry kitchen output piping is blocked and the water cannot drain down!!!

And there seems to be a blockage causing the water from the tanki to NOT flow down to the other pipes in the house - air bubble or what, I heard it is normal.

And with all the lights up, our contractor told us that the last room downstairs does not have any electircity. And the door bell has too much electricity.

4 outstanding issues in what seems an almost ready to leave in house.

I was worried all weekend....not worried worried, more frustrated with the last minute hiccups.

But I have since learned to let go and leave my anxiousness and frustrations to God.
What needs to be done, has to be done. If I need to hack my newly painted wall and my new tiles again, I will just have to do that.


There have also been minor differences occuring in what used to be a happy activity - shopping! All due to the different ways we have been.

A typical example: Hubby wants to but a mat to be put inside, just by the front door. To me this is un-neccessary work becuase the job of dusting it/cleaning it would fall to me (my level of hygiene being much higher than hubby's). And what is the need of a mat when shoes are to be left outside and brought in by hand if required to be put in the shoe rack? But you see, in hubby's house, they wear their shoes in and if only anyone ever puts their shoes in the shoe rack! Thus in his opinion, a need for a mat to wipe their shoes.

I think at the end of the day, my justification to things are budget and extra maintenance work. Hubby's justification is convinience and beauty.

Because really, I spend more time at home. And I don't often relax. Instead I will be walking around looking for things that are dusty and need cleaning. Hubby comes home and TV and dinner are the main things on his mind.


But all is STILL good. Part of life. Part of learning. Part of living together.

By the way, anyone been to Daiso in The Curve?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Condo movement, house settling

My house is almost done, as in those things that can be done before CNY and with the cash flow that I have!

1) Painting done - except for one wall which the painter painted wrongly
2) Wet kitchen done - except for the drainage slab covering that has been ordered and not yet fixed
3) Dry kitchen done - except for the solid surface which will be done by today
4) Upstairs cabinets done - except for the handles which are going up today
5) Grill and backdoor all done

Still outstanding before CNY
1) Water filter - provided that #%$^# Syabas puts in the water meter before the appointed date
2) Lights and fan, curtain rod, heater and bathroom accessories - going up today
3) Alarm activation and auto gate handover - appointment today

So, today marks the day that all the finishings will be going in. By this evening I will get to feel my house.

But then this morning, I had these thoughts.

Moving into my new house would mean:

1) I have to be more aware of security and safety when I get in and out of the house. Unlike in the condo where some sort of security is already in place and the chances of a snatch thief hurting you and running away with something as soon as you get out of your car is almost nil.

2) No more community living so that means if you want to get into the mood of any celebration, you have to buy them yourself and decorate your area. Currently in my condo, they have put up some CNY lanterns and it really puts everyone in the mood for CNY.

3) No more simply going down to the courtyard for a walk, to play at the playground or to go for a swim. If I wanted to go for a walk or take my son to the playground, I would have to drive out and head to the park. The playground around my new housing estate is not that well taken care of, sadly.

4) No more hello and bye-bye to neighbours that happen to go out when we do. And somehow you are forced to be closer, by the fact that you have to share a lift to the carpark.

5) No more quick 30 minute sweeping and mopping.

But living in a house also means:

1) Maybe I can get a dog.
2) Maybe I can have a small garden.
3) More space for the kids to play in the house, and thus hopefully less time at the malls.
4) And I bet for Christopher, he is happy that he has got so many steps to climb now.

So with apprehension and excitement I look forward to the next few weeks of packing, cleaning, moving and settling.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting into the mood for CNY

Have I told you work has been horrendous!

Thus you see my blogging activity has decreased....still trying to keep those comments going in your blog though!

Anyway, last weekend was a nightmare. I don't know where the time went actually. The hours passes by VERY quickly when you are running around taking care of house business and not wearing a watch!

But on Sunday, I got into the mood of Chinese New Year.

It helps that there are Chinese New Year cookies being sold at almost every corner. What is it with this red covered container that is somewhat able to speak volumes.

And it also helps that my neighbour is making Chinese New Year cookies and the aroma wafts in under my (not) closed front door every night.

And it also helps that CNY is marked on my calendar. The same calendar that I am using to mark down my renovation activites.

And it also helps that my son's new year clothes are now hanging to dry on the clothes lines.

And hubby just brought up a stack of new notes for me and some red packets.

So, have you changed your new notes, bought your new clothes and ordered your cookies?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sensitive soul

Work has been horrendous. Something happened.

What would you do if you were told a friend was upset with you?
And what if you found out that she got upset with you for an action that you never did?
What would you do if you tried to explain, yet she didn't want to listen?
What would you do if she seemed to have given up on the friendship?
Would you give up too?

I wanted to send her an apology card. Becuase at the end of the day, it does not matter who was the one that was in the wrong. I just want the hurt to go away. But something stopped me. I wonder if it is pride. Or the fact that I believe if things are not talked out, it will never be totally resolved and we can never really move on.

I am so curious as to why she would have reached the conclusion she did.
How is it that out of the blue I can be 'accused' of an action with malicious intention that I have no idea about?

There are some people in my daily dealings with that I cannot seem to get along very well at all.
Makes me realise that hubby is more a people person than me.
He is a great friend and seems to get along with everyone.

Sometimes in moments of sadness, God does make us see the light in the situation.
There is always something to be thankful for.
But my colleague being upset with me hurts me alot.
And makes me a little angry too that a friend could think so ill of me.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A cry in the night

I heard a cry. Did I hear right?
I gave it another few seconds.
The cry continued.

I dropped the clothes I was folding.
And rushed to the room.

My son was kicking and arching and turning left and right.
His eyes were closed.
Yet tears were streaming down his face.

I tried to comfort him.
Yet he continued this way.

I tried to carry him.
Yet he continued this way.

He kicked me and twisted himself out from my grasp.

I moved away to give him the space required for him to turn.
And for him to kick.

After a few minutes, he quietened down.
And curled up to sleep.
Like nothing ever happened.

He was looking for me yesterday morning.
The first morning he searched and could not find.
And he cried.

But he seemed fine when we left him at the babysitter.
And even waved bye-bye to daddy.

Will it happen again tonight?
Will my heart break?

A mother can only watch and wait and pray.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blogging and work MIA final activity

And the last place I went was back home of course to Ipoh!

My parents were in KL to celebrate Christmas with us and of course to help me babysit for the 3D I was overseas.

After which they were dying to go home and given I was still on leave and my babysitter was on leave as well, I decided to go home with them.

Poor hubby had to work and work late hours too to finish everything for the year end closing. But now I know he had his share of fun too going out for dinners with his mates that came back to KL!

Christopher and I were being spoiled at home in Ipoh. More me than Christopher....since it meant no need to wash clothes, cook or clean the house for me.

Christopher is always spoiled when grandpa and grandma are around!
And becuase grandma wakes up at 6+ am, this little boy has taken to waking up at that time too now, much to my chagrin! I don't know how things will be when we get back to work next week!
And soon after grandpa wakes up and make his morning coffee, dunking it with cream crackers. So, imitation being the game of the month, you can quite imagine the morning breakfast scene!
After which bath time is required becuase his little tummy can't quite handle the same amount of food that grandpa takes. And little grandson simple refuses to move and stop eating until grandpa takes his leave from the table!
And oh-don't-mention-the-word "kai-kai"...meaning "go out" in Cantonese. He will RUSH to grandpa's side and squeexe himself in front and hug his legs. He knows grandpa has the key to the vroom-vroom!
And up the stairs and down the stairs he makes mummy climb. And half way down and up again and hlaf way up and down again. He must think mummy needs exercise from all the food and the number of times mummy has been exclaiming "pau-pau"...."soooo fulllll!!!".
And there he goes behind the half transparent curtain thinking we cannot see him. Mummy looks at grandma and then looks away. A minute later comes a whimper from behind the curtain, a sound just long enough for him to take his thumb out of his mouth! Then into his mouth the thumb goes, he happily sitting there hoping someone will find him just a minute later so that he can laugh cheekily!
Only a "kaikai" sound can get him out by himself! No point succumbing to his tactics coz it would be an endless battle to stop him from further playing behind the not too clean curtains!
And what a break it was for me.....
I am so not looking forward to work next week!
Have a happy rest of the weekend folks! See you more frequently next week when I would no longer be MIA from blogging or work!

Blogging and work MIA activity 2

A 'wild' guess to where hubby and I went for Christmas.

I think half my blogger community would know!

And while we were there, we saw the Christmas lights in the most famous road in the city (for Christmas lights!), bought some clothing that was going at very good prices, bought some house stuff and had some glorious food!
One funny thing was when I was in a food court and ordered fried meehoon. You know how ambigious it is to just label fried meehoon on the menu, so I was wondering how it would taste like!
When it arrived, I tried it and told hubby, this tastes alot like (dash) meehoon back in Malaysia. Then I laughed....of course, we are in (dash), of course that would how a simple fried meehoon will taste like!
The highlight of my trip
1) My uninterrupted sleep
2) Fried hokkien prawn mee
3) The roasted pork leg ham and roasted turkey with all the stuffings and gravy for Christmas dinner!
4) Vivo Shopping Centre outdoor hang-out! The scenery and the cool weather in the evening made me feel so relaxed!
Hubby and I agreed that this could be our last trip alone for the next few years. No prize for guessing why!
Hope the Christmas and New Year holidays has been great for all of you too! Happy 2009 you all!

Blogging and work MIA activity 1

MIA from work and blogging resulted in:

Christmas Acivity 1 - Trying this new Tim Sum shop in Damansara Jaya.

For fear I forgot the name...this is it!
It is located along the same row as the DJ post office.

Yes, it is a recent establishment. Which would probably explain the ROWS and THRONGS of people lining up to try the food.

The prawn dumpling (har-kau) was surprising. There were 3 fresh prawns wrapped in a thin translucent skin. Note all the key words used!

And the fried yam dunpling was VERY GOOD. Eaten fresh, the yam was crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and the aromatic filling of pork was just sufficient!

My,my, there are more and more good places to eat in DJ these days. Which would be great given my new establishment.
But not too great for my diet plans!