Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blogging and work MIA activity 2

A 'wild' guess to where hubby and I went for Christmas.

I think half my blogger community would know!

And while we were there, we saw the Christmas lights in the most famous road in the city (for Christmas lights!), bought some clothing that was going at very good prices, bought some house stuff and had some glorious food!
One funny thing was when I was in a food court and ordered fried meehoon. You know how ambigious it is to just label fried meehoon on the menu, so I was wondering how it would taste like!
When it arrived, I tried it and told hubby, this tastes alot like (dash) meehoon back in Malaysia. Then I laughed....of course, we are in (dash), of course that would how a simple fried meehoon will taste like!
The highlight of my trip
1) My uninterrupted sleep
2) Fried hokkien prawn mee
3) The roasted pork leg ham and roasted turkey with all the stuffings and gravy for Christmas dinner!
4) Vivo Shopping Centre outdoor hang-out! The scenery and the cool weather in the evening made me feel so relaxed!
Hubby and I agreed that this could be our last trip alone for the next few years. No prize for guessing why!
Hope the Christmas and New Year holidays has been great for all of you too! Happy 2009 you all!


Julie said...

Happy New Year!

Moomykin said...

Waaah! All the yummy food, especially the turkey!!

Glad you had a good Christmas.

andrewjune said...

wah, you went to genting ehhh, wish i was there too to enjoy the weather :-)