Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blogging and work MIA final activity

And the last place I went was back home of course to Ipoh!

My parents were in KL to celebrate Christmas with us and of course to help me babysit for the 3D I was overseas.

After which they were dying to go home and given I was still on leave and my babysitter was on leave as well, I decided to go home with them.

Poor hubby had to work and work late hours too to finish everything for the year end closing. But now I know he had his share of fun too going out for dinners with his mates that came back to KL!

Christopher and I were being spoiled at home in Ipoh. More me than Christopher....since it meant no need to wash clothes, cook or clean the house for me.

Christopher is always spoiled when grandpa and grandma are around!
And becuase grandma wakes up at 6+ am, this little boy has taken to waking up at that time too now, much to my chagrin! I don't know how things will be when we get back to work next week!
And soon after grandpa wakes up and make his morning coffee, dunking it with cream crackers. So, imitation being the game of the month, you can quite imagine the morning breakfast scene!
After which bath time is required becuase his little tummy can't quite handle the same amount of food that grandpa takes. And little grandson simple refuses to move and stop eating until grandpa takes his leave from the table!
And oh-don't-mention-the-word "kai-kai"...meaning "go out" in Cantonese. He will RUSH to grandpa's side and squeexe himself in front and hug his legs. He knows grandpa has the key to the vroom-vroom!
And up the stairs and down the stairs he makes mummy climb. And half way down and up again and hlaf way up and down again. He must think mummy needs exercise from all the food and the number of times mummy has been exclaiming "pau-pau"...."soooo fulllll!!!".
And there he goes behind the half transparent curtain thinking we cannot see him. Mummy looks at grandma and then looks away. A minute later comes a whimper from behind the curtain, a sound just long enough for him to take his thumb out of his mouth! Then into his mouth the thumb goes, he happily sitting there hoping someone will find him just a minute later so that he can laugh cheekily!
Only a "kaikai" sound can get him out by himself! No point succumbing to his tactics coz it would be an endless battle to stop him from further playing behind the not too clean curtains!
And what a break it was for me.....
I am so not looking forward to work next week!
Have a happy rest of the weekend folks! See you more frequently next week when I would no longer be MIA from blogging or work!


Jaanvi said...

The pic is so very sweet and Christopher is a charming young man :)... hope you ahd a good time..

Julie said...

I like the pic. Everyone so cheerful.

Although Christopher only see his grandparents once a while, he is still close and willing to cling to them. Sigh....Jonathan just refuse to be pampered by my dad despite him being his fav grandson.

LittleLamb said...

Glad you n Christopher always enjoy the company of your parents...

Happy New Year to you & family. We should meet up one day :)

Ponytail said...

Such a lovely pic of Christopher, Grandpa and Grandma :)

Jaanvi said...

Hey I didn't know u knew Aamir khan.. :) nice to know that... btw,About Shahrukh khan, he is nice but sometimes crosses the line between acting and overacting.. :)

Moomykin said...

Wow! What a great break!

And Christopher sounds like he's ready to play hide and seek!
Go, Mommy, go!

Ann said...

Julie - Christopher is close to my dad becuase he indulges him with kaikai and grandma indulges him with carrying and ice cream! hahaa..

Littlelamb - we should meet some day indeed!

PN - there were some candid shots as well that were equally great and funny!

Jaanvi - oohhhh....I have tooo many Indian and Punjabi friends! And I KNOW what you mean by overacting! :)

Kin - already playing hide and seek with him! But sometimes he gives up trying to look for me! hahaha...

andrewjune said...

i LOVE the photo of your parents with sweet!

Angeline said...

I know what you mean, when you say Christopher is always spoilt by his grandparents... I realised that its the same for all grandparents! *laugh*

(hey girl, I've got a 'Wonder Woman' Award for you, go claim it, won't ya?)