Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Condo movement, house settling

My house is almost done, as in those things that can be done before CNY and with the cash flow that I have!

1) Painting done - except for one wall which the painter painted wrongly
2) Wet kitchen done - except for the drainage slab covering that has been ordered and not yet fixed
3) Dry kitchen done - except for the solid surface which will be done by today
4) Upstairs cabinets done - except for the handles which are going up today
5) Grill and backdoor all done

Still outstanding before CNY
1) Water filter - provided that #%$^# Syabas puts in the water meter before the appointed date
2) Lights and fan, curtain rod, heater and bathroom accessories - going up today
3) Alarm activation and auto gate handover - appointment today

So, today marks the day that all the finishings will be going in. By this evening I will get to feel my house.

But then this morning, I had these thoughts.

Moving into my new house would mean:

1) I have to be more aware of security and safety when I get in and out of the house. Unlike in the condo where some sort of security is already in place and the chances of a snatch thief hurting you and running away with something as soon as you get out of your car is almost nil.

2) No more community living so that means if you want to get into the mood of any celebration, you have to buy them yourself and decorate your area. Currently in my condo, they have put up some CNY lanterns and it really puts everyone in the mood for CNY.

3) No more simply going down to the courtyard for a walk, to play at the playground or to go for a swim. If I wanted to go for a walk or take my son to the playground, I would have to drive out and head to the park. The playground around my new housing estate is not that well taken care of, sadly.

4) No more hello and bye-bye to neighbours that happen to go out when we do. And somehow you are forced to be closer, by the fact that you have to share a lift to the carpark.

5) No more quick 30 minute sweeping and mopping.

But living in a house also means:

1) Maybe I can get a dog.
2) Maybe I can have a small garden.
3) More space for the kids to play in the house, and thus hopefully less time at the malls.
4) And I bet for Christopher, he is happy that he has got so many steps to climb now.

So with apprehension and excitement I look forward to the next few weeks of packing, cleaning, moving and settling.


Cuddly Family said...

you can get to know your neighbours too.. if there's an RA in your area, can find out. thats how I got to know mine :)

it all depends on you :D

LittleLamb said...

with a house, u can have
a dog, a fish pond, a garden, a bicycle. u can buy decorations n reused them every year. ......

hope u get nice neighbors :)

All the best.

simon said...

wah dog is great. but with christopher around? hmmm...

Ann said...

Cuddly neighbourhood is not as well organised as perhaps BU or even DU/DJ. It is only kampung area!! Thus the playground condition!

Littlelamb - my porch too small lah! Unless I park one car outside!

Simon - a dog is my dream! Maybe when Christopher is bigger! Have been bringing him to the pet ship to see dogs very often now. Maybe he will even ask me for one when he can say "I want!"

Julie said...

Ya, can have a dog. That's the first reason why I'd chosen a landed property. If I have the money for second house, I want a corner lot or semi-d and built kennel for my dogs...big dogs better.

Christopher will be happy with car porch that can fit a big pool. And he's sure looking forward for a car/motorbike to manuever around the house. You can also built a small sand pit or playground for him.

So are you moving in before CNY?

hissychick said...

Just wanted to wish you good luck with your move when it happens :)

Cuddly Family said...

kampung area usually lagi friendly right?

shame about the playground :( but eventually you will find nooks and crannies to explore hehehe

its exciting to move but also headache!!! a small inflatable pool is a blessing in a house with a yard :!

Angeline said...

Wow! That's an amazing accomplished list and another jaw-dropping yet-to-do list...

you must be busy like a bee!

Our Jouneys.... said...

wah i am happy for us photos of your finished house ok...

HI said...

Good luck on the packing and unpacking..not my favorite task. :)

Living in your own house is great. More space, don't have to endure loud music, thumping etc from condo living. It's just nice to have your own space and front or backyard.

I'm sure Christopher will love the bigger space he will have.

andrewjune said...

wow i can feel ur excitement as i read your post today *wink wink* not a fan of packing and moving the stuffs though...but i love the feeling of settling in a new hse after all those moving in hahaha...

well, a garden is always lovely to hv when you're staying in a hse and kids love more space to run about...

it's going to be CNY soon, and what a perfect time to move in and settled down before the festive season!


mumsgather said...

How very exciting. For me previously, moving from condo to house also meant that I don't have to drag my groceries all the way up to my unit using a trolley. Hahaha. Can just park the car and bring the stuff in, no need to worry about rain etc cos we had an open car park.

Happy Moving!

Happy Sunflower said...

Congratulations on your new nest :)
I noticed you have been reading my blog. Thank you very much :)
Your son is very cute. I can see you are a very dedicated mommy.

Moomykin said...

Hey, Congrats!!
Well done for getting so many thing checked on the to do list.

Have a good CNY.

Ask me when you want a dog. Maybe I can help you get one for free.

little prince's mummy said...

New year new house!~