Monday, January 5, 2009

A cry in the night

I heard a cry. Did I hear right?
I gave it another few seconds.
The cry continued.

I dropped the clothes I was folding.
And rushed to the room.

My son was kicking and arching and turning left and right.
His eyes were closed.
Yet tears were streaming down his face.

I tried to comfort him.
Yet he continued this way.

I tried to carry him.
Yet he continued this way.

He kicked me and twisted himself out from my grasp.

I moved away to give him the space required for him to turn.
And for him to kick.

After a few minutes, he quietened down.
And curled up to sleep.
Like nothing ever happened.

He was looking for me yesterday morning.
The first morning he searched and could not find.
And he cried.

But he seemed fine when we left him at the babysitter.
And even waved bye-bye to daddy.

Will it happen again tonight?
Will my heart break?

A mother can only watch and wait and pray.


Julie said...

Jonathan reacted like this before. Not once but ocassionaly. My mom noticed that he behaved so whenever he got a fall and cried. Still a question mark.

I can't figure out the cause. Only able to comfort and keep on calling his name until he calms down. Maybe the evil one is making up things. I can just pray.

4malmal said...

oh poor boy. separation anxiety?? hope it will be over soon.
btw I think i have yet to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Moomykin said...

My boys always have lots of dreams, especially Micah, and I think it's just a replay of their days' excitement.

Micah used to always cry and scream in his sleep too, but in the morning it was as if nothing had happened.

When he started talking he would be "arguing" with us but mostly with Max. Max too, would be crying and calling out, "No, koh-koh!"

This is one of the reasons why I have hardly know what sleeping through the night is.

At this point they are getting better... but come March... Hahaha... My world sleepless nights resumes.

Angeline said...

you did right girl. put him down. give him the space to vent the frustrations. that's the only rights he has got in his sleep....

takes time...slowly... these moments were experienced before too, and never forgotten....

Ann said...

Oh, glad to hear I am not the only one and that this is not unusual.

Thanks for sharing.

4malaml - Happy New Year to you and your family too!

Jaanvi said...

May be its the dreams.... It happened with Maks as well...

Cuddly Family said...

awwww its quite normal, he's at the ages where night fears/terrors will happen when he's asleep. j2 never really had them, k only occ, but j1 ohhhhh boy...

there's not much you can do, reduce "excitement" before bedtime, talk to them soothingly, dont' try and hold them cos that can "startle" them awake. check out babycenter for more advice on that, helped us.

hang in there HUGS

LittleLamb said...

I would say quite normal. As long as Chris is not crying for 30 mins n non stop. Sometimes Philip do have nightmare, too much playing before sleeping..and they will fuss for awhile. So I put the pacifier n he is back to dreamland.

No worries..

Tin said...

my first time here... my son has too much of such episode. Bad dreams. I attribute these to too much play and TV in the daytime... most of the time, he closed his eyes and cry and cannot be comforted.

But it's normal! He'd soon get over it :)