Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting into the mood for CNY

Have I told you work has been horrendous!

Thus you see my blogging activity has decreased....still trying to keep those comments going in your blog though!

Anyway, last weekend was a nightmare. I don't know where the time went actually. The hours passes by VERY quickly when you are running around taking care of house business and not wearing a watch!

But on Sunday, I got into the mood of Chinese New Year.

It helps that there are Chinese New Year cookies being sold at almost every corner. What is it with this red covered container that is somewhat able to speak volumes.

And it also helps that my neighbour is making Chinese New Year cookies and the aroma wafts in under my (not) closed front door every night.

And it also helps that CNY is marked on my calendar. The same calendar that I am using to mark down my renovation activites.

And it also helps that my son's new year clothes are now hanging to dry on the clothes lines.

And hubby just brought up a stack of new notes for me and some red packets.

So, have you changed your new notes, bought your new clothes and ordered your cookies?


Ponytail said...

Hmm, this is like a checklist...all done except the new notes! Now, where is the hubby with the $$$...hahaha!

I have been busy too...gotta stuffed a few pineapple tarts in my mouth and smell the mandarin oranges to feel the CNY coming...

another 2 weeks to go and this year I am cooking reunion dinner...woohooo! Please pray for me and those consuming the food...LOL!

Xin Nian Lai Lo!

Ann said...

Wah...big job to cook reunion a semi pot bless, then not so stress. Will keep you in prayer definitely!

JLow said...

Tell me about it!

We went shopping for the goodies on Sunday, and I spent more time looking for parking than pushing the supermarket trolley!

MIL is gonna be baking the cookies, so that's that taken care of. I still haven't heard from our bank over my request for ang pow packets!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ann, my wife is going to surprise me with a birthday party on CNY day...happens to be my birthday too.
She keeping it secret, but yesterday a friend unknowingly slip of the tongue when phone, I took the call, ha ha.

Here its a working day but the Chinese people will be taking days off as allowed by the government. My wife too.
You have fun and best regards, Lee.

4malmal said...

oh my! I miss the REDs! and I miss CNY!!!


Yup! Just prepared the angpow packets last night! And MIL bought some new clothes for my lil one ..and my mom too and my sis too and me too .. so he has loads of new clothes to last him till the 15th day! Lucky kids these days.

HI said...

I missed the CNY atmosphere back home. Don't get any here unless I trek down to Chinatown which I only did the first year I was here.

PLus it's so cold here...the total opposite of CNY weather....

First day of CNY will be a normal work day for me as the auditors will be here....Yikes!

andrewjune said...

i'm getting into the mood already cos we are already planning a trip back hometown and meeting up with old friends...

cant help but noticed the cookies...3 for rm 10? that's awfully cheap as compared to here selling a bottle at rm 17-19!

as for the new clothes, i hv bought them during the mega sales last mth *wink wink*

cant wait till CNY and enjoy all those yummy food by my mum and MIL!

Cecilia said...

I am very behind this year with the preps. House not washed, not bought cookies etc. Where are they selling these cookies 3 for RM 10.00. Just ordered some at RM 10.00 per jar.

Julie said...

Bought all my fav cookies. New notes changed. Ang pow packets ready. Luggages stuffed with new year clothes.

And...slimmed down a little to be prepared with the extra kilos. All ready to go back hometown. :P