Monday, January 19, 2009

Hiccups, let outs....released

These pass few days have been a bit stressful, especially the weekends when hubby wants to get everything done NOW.

There have been issues with the house at the final lap.

We finally got our water supply in, although the meter is not up yet since our pipes are not aligned and they need some special equipment to get it done. But I am not bothered water to use given their inefficiency.

But then we realised that our dry kitchen output piping is blocked and the water cannot drain down!!!

And there seems to be a blockage causing the water from the tanki to NOT flow down to the other pipes in the house - air bubble or what, I heard it is normal.

And with all the lights up, our contractor told us that the last room downstairs does not have any electircity. And the door bell has too much electricity.

4 outstanding issues in what seems an almost ready to leave in house.

I was worried all weekend....not worried worried, more frustrated with the last minute hiccups.

But I have since learned to let go and leave my anxiousness and frustrations to God.
What needs to be done, has to be done. If I need to hack my newly painted wall and my new tiles again, I will just have to do that.


There have also been minor differences occuring in what used to be a happy activity - shopping! All due to the different ways we have been.

A typical example: Hubby wants to but a mat to be put inside, just by the front door. To me this is un-neccessary work becuase the job of dusting it/cleaning it would fall to me (my level of hygiene being much higher than hubby's). And what is the need of a mat when shoes are to be left outside and brought in by hand if required to be put in the shoe rack? But you see, in hubby's house, they wear their shoes in and if only anyone ever puts their shoes in the shoe rack! Thus in his opinion, a need for a mat to wipe their shoes.

I think at the end of the day, my justification to things are budget and extra maintenance work. Hubby's justification is convinience and beauty.

Because really, I spend more time at home. And I don't often relax. Instead I will be walking around looking for things that are dusty and need cleaning. Hubby comes home and TV and dinner are the main things on his mind.


But all is STILL good. Part of life. Part of learning. Part of living together.

By the way, anyone been to Daiso in The Curve?


Ponytail said...

Daiso! I heard it has lots of stuff there from Japan. I pass by it in Curve but did not manage to go in...grrrr
I guess it's worth it to drop by and look see kua...


So I think I shd bear this in mind when my turn comes in 6 months. Thanks for sharing! Nope, not been to Daiso yet . waiting for my kitchen to be ready first.

hissychick said...

Because really, I spend more time at home. And I don't often relax. Instead I will be walking around looking for things that are dusty and need cleaning. Hubby comes home and TV and dinner are the main things on his mind.

Ann this is universal!

Good luck with sorting out all the final dramas, I hope you get to relax in a mat free house soon ;)

Jaanvi said...

I think this happens with everyone... you are right, its good to relax and sit back and things will sort out...

Angeline said...

*laugh* many people say, the place to relax is home...
but for Mommies/Wives all over the world, that's the busiest place to be!!!!

KM said...

I can already feel the level of stress you had been having for the past weeks!!

Arrr...i had a mat outside our door, and it had stayed there for the last one year, i had never dust it UNTIL i read this post!! I MUST REMEMBER TO DUST it before the CNY arrives!!

Have a great CNY holiday with your love ones yeah...

Moomykin said...

Ahh... when we were getting our own place our big debate was what kind of sofa to get. Hubby wanted leather. I of course love fabric. At the end we settled for microfibre which looks classy and can wipe off easily with a wet cloth.

Hope you sort out your mat issue.

Sleep well, ok?

andrewjune said...

ohhh Ann, all those hiccups are normal...i was boiling hot during our renovation (and i was pregnant at that time!)

so just relax and make sure those hiccups were not extra-billed to you!

your door bell too much electricity?

Julie said...

I hate hiccups too and when things don't seems to be like what I want or expect.

It takes some time to get things right for a new house. You prob have too much to worry about. Take it easy and one at a time.