Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brewed coffee

There really is no substitute smell to brewed coffee.

What more Amish Fine Foods New York Hazelnut Coffee. I was a frequent visitor to this place when I was in New York!

From the Amish Fine Foods Dictionary, the Hazelnut Blend is described as "Very smooth and delightful, the hazelnut flavor creates the ultimate taste the sensation in harmony with coffee master's high grown arabica coffee".

In the process of my moving, I have found that I own a Pensonic Coffee Maker.

So today, out it comes.
Coffee brought out from my air tight container.

Electricity on.
Humming and whoosing sound starts.

And now I am enjoying a wonderful hazelnut infused coffee.
It is truly sensational to the tongue and to the nose.

Any takers?
Maybe the next time you come over to my house, I will brew you some. (Simon especially! :) )
But please let me know what you like in it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

First night...loads of exercise

My first night in the new place - 24 Feb 2009.

Loads of adjustments to do.

1) 2 cars to park in the porch is a tight squeeze. Either I learn to reverse really well, even half sleepy or I park outside.
2) When I go upstairs, I have to keep a check on what else needs to be brought down. Thinking of having a bucket pully system at my staircase so that I can bring down more than my hands allow.
3) Have to get everything ready before I clean boyboy up. It is virtually impossible for me to SHOUT to hubby when I am in the bathroom, the TV is on and he is in the kitchen.
4) Have to keep a very close eye on boyboy now. He is climbing EVERYWHERE. Even after putting up the gate at the staircase, which unfortunately is 3 quarts into the first step, I still find him climbing on the first step and then onto the gate and then if I don't catch him in time, his leg will squeeze in between the rails onto step 2.
5) Have to keep a close eye on boyboy now. If he cannot climb up the stairs, he will climb up the stairs at the edge of the railing where no gate can stop him.
6) Have to keep a close eye on boyboy now. He runs from one sofa onto the ottoman on to the next sofa and sits at the hand rest rocking himself before he is up again.
7) Have to keep a close eye on boyboy now. The new place is exciting to him and there are LOADS to discover that he literally drives himself up into a frenzy.

So, did I sleep well last night?
Yes.....but it was due to my flu meds.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A milestone for mummy

Actually it is quite strange how things work out in the end.

Things were getting very stressful at home.
There were alot to do and minor problems kept coming up one after another.
Hubby and I both were also at this time very bogged down with work.
So it was a real struggle juggling between work, the current place and the new place and boyboy and also our marriage.

I have not really been an independent person since hubby came along.
Maybe coz he always asks me to wait for him so that we can do things together.
And I have become very comfortable with that.

So when I found myself having to run around doing errands.
And having to do some house stuff by myself, it seemed at odds with me.

But I found the strength to be independent again.
To drive around and do what needs to be done.
And to do what I want to do.

And given that, now I know that I will be alright taking care of boyboy on my own.
Hubby will be away for 3 days.
So I will have to do all the ferrying, cooking and shopping by myself.

I have never taken care of boyboy alone for more than a day.
If the previous incidents had not happened, I reckon I would be very anxious.
I know lots of mums and dads think this is not new at all.
But to me, it is a start for me and my boy.

Thank God for Him who encourages us to grow.

Monday, February 16, 2009

3rd year Valentine

They say 3 years into a marriage is a milestone.
I agree.

Or perhaps it was the house and the kid.
But we have been having our share of issues.

So one night we talked for 3 hours.
It felt good to communicate.
And for it to end well.

Since then, hubby has been very sensitive to my needs.
He helps around so much more now
(without being asked to).

I understand better where is he coming from.
And try to also change myself to accommodate to his needs.

This year's V-day has been the best I had with hubby.
Maybe because it was really a celebration of something we have overcome together.
And it was good to have something to celebrate about.

Of course boyboy threw a few tantrums.
And of course we were still really busy with the house stuff.
But the stress is alright.
When it is just physical.
(And I get a nice massage after that anyway!)

We had dinner at Onsen for valentines.
Hubby wanted Japanese.
As long as there was something for boyboy, I was fine.
There was.

Boyboy was lovable.
He called and waved at all the waitresses and the head waiter.
So much so he got free ice cream.
And a line of people waving to him as we left the restaurant.

It was a good day.
It is good not to give up.
But to talk and give in.

I love my little family.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The power of words in melody

Headphones on.
Music starts.
Loud that it becomes scary.
The world becomes a blur.
There is a strange struggle.
To unplug the headphones.
Or allow the music to take over.

The soul gives in.
Words and the music combine.
And invades the soul.
And fills every part of the being.
Eyes close.
The body is at rest.
Drowning in a warm pool.
Of calm and relaxation.

Thus is the power of music to me.
There is wonder in words.
Even more greatness in melody.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First series for 2009

The last time I posted pics on my toddler was Christmas.
So, first series of pics for 2009 starring Christopher (drumroll....)
Christopher in his CNY do-up !
Christopher in his new shirt kungkung and popo gave him (maternal grandparents)
Christopher watching American Idol

Advertisement time....."Yes boy, socks goes on your feet!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He can if he wants to

It was Saturday. I was tired. I decided to go upstairs for a nap.
Mummy asked me to take boyboy along coz he had not slept the whole day.
So, I walked with him up the stairs and into the room.
Lay down with him and talked to him.
When I stopped talking, boyboy looked at me.
Got down from the bed and walked to the door.
Indicating to me that he wanted OUT.
He walked back to me to take my hand and tried to pull me to the door.
I tugged my hand under me and told him:
"Mummy is tired. Mummy want to oi-oi."
"Boyboy come oi-oi with mummy."
He tried to look for my hand to pull me to the door.
After several attempts and a few fuss-es, I told him:
"You call me 'Mummy', and I will take you down."
(I know he can call mum-my but just refuses to)
He looked at me and in the sweetest voice ever calls me:
"Mum-my, mum-my." there goes my afternoon nap.
And again I know my son can if he wants to....just he doesn't want to.


On another note, Aunty Cecilia, his nanny is "Aun Ceci" ! hahaha....
At least he calls her!

Popo, kungkung, Ah Ma and Ah Kung are still waiting for him to call them!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A death takes knowing

Wednesday morning hubby called me. His colleague has passed away.

Markus was 23 years of age. Just started working since 2 months back in UNICEF.
I have never met him. I only know him by his name...Markus with a 'k'.

It was so shocking. It was so sad.
A young boy, just starting out his life.

As the days went by, I received more and more news about his sudden death.
He died in his sleep. Did he suffer? No one really knows.
I pray he was not alone while he died.

As I see the blog created in his memory, I begin to know Markus with a 'k'.
A talented boy no doubt...he writes his own songs.
He has a blog even I would like to read about.

Makes me wonder about blogs....
If we stumble upon a blog, get to know the person and manage to change a person's life.

In death, let not we suffer.
In death, let not we be alone.

To all my fellow workaholics.....
Don't overwork.
Don't overstress.

***after note***
After reading his blog, I wished I had known him in person.
His soul is one I am very familiar with.
Another time, another place.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

At 16+ months

Christopher is now 16+ months now.
I have 7-8 months more before he celebrates his first graduation.
Time for mummy to go look for a nursery for him now.
Any suggestions?
After reading a few mummies' posts on their kids first day at school and not being prepared for Chinese school, it got me thinking.
Hubby and I have not yet decided if we will send our son to Chinese school.
But I reckon I still have time.
When he goes to kindergarten I will need to get that decision finaized.
But it would be nice if he could be in the same place from 2-6 years.
At 16 + months, he also shows signs that he is ready to be introduced to the potty.
So, have to start slowly but surely.
Also have to make sure I am not to lazy to get him into the routine of brushing teeth.
Even if only it is play time with water and toothbrush for now.
And by the way, I am "nana" though he says "Daddee" pretty clearly.
Maybe coz Daddee is at the wheel (steering wheel that is).
His favourtie place in the world!
And his favourite phrase of the day is "Thhheeerrree...."
while pointing in some vague and sometimes not so vague direction.
Second most used phrase is "Sit".
He seems to love the 's' sound. Shoe and socks and sit comes easily to him.
Other phrases often heard will be "I don't know".
And sometimes "Hi Daddee", "Hi Aunnie" and "Hinana".
And "Bye xx" is always followed by a "Muak" flying kiss.
He understands a whole lot but still refuses to say much.
Cheeky fella must think that the less he says, the more he can get away with sutff.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cold Turkey

Have you ever been drunk? So drunk that you puke and the world spins?
Was it a fun feeling that you had drinking? Or was it one of drowning misery?

It is sign when you see someone start to take the easy way out of things - drowning themself in alcohol. And when you see signs of cut marks on the wrist, you now the signs are talking to you.

Have you ever helped someone come out of an addiction?

Sometimes I wish someone could help them. Someone patient and great and calm.
When professional help is needed, seek it.

Have you ever?

Have you ever cried?
A tormenting cry?
Where your heart aches
Yet your mouth is silenced
And only groans emit from your being
And tears all dry up
And you lie there exhausted
From being
From feeling
From living?

Have you ever laughed?
An infectious laugh?
That lasts minutes many
That makes you warm and tingling
And eager for more
And when it all ends
A chuckle is still waiting
To brim up with a loud cheer of joy

Have you been a wife?
Have you been a mum?