Wednesday, February 4, 2009

At 16+ months

Christopher is now 16+ months now.
I have 7-8 months more before he celebrates his first graduation.
Time for mummy to go look for a nursery for him now.
Any suggestions?
After reading a few mummies' posts on their kids first day at school and not being prepared for Chinese school, it got me thinking.
Hubby and I have not yet decided if we will send our son to Chinese school.
But I reckon I still have time.
When he goes to kindergarten I will need to get that decision finaized.
But it would be nice if he could be in the same place from 2-6 years.
At 16 + months, he also shows signs that he is ready to be introduced to the potty.
So, have to start slowly but surely.
Also have to make sure I am not to lazy to get him into the routine of brushing teeth.
Even if only it is play time with water and toothbrush for now.
And by the way, I am "nana" though he says "Daddee" pretty clearly.
Maybe coz Daddee is at the wheel (steering wheel that is).
His favourtie place in the world!
And his favourite phrase of the day is "Thhheeerrree...."
while pointing in some vague and sometimes not so vague direction.
Second most used phrase is "Sit".
He seems to love the 's' sound. Shoe and socks and sit comes easily to him.
Other phrases often heard will be "I don't know".
And sometimes "Hi Daddee", "Hi Aunnie" and "Hinana".
And "Bye xx" is always followed by a "Muak" flying kiss.
He understands a whole lot but still refuses to say much.
Cheeky fella must think that the less he says, the more he can get away with sutff.


Jaanvi said...

Your son is still speaking a lot.. mine is 15 months old and says only "mama" and "come". I am trying to introduce words to him but he seems to be too busy with playing.

4malmal said...

mal only starts talking when he was 24 mhts.
and once he starts he babbles non stop
it's amazing

Angeline said...

these are great records...
in years to come, when you read back... bound to put a smile on your face! *wink*

milochel said...

Send him to chinese school..

Me is a banana and is regretting that i didn't go to chinese school... :(

Moomykin said...

Aiyo, when they start talking, they really make the whole world a more colourful and delightful place!

Max took a long time to call me mommy too, hahaha... but it sure was great when he did, and now both boys call me "Mum" most of the time. Makes them sound so grow up.

Don't be too stressed about school. Yes, you still have time to look around and decide what you think is best suited for his character and personality.


Baby Darren said...

Happy 16 months Christopher!!

Not bad that you can say a few words..better than kor kor here.

Julie said...

It's so much easier when they start to understand us. I used to give instructions to Jonathan and that makes him a great helper.

And I'm so lazy to potty train Jonathan. How?

LittleLamb said...

Christopher is also an October child? Philip was born Oct 6...

andrewjune said...

happy 16 months old to chris!