Monday, February 2, 2009

Cold Turkey

Have you ever been drunk? So drunk that you puke and the world spins?
Was it a fun feeling that you had drinking? Or was it one of drowning misery?

It is sign when you see someone start to take the easy way out of things - drowning themself in alcohol. And when you see signs of cut marks on the wrist, you now the signs are talking to you.

Have you ever helped someone come out of an addiction?

Sometimes I wish someone could help them. Someone patient and great and calm.
When professional help is needed, seek it.


hissychick said...

Here in Australia we do have a drinking culture so yes I have been that drunk but you are right- signs of cutting are a sure sign that things are out of hand.

I hope that whoever it is seeks the help that they need.

Angeline said...

nope girl
I wished I could experience what drunk is like.
haven't met a person that drunk before, or that addicted before...yet.

Jaanvi said...

I don't drink but I had an uncle who used to drink so much that driving home or even sitting on a chair was never an option.
I was a kid then and used to be very frightened of him. Later on he passed away because of liver damage only.

simon said...

mmm... i *hope* this is a paid post...

Merryn said...

nope.. i've never been too drunk.. :)

LittleLamb said...

no comment. however if the person is a close friend / relative / family, then we should always help. cos we dont knw what is the underlying root cause of his/her problem, n surely they need lots of encouragement n support.

Moomykin said...

Nope. Never been drunk.

But I think people who have addiction problems really need professional help. we of course can be a support and help them with positive reinforcements and "distractions".