Thursday, February 5, 2009

A death takes knowing

Wednesday morning hubby called me. His colleague has passed away.

Markus was 23 years of age. Just started working since 2 months back in UNICEF.
I have never met him. I only know him by his name...Markus with a 'k'.

It was so shocking. It was so sad.
A young boy, just starting out his life.

As the days went by, I received more and more news about his sudden death.
He died in his sleep. Did he suffer? No one really knows.
I pray he was not alone while he died.

As I see the blog created in his memory, I begin to know Markus with a 'k'.
A talented boy no doubt...he writes his own songs.
He has a blog even I would like to read about.

Makes me wonder about blogs....
If we stumble upon a blog, get to know the person and manage to change a person's life.

In death, let not we suffer.
In death, let not we be alone.

To all my fellow workaholics.....
Don't overwork.
Don't overstress.

***after note***
After reading his blog, I wished I had known him in person.
His soul is one I am very familiar with.
Another time, another place.


hissychick said...

So sorry to hear this sad news.
Take care.

mumsgather said...

Oh no. Thats really sad to hear.

Techcrazee said...

Yes, I heard of his passing away too (from Sivin Kit's Blog). Kinda sad even though I do not know him personally. Reminds us all to cherish all those around us. We can never tell when one may leave us.

This is really a small world, hearing that Markus is Kevin's colleague.

Ann said...

Yeah...a death of a friend or a young person always makes a deeper impression in our heart.

Techcrazee - you really tech crazy ah? thanks for dropping by!

Techcrazee said...

yes Ann, I am really tech crazy but controlled or say leashed by my wife :) Check out my purchases in my blog lor.

Jaanvi said...

it is a really sad news.. He was so young.. his complete life ahead of him.. I don't know what God had in mind when he summoned him up there..

Angeline said...

oh dear!
2 years ago, one of my blogging friends passed away. Her blog is still there, the last page stayed... as if she had gone for a long holiday... hmmmm...
this post reminds me of her.

Julie said...

What a young guy. It's all God's plan.

Moomykin said...

Yes, this was very shocking.

Very strangely I have met him once at a camp, many years ago. He was 17 then. And the other day, while thinking of a name for No.3, I thought of the name Marcus, and I "saw" his face from memory.

Later that night Hubby told me about this guy and asked if we knew him, he thought his name was familiar.

Sometimes the world seems so small... and Life is so fragile.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ann, life has its surprises, sometimes good, sometimes sad, sometimes bad.
Really regret to read about Markus. So young.
At the beginning of his life too.

This reminds me a lovely lady blogger some months back last year.
She had left a comment in my blog, I left a comment in hers and waiting for her reply....

I instead got a reply from a stranger, her friend who informed me she had got involved with a fatal car crash.
She only early 30's leaving behind two very young kids and a loving husband.

And that was the first time my tears came out since a long time ago.
I really missed her humourous comments too.
And incidentally, my comment was the last one in her her Blog will live on for Eternity...
and when her kids grow up will learn about it and discover the true loving mother she was.

Have a beautiful Sunday Ann, best regards, Lee.

andrewjune said...

so sorry to hear about markus...
may god bless his soul...