Monday, February 23, 2009

First night...loads of exercise

My first night in the new place - 24 Feb 2009.

Loads of adjustments to do.

1) 2 cars to park in the porch is a tight squeeze. Either I learn to reverse really well, even half sleepy or I park outside.
2) When I go upstairs, I have to keep a check on what else needs to be brought down. Thinking of having a bucket pully system at my staircase so that I can bring down more than my hands allow.
3) Have to get everything ready before I clean boyboy up. It is virtually impossible for me to SHOUT to hubby when I am in the bathroom, the TV is on and he is in the kitchen.
4) Have to keep a very close eye on boyboy now. He is climbing EVERYWHERE. Even after putting up the gate at the staircase, which unfortunately is 3 quarts into the first step, I still find him climbing on the first step and then onto the gate and then if I don't catch him in time, his leg will squeeze in between the rails onto step 2.
5) Have to keep a close eye on boyboy now. If he cannot climb up the stairs, he will climb up the stairs at the edge of the railing where no gate can stop him.
6) Have to keep a close eye on boyboy now. He runs from one sofa onto the ottoman on to the next sofa and sits at the hand rest rocking himself before he is up again.
7) Have to keep a close eye on boyboy now. The new place is exciting to him and there are LOADS to discover that he literally drives himself up into a frenzy.

So, did I sleep well last night?
Yes.....but it was due to my flu meds.


simon said...

lol i know this sentence was repeated 3x... "Have to keep a close eye on boyboy now"

LittleLamb said...

take care.....n get well soon.

Well..matter of time n u will be adjusted to ur new home.

Julie said...

About Christopher and the stairs...haha...welcome to the club. Jonathan yet to discover climbing at the edge of the railing.

And the SHOUT thing...I understand and sorry to say that guys are usually a little bit deaf than us. :P

As for Jonathan's stuff, I usually have 2 sets. One downstairs and another upstairs so I don't have to run up and down.

Angeline said...

Boyboy sure liked the place doesn't he!! *laugh*
ya boy! Mommy got to have a third eye just for you and two extra hands to carry you down from where-ever you've just climbed....

I can imagine you being all over the place man!

Moomykin said...

Hey, CONGRATS on your new place!!

We must come visit some time.

Yes, with more space, it's a lot harder to watch the kids...

We have clothes for the kids upstairs and downstairs.

It's ,y routine now to bring up Micah's milk stuff up every night and down every morning. I have mastered carrying a flask, 2 milk bottles and a milk dispenser in one hand, so that with the other I can carry a glass or cup of drink for myself or hubby, plus my handphone under that arm.

Sometimes I just have to make 2 trips. :P

Baby Darren said...'s def harder to take care of a toddler at a bigger house. Child proofing a house totally is not easy.

You just need to adjust to the new environment...

ponytail said...

New house smell nice or not? Hahaha...enjoy it yea...

and you also might want to start thinking how to prevent Christopher from drawing on the newly painted walls..kekeke

andrewjune said...

instead of feeling comfy and on top of the world, you've to be extra careful with boy boy *awww*

must be exhausting but every mum has to face it! (i'm getting used to it!)

mumsgather said...

Haha. Now you'll need to have eyes behind your back. As for the car, I think you should try to park inside. Once you get used to it, parking at angle will not be a problem but parking outside may risk your tyres getting lost etc.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ann,,
Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.

Keep a song in your heart and have fun, best regards, Lee.


Good exercise up & down the stairs .. for you I mean. hahaha. Yeah, need to keep an eye on boi boi.