Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A milestone for mummy

Actually it is quite strange how things work out in the end.

Things were getting very stressful at home.
There were alot to do and minor problems kept coming up one after another.
Hubby and I both were also at this time very bogged down with work.
So it was a real struggle juggling between work, the current place and the new place and boyboy and also our marriage.

I have not really been an independent person since hubby came along.
Maybe coz he always asks me to wait for him so that we can do things together.
And I have become very comfortable with that.

So when I found myself having to run around doing errands.
And having to do some house stuff by myself, it seemed at odds with me.

But I found the strength to be independent again.
To drive around and do what needs to be done.
And to do what I want to do.

And given that, now I know that I will be alright taking care of boyboy on my own.
Hubby will be away for 3 days.
So I will have to do all the ferrying, cooking and shopping by myself.

I have never taken care of boyboy alone for more than a day.
If the previous incidents had not happened, I reckon I would be very anxious.
I know lots of mums and dads think this is not new at all.
But to me, it is a start for me and my boy.

Thank God for Him who encourages us to grow.


andrewjune said...

Ann, you can do it!

being independent is great...we do things our own way *wink*

Julie said...

We can never stop learning and we benefit from it.

But in certain ways, I'm still dependant on my hubby. That's why they are here for us mah... :P

Moomykin said...

You will be surprised how well you will manage and even enjoy your time alone with boyboy.

Of course it'll be different and sometimes a little scary still, but it's a good time for bonding and resting. :)

Take it easy.

LittleLamb said...

Gambateh. U can do it :)
I have faith in you ...

Angeline said...

I'm sure you'll survive! *wink*

Baby Darren said...

Glad to hear that you are more independent now. We need to especially when the hubby travels a lot.

As boy boy grow bigger, it'll be easier to handle him. Don't will be fine. It is all about adjusting to a new routine.

mumsgather said...

I'm sure you will be fine. No matter how "dependant" we are on our spouses, when it comes down to the crunch, ALL mothers can do it, for the sakes of our children.

4malmal said...

there is without a single doubt that you can do it! really :)

Ann said...

Dear all,
THanks so much for your encouragement. YOu are all right, I could do it and it was fun.

When I picked him up from the bbsitter, I was driving down a road and we passed a tree with flocks of birds. He got excited and I stopped the car at the side to show him the birds nesting and chirping to each other.

It was really a moment I shared alone with boyboy. It was special and it was satisfying.