Monday, March 23, 2009

American Idol winners and more

I read through the latest remarks left by some of my friends on my homepage in Facebook yesterday and someone commented he was "Watching David Foster and Friends".

I moved on, giving it no second thought. But this morning, the thought came into my mind again and I decided to Youtube search it.

I saw Michael Buble, then I moved on to the one with Michael Johns. You remember him? American Idol Season 7, Australian guy? He was eliminated quite early but seems to have gone on to greater success than some other seasons' winners (like Season 5!!).

So, I decided to do a little recap...

2002 - Kelly Clarkson (Justin Guarini runner up).
2003 - Reben Studdard (Clay Aiken runner up).
2004 - Fantasia Barrino (Diana DeGarmo runner up).
2005 - Carrie Underwood (BoBice runner up).
2006 - Taylor Hicks (Katherine McPhee runner up).
2007 - Jordin Sparks (Blake Lewis runner up).
2008 - David Cook (David Archuleta runner up).

Some runner ups I really don't even remember how they looked or sang!

Some from the some season(s) who America missed/messed up!
2004 - Jennifer Hudson
2006 - Chris Daughtry
2007 - Melinda Doolittle

I think I loved the 2008 lineup the best. I enjoyed Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, Brooke White (she was pure goodness), even Jason Castro, Kristy Lee Cook and Syesha Mercado.

Some still familiar names from 2006 like Kellie Pickler (I saw her sing on TV in one programme, if only I could remember which one), Elliott Yamin and Bucky Corington.

Thankfully, the rainbow seldom ends there, there are song wrtiers and music producers that do 'cash in' on the talent they see.

And then there are some who make it on their own!

I seem to be a little lost with the 2009 season. Maybe I am still high on the 2 Davids....

So, who do you think will be 2009's winner?

By the way, the David Foster and friends concert is really good! May even get the DVD.


simon said...

looks like i started watching AI in 2004, the year fantasia won coz that was when i first got astro. hardly missed an episode since. carrie underwood is still my favorite...

Angeline said...

Ooo... Love this! Ever since I started noticing American Idol in Season two, I can't stop watching.... but weird, don't know what I was doing in 2006 and 2007 completely missed it without noticing till now! *laugh*

This year, the fight is close.... really close.... its either Adam, Danny, Matt (the dark horse)... or for female, Lil, Alison or Megan (though I don't like her, America does)

Moomykin said...

Some names I know. Some hardly.

Me not so into American Idol.
It's an occasional entertainment I get when Micha's uncle is here for dinner and wants o follow on the show.

andrewjune said...

i still remember all the idol winners and first-runner-ups! cheh wah hahaha...

used to like clay aiken, but when david cook made his appearance last season...move aside aiken and make way for the cook :-)

as for season 8, really hv no idea who is going to win...maybe anoop? from zero to hero? hehehe...

reanaclaire said...

hi..first time coming here...i agree with u..last year AI, i followed almost every week cos i love the contestants esp david archuleta..haha.. i heard he is coming to KL? but this year i didnt follow much cos the contestants dont hv the look i love.. :)
i like yr blog..gonna add it to my local loe yau now..