Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Awning = more shelter (period)

So, you know, our new house comes with a metal roof.
And yes, it is noisy when it rains.
And yes, it looks a bit 'low-class'.
And no, even though my contractor and grill guy tells me that this material is actually VERY VERY good and VERY VERY expensive, I still feel somewhat 'cheated' that I have a metal roof.

But hard times comes with alot of accepting.

It has been raining cats and dogs every evening lately.
Even when I park my car as inside as I possible dare,
the back passengers still get wet coming out.
So, you can imagine hubby's slightly longer car.
And with that comes the hassle
of taking boyboy out without him getting wet.

Hard times may come with alot of accepting.
But this I cannot accept.

So, I have resorted to extending my metal roof.
With what?
MORE metal roof!

I did say hard times come with alot of accepting no?

We had the option of using polycarbonate.
We also had the option of adding a 'ceiling' under the metal roofing.

But I did say it was hard times ya!

As for now, it has to be a loud, noisy metal roofing
with a LoUdeR metal awning...front and back!

Did you hear what I was saying?
Reckon perhaps not.

our awning....minus the ceiling


Angeline said...

you must dread rainy days now ya?

Jaanvi said...

It may be noisy but for now it seems the perfect solution. It does look great btw.

Julie said...

We reverse park our car when it's raining so myself and Jonathan won't get wet.

How about polycarbonate roofing? I know it's a little pricy but less noise. :P

LittleLamb said...

Dont complain la. be thankful u hv a roof to cover u...

hv a good weekend.

mumsgather said...

Hahaha. Its ok. As long as it keeps you all nice and dry. :)

mommy to chumsy said...

looks good :) reminds me of my mom's house in ipoh last time.