Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Between rain and heat and snow

It has been raining cats and dogs every evening in Malaysia recently. Being our next door neighbouring country, Angeline is also experiencing her share of rain. Balbir however in Arizona is having a freeze!

It's funny how rain can make you feel different things depending on where you are and what you are or intend to do.

When I was in US in December, I got to experience snow. While people living there already thought it common, I found playing in the snow and stepping on snowflakes that just touched the ground quite fun.

The ice however was something else to talk about....it was slippery and dangerous and invisible!

But I reckon, rain and show aside, it is more the cool temperature that creates quite a difference in our emotions.

Imagine taking long walks and never sweating! Buying a hot chocolate on the sidewalk and letting it warm your entire body!

Somehow buying an ice cream on a hot day cannot compare!

And I used to envy the houses in US that could have wooden flooring due to the low humidity. And the fireplaces really sparks up a romantic atmosphere. And a chimney for St. Claus!

Sometimes I wish I could have US's climate but maybe without the ice!


4malmal said...

I love wooden house with a chimney and falling snow...but it will be damn freaking cold and a lot of work to gather and prepare the wood during warmer days! Then again, it's good to have 4 seasons...some people can't imagine living in a country with same weather the whole year through! Still, I miss the heat in Singapore!

Angeline said...

What a lucky girl you are!!!
(to me, everyone who have touched snow are lucky, 'cos I haven't got my chance yet. *pout*)

*Thanks for the little mention. *wink*

andrewjune said...

oh no Ann...i can't stand the cold...even as much as i HATE the heat, i still prefer hot than cold...oooppsss!

Moomykin said...

My boys, especially Micah, is also dreaming of playing in the snow, after some shows he'd seen, But I have to keep reminding him that it'll be very cold.

He is one child who can't stand cold. We turn the air-con off about 2am, and if it's a rainy day he'd be wailing that he's cold...