Sunday, March 15, 2009

If you are happy....and can't live without-s

Antics of Christopher....

Things I cannot live without....

My afternoon tea delight! I bought this at Tropicana Mall (the latest mall in PJ) costing RM10 for 7 pieces. This is my first time eating a durian egg tart! But I reckon the "Kam Heong" puff was the best, most unusual of the mix!

*Kam Heong is a chinese cooking method of stir frying with dried chilli! This kam heong puff had meat and prawns.


The holder actually comes with the Magiclean dry wipes. I bought the micro fibre blue cloth from Daiso (the latest RM5 shop in Ikano). And it fitted on perfectly on the Magiclean holder.

This device has cut down my cleaning time to 40 minutes. And there is no need for me to do a room twice - sweeping and mopping! Though alot of hand muscles are required to push the wet micro firbre fore-warned!



Hi Ann. Never seen this magicleen thing. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if you mind sharing pics of your kitchen and other woodworks that Mr Lai has done for you? Or do you think he would have some pics of all his previous projects in his laptop? Is he a young or old or modern or old-fashioned contractor ar? Pls email if you wish.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ann, you sure have an interesting day, ha ha.
And your kid looks cute, love the pic of his grape in mouth, ha ha. Lee.

Baby Darren said...

Boy boy seems to enjoy doing song action a lot huh?? He looked so cute in his romper.

Angeline said...

*laugh* should show him in motion!!!
must be really cute.

I love magiclean too, they are really good stuff.

Kam Heong...hmmm... haven't tried before....

Ann said...

Joanna - will def email you!

Uncle Lee - yeah, you can see the BULGE on one side!

Darren's mum - yeah, he has alot of those!

Angeline - the moment I put my camera on video mode shooting at him for a longer time, he will stop and come over to me! Very hard to shoot video!

andrewjune said...

wah chris is a big boy liao!
so smart can stamp on his feet to that song...i'm still teaching rachael that :-)

wah your aft tea break sure looks very tempting!

Moomykin said...

You boyboy is so cute!
Been quite a while since we saw him. Must catch him in action some time.