Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cooking with Sauces gone mad!

Since I moved in, I have rekindled my passion for cooking.
In fact rekindled would be a mild word to use!
I am dying to try new recipies (easy ones lah!)
and new sauces to spice up hubby's meals!
So, ransacked my inlaws sauce cabinet that day. They had :
1) Fish sauce (imported from Thailand)
2) Shaoxing wine
3) Black rice vinegar (of course!)
4) Dark and light soya sauce
5) LKK Hoisin sauce
6) Oyster sauce

We are talking sauces here, not other spices or any other preserved stuff...coz goodness, there are LOADS of jars and bottles in my inlaws kitchen!!

I only have dark and light soya sauce (a brand made and sold only in Ipoh), some 'tau cheong' (preserved bean paste also imported from Ipoh) and LKK black bean garlic sauce.

My dad has long banned us from buying/eating oyster sauce.
He is a chemist and has seen some poisoned 'se ham' (cockles)
used in the making of oyster sauce!
My 'nam yue' (red fermented beancurd) is all gone
and long since not replaced!
I love braised 'nam yue' pork and also 'nam yue' fried pork!
Have to get some and cook it again.
Though I am wondering if hubby will like it too,
considering its strong taste! :)
I am thinking now that I should have opened my inlaws fridge as well.
I reckon they should have 'fu yue' (fermented beancurd)
since I have eaten it before at their place.
For the curious, this 'nam yue' (left) and 'fu yue' (right) is also called pickeld tofu (by Wikipedia!).

To produce this delicacy, cubes of dried tofu are allowed to fully air-dry under hay and slowly ferment from aerial bacteria and fungal spores.
The dry fermented tofu is then soaked in brine, typically enhanced with Chinese rice wine, vinegar, chili peppers or sesame oil, or a paste made of rice and soybeans. In the case of red pickled tofu ("nam yue"), red yeast rice(cultivated with Monascus purpureus) is added for color.

So, now we know. Still want to eat ah? :)
Actually Chinese sauces are mainly preserved and fermented stuff!!!

So, in my quest for sauces,
I took a special trip to the best Coldstorage in town!
(Hai, Tesco tadah (no) stock to cuci mata (feast my eyes) !)


There were many brands but the array of LKK caught my attention.
Wah....salivating! But not cheap...
Each bottle depending costing a minimum of RM 6+.

Now I am thinking which to buy (first) and try.
Wanted to get the char siu sauce, since we all love our char siu.
But hai, try the siu yoke first lah!!!
Don't be too ambitious and burn the toaster!
Also, thinking I should get a sauce that is more versatile!
Then I saw the Spicy Bean sauce!
Wah....can cook my favourtie Mar Pou tofu!!!
Going crazy over sauces, crazy or not?

How many LKK sauces do you have? Or what brand of sauces do you use? What sauce do you use frequently?


Sasha said...

just buy all la.. can keep ma.. hehehe then u can explore all u want!

Ponytail said...

Oops! I used oyster sauce quite frequently....yikes, poison cockles...really ka!??

I use the LKK char siu sauce and hoi sin sauce too. I usually mix them with some other flavouring and marinate my meats overnite with it. Tastes good whether grilled or oven baked.

4malmal said...

I only have fish sauce, light sauce, dark sauce and oyster sauce...now I will think twice abt oyster suace.

Jaanvi said...

Thanks goodness, I don't use oyster sauce.. you start buying sauces one by one and we will be ready to see those preparations... :)

HI said...

Hehe...the only sauce I use is the ma po sauce from Lee Kum Kee. :)

Yuk about the oyster sauce, I never knew that. I better get rid of my oyster sauce, though I don't use it that often.

mommy to chumsy said...

i don't have any LKK sauce. Hey, since you can't/don't use oyster sauce, what do you use instead? Vegetarian oyster sauce is ok or not?

Ann said...

I think alot of people use oyster sauce. Didn't mean to make all of you feel yucky....perhaps which brand you buy really matters! If you visit the LKK homepage, you will see that they have a slideshow on how they make oyster sauce. I guess they too must have heard the 'issues' surrounding oyster sauce making! So...go for a brand that is good...I guess it should be fine!

Umm...cooking vege, I use the Knows chicken/ikan bilis stock....God only knows if that is the better alternative!

LittleLamb said...

buy all as it can be kept.
latest sauce i used from LKK was the char siew sauce . work wonders

for cooking vege, n with kid around, i use soya sauce (braggs liquid aminos) + salt. that's all.

Julie said...

I always make sure that I have oyster sauce, tau cheong and pickeld tofu in my fridge.


So now I think it is best to stick to "vegetarian" osyster sauce kua ... well, I dont have a single bottle yet which I can call my own. Have to wait till I have my own kitchen .. then I'll go crazy just like you.