Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I had a minor heart attack this morning !

I got stopped by the police!

And they didn't just do the routine torch light over and within my car and let me go. They actually STOPPED me and asked me to wind down!

And S*** my window doens't work you know!
So, I had to open my door. (so dangerous!)

THey looked at my road tax. Then they asked me if my driver's license was "still laku". I remember very clearly it was. But I was already a bit anxious.

I opened my wallet and S*** my renewed license wasn't there! Only the original one with my photo on it!!!

(For your info, the original license is the only one with photo. When we renew our license, we don't need to provide another photo. So, the new one will contain the latest updated dates. And we still have to keep the old one for the sake of the photo.)

I guessed I must have taken it out when I went to pick up boyboy that day. S*** where did I put it then?

By now, there were 2 cars behind me and the policemen requested I park at the side.

S***....why must this happen to me! I watched the other 2 cars move on without any problems.

S*** ! Why did I come out of the house so early.....S***

I practically threw everything out from my bag....hoping that perhaps I had just threw my license into the bag (and not put it back properly in my wallet)! S***....what to do? what to do?

Wanted to call hubby to come rescue me! It was 6.03 am!

I looked back at the policemen watching me.

"Sudah renew encik. Tapi says ambil keluar hari itu masa saya nak ambil anak. Lupa letak balik. Sudah renew encik...sampai tahum 2011."

He gave me a 'scan-over'. Thank God the baby car seat was in the car. Made my story more believable (even though it is true!).

He let me go....with a STERN warning!

S***...I was trembling so much I had to think which to do first....release the brake or put to gear! (Must so get an auto car!)

And the whole journey I was thinking and thinking where in the world could my license be? Don't remember it lying around anywhere in all the usual places in the house. S***, S***, S*** !!!

Hmm....maybe I put in boyboy's bag when I went to pick him up. Yes....must be there.

I reached office.

I took out my wallet again and pulled out the license with the photo!
S*** (in capital letters!), the end date was 2011 !!!

Oh yeah.....the last time someone snatched my wallet, I had to make a new license. And thus the new license with my photo was the only one I had.

So silly huh! All the cold sweat for nothing!

And then I also realised one thing. The police men that stopped me were dressed in dark blue!


Something About Us said...

wah! so scary...if I were you, I also will be frightened because hubby is not by the side.

mumsgather said...

Aiyoyo. I'm also sweating reading this. :)

HI said...

Aiyoh, you gave me a heart attack just by my reading your title!

Eh, what's the significance of dark blue uniform?

mommy to chumsy said... full of suspense. Thank God all is well :D dunno why we feel so scared when stopped by those men in the uniform..eventhough we didn't do anything wrong eh?


When in mode of panic, sure everything also cannot find. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Yeah, whats the thing with dark blue? Usually its the white guys right?

Cuddly Family said...

haha Anne.. dramanya..

these guys are just trying to find reasons to "tangkap" you or pay. Insist on asking why u were stopped and have you broken the law in anyway. if yes, please summon me if not let me go.

Ann said...

I remembered once hubby told me which policemen can write summon and which can't. At first I thought only those in white can write summon cos they are the traffic police. The ones in blue are more on crime etc. Seems there is an operation to catch criminals/Mat Rempits etc. in full force now. And for them to block just outside my housing area....doesn't give me much comfort at ALL!!!

andrewjune said...

a lil bit dangerous if you just open your door...better fix your window soon!

yeah everytime the police men stopped me, i always get panicky too!

A gift from God said...

Ah... sounds scary..but then again.. why fear them when you have done no wrong? worse comes to worse call hubby to find your documents or ask them to use the mykad reader to read your mykad. Your driving license details are in there!

LittleLamb said...

i was slapped with a speeding summon on tuesday :( scary.. i thought the police stopped me for not wearing the belt.. but because of speeding :(

*sigh sigh sigh*

btw, is ur mykad link to ur license? cos i gave my mykad to the police the other day.

Merryn said...

da very one reason i DONT drive is becoz of all this! hahahaha..i'll die even before i open the door!

Mummy Moon said...

huh, me also so takut when the police tahan me...

Baby Darren said...

wah...luckily they did not summon you la..if not..not worthla..

btw, thanks for posting up this post coz u just reminded me to renew my driving license which is going to expire in 2 more days...(sweat sweat on my side too)....

Moomykin said...

Phew.I think we Malaysians have mostly been threatened by our parents to be afraid of the police from young, i.e. "Don't do as I say, I will call the police." So terrible. So now we all shiver under our skin when we get stopped by them.

Btw, There has already been 2 occasions I drove for months after my driving license expired, and by some need of filling a form only then I noticed the expired date. 5 years is a long time to make a date with JPJ. Hahaha...

Angeline said...

*huge laugh* the ending was so funny!!!
ok, got lots of things to clarify in the post.
1- what were that full sentence in Malay? What does it mean? I only know a few words... like sudah, encik, tapi, saya, keluar, balik... but I don't know the whole meaning...

what did you say?

2-what's with the dark blue? Special? more superior?

Ann said...

June - yeah....but well, hopefully my new car is coming...procratinating on that!

Gift from God - yeah, thought about both the calling hubby and also the Mykad....but still scary!!! :)

Little Lamb - you are too naughty...speeding without a seat belt? Tsk tsk...:)

Merryn - hahahaha....if you die before you open the door, maybe you will scare THEM instead!

Mummy Moon - trouble also they can FIND trouble to give you! :(

Baby Darren - yeah, better faster go renew!!! OPERASI going on now a days!

Kin - I think also partly the 'reputation' of the police! But really....seldom are we REALLY stopped and license checked...usually they just wave us off...

Angeline - I was saying " I already renewed, sir. But that day I took it out when I went to pick up my son. Forgot to put it back. Already renewed sir...until year 2011"....the blue is usually to catch criminals....I must look like one! :(

reanaclaire said...

hey..the police didnt see yr expiry date meh? they "har" u la... bully u.. they should hv checked the date .. anyway, for yr info, the dark blues policemen cannot write summon one..they write down in notebooks only.. if they want to write, let them write..
that was what i did last time
they asked me wanna pay RM300 summon or not..i said ok, what to do...
then they let me go...cos they know they hv nothing to write on..
perhaps they wan me to ask "can help or not" but i didnt...

Sasha said...

u know ah.. last time i used to stay near you and there used to be so many dark blue cops there. They are not even cops okay, remember that. They like to hide in bushes and all to catch ppl that jumped traffic light and all to get kopi money. Last time when I was preggie with Jayden, they chase after me cos i ran through traffic light and when they saw i was pregnant and i said *cough cough* i sakit perut, they say OKAY JALAN! I jalan la... *wink* I don't know why that area so many of the dark blur uniform cops u know. I don't see in other places.