Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If you are looking, look for 3.14

Have you read this book - "The Life of Pi"?

He has a way of writing such that the complacent eye connects to the brain, straight down to the heart.

Such that all your senses come alive to the meaning of it.

And all this in one sentence of two.

Have you read this book - "The Life of Pi"?

You may start seeing a zoo differently.
You could even see religion differently, if you haven't yet.
And you definitely will look at the sea in a 4 dimensional way!

Have you read this book - "The Life of Pi"?

If you haven't. Read it. It could change your habits forever.


simon said...

glad u enjoyed, i certainly did. but maybe not 'will make you believe in God'... :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ann, I must check it out.
Never heard before.
How you doin'?
Best regards, Lee.

Angeline said...

You really make it sound like a "must have" thing!
Now you've got my attention.

mommy to chumsy said... i haven't. will check it out since you recommended it :D

Moomykin said...

Wow. Your book review makes me want to go get it NOW! hahaha...

But it'll actually have to wait. can't even get started on a book my sis lent me a week ago.

Sasha said...

aiyoh i cannot read books, normally they look at me looking at them blankly. Maybe i should try and read this book