Thursday, April 16, 2009

A minute of madness

Which nursery should I send boyboy to?
Have to go and visit the 2 near office. is dearie going to manage?
How to send 2 to 2 different areas?
If we choose the nearer to office one, have to drop off the 2nd first.
Sigh....don't be so presumptious you will have 2nd.
So when drop off 2nd, boyboy stay in the car?
If I manage to get that aunty in Section 17, dearie will kill me I think.
Have to detour so much.
Can dearie handle dropping off 2?
If I don't go to work so early and help him....
Sigh...don't want to over use leniency.
Maybe I can send one.
But how to get a kid up by 6 am?
Can I wash them up in office?
Hai...maybe don't want #2 already lah!
Don't think, don't think....
God will take care of things when the time comes.
Go to sleep....
11.30 already. Tommorrow have to wake up early still.


reanaclaire said...

dear Ann,
these are the joys and the challenges faced by a mum since the day she has a child... :)

take care.. yes, God will take care when we lay upon our cares on Him..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ann, you just take it easy....relax, have a cup of tea, then figure out the best way.
I'm sure you'll find the right and safe way.
Your kids depends on you....
Best regards, Lee.


Well Ann, for me, I have decided to stop at 1. The only person I trust to take care of my lil one is my mom and she is getting old. I dont wanna burden her to much. I am afraid of sending the 2nd one (if I wanted to have) to the nanny or day care since he/she cant speak and wont be able to tell me if she is being tortured/loved, etc. So one is good enough for me. Good luck to you whatever your plans are but yeah, dont worry, cross the bridge when you're there I guess.

Or Im guessing your preggy now? Is it? Is it?

Jaanvi said...

Hey C'mon

Take it easy.. I am sure you will manage, but is the good news on the way??? :)

Angeline said...

Oh girl, many say, its always good to think in advance, make plans first before it happens.
But when life is so unpredictable, don't think too much, too soon. When the time really come, things will just roll into place.

Julie said...

I hear you. Can each of you take care of one each? Maybe you can take charge of #2 as babies normally just sleep thru while you carry him to the car. He/She may still be sleeping when reaching the nanny's place.

At the end of the day, pray hard for wisdom to plan and manage it.

Btw, when you planning for #2?

LittleLamb said...

har? u got #2 dy???
no worries la. i m sure everything will be sorted out accordingly. its just a routine..

mommy to chumsy said... are funny. so fast think of No. 2 already? The Chinese always say - "When the ship arrives at the port, it will straighten by itself". Errr...not sure if that's how it sounds like in English :D

andrewjune said...


mumsgather said...

Hahaha. Yah, don't think so much lar.

Moomykin said...

Our minds always work OT and no OT pay, ya?
hahaha... That's the "price" of motherhood and being a spouse.

Take care, my dear.

Hoping to hear some good news announced soon.