Sunday, April 5, 2009

Near and Fore Sights

If only I had a camera to capture the moments....but it is caught only in my mind and now into words!

Near Sight 1
We went to Chili's for dinner Saturday night. Something of an extravagance, but hubby was stressed out and nothing like good food to cheer the soul!
So, we ordered boyboy's free meal - decided to go for the chicken nuggets and fries...yes, I am guilty of letting my 18mth old eat fries.
The minute he saw me push the meal to him, he grabbed the basket with two hands, and 2 little fists grabbed at the fries.....
It was a long time since hubby and I had an uninterrupted meal without having to bother much about boyboy except to tell him to slow down and give him sips of water in between!
He ate it all up but a few more pieces of chicken that I had de-battered and cut up into bite-size pieces.
He can really really eat....and he wants more flavourful food now! Sigh...

Near Sight 2
Hubby had classes the weekend so I spent a good time with boyboy alone. I have the habit of counting everytime I go up and down the stairs with him now. Over the weekend, he counted with me - 2 times - but starting from six, seven, eight, nine and TEN!
The 10 little indian boys and tickling at 10 games sure came into handy!

Near Sight 3
On Sunday afternoon, after doing almost everything that needs to be done, including getting boyboy down and up with his afternoon nap, I started to feel a bit droopy eyed.
So, I told Christopher that mummy is very tired and would like to take a nap. He allowed me to take him upstairs again and allowed me to lie down.
I think I slept coz the next time I opened my eyes, I saw him quietly lying there AWAKE and playing with his teddie. The minute he saw my eyes open, he smiled at me. When I closed my eyes again, he looked at me and waited...coz when I opened my eyes next, he was looking intently at me.
This time he sat up straight away and took hold of my hand indicating he wants to go out. That's all the sleeping time I get!
When I went down, I realised I had slept a good 30 minutes! How considerate of him! :)

Foresight 1
At 1 U on Saturday, Chicco had set up a small playland. of course hubby wanted to let boyboy play and of course I wanted to move on. But of course boyboy steered in that direction and of course I wearing sandals and not rubbershoes had to go in with him. I saw first hand how boyboy would react when playing with other kids. He is not that aggresive. In fact he would watch how they play and attempt the same when they leave.

There was a semi circle playhouse which he thought cute coz kids could go in and sit down and look out the window. When the bigger kids left the abode, he attempted to open the door to go in. His cautious nature made him peer inside first deciding if he should go in. As he moved in, a bigger girl closed the door. At once, like a bolt of lightning, he looked at her and 'scolded' her for closing the door...quickly opening it to come out! He must have thought it scary being inside alone.

Another time, he was playing and a bigger girl knocked him down. He fell with a bump on his head. The older girl came over wanting to say sorry and sayang him back. But he was crying so I told the girl to continue playing, he is ok. But later she tried again to say sorry to him when he was alone. son scolded her and tried to hit her! Talk about bearing grudges!

There were some funny, sweet, frowning moments....will this be how it is at nursery?

Near Sight requiring Foresight 1
Sometimes Christopher does silly anitcs and somtimes he babbles nonsensical sounds. Aunties and some uncles laugh at him sometimes. Sometimes I catch him laughing with them, especially with the antics. But when the laugh at his babbling, sometimes I catch him looking at them wodnering why they are laughing at what he is saying. Serious business you know, he appears to be proclaiming. My instincts started ringing warning signals. Now I am wondering if I should take it seriously....

Near Sight requiring Foresight 2
Christopher is talking ALOT language, you know. Funnily he seems to be more exercising his tongue the way he moves it around and in and out when he babbles. Did your kids do that? I am thinking how do I move him on from baby language to proper words?


Angeline said...

snippets of all the lovely moments in growing up with your child.... this is so good to read, its hard not to smile when I read stuff like these....

as for the speech thing... oh... it comes pretty naturally... so don't need to 'purposely' get to that stage, when he is ready, you'll know. *wink*

reanaclaire said...

parent's task will never ends.. haha.. either this or that.. when they r growing and when they r grown up, we as parents still worry and fret over them.... but it is a great pleasure to be with them and see them growing each day...

mommy to chumsy said...

ahhh..good that christopher loves to eat eh? :D if you would like to move him from baby language to words, you could try asking him to repeat words after you or use flash cards ;) I regret not teaching ashley words when she was younger. Speech wise, she is still not good at it.

HI said...

Oh, how good Christopher is to let you nap for 30 minutes!! Now if only he could teach that to Olivia. :)

andrewjune said...

rachael loves to babble as well..A LOT! i thk it's pretty normal at this stage for them to babble?

hey, thks for giving me the idea of the lil indian song when going up/down from stairs...will do so with rachael! a brilliant idea...!

and such a good boy chris is! allowing mummy to hv a 30 mins!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ann, nothing like having your sense of humour with you.
We have to look at life and smile, or else we go nuts, ha ha.
You have fun and keep well,Lee.


Oh, I fed Bryan with fries too when we went to Nando's two weeks ago and yeah he loves it too! It shd be ok since its an occasional treat ya?

My friends once told me never to baby talk (although I admit I did a little). Just speak as normal as possible with simple vocab and although they cant speak now, you'd be surprised he would suddently burst out those words one by one. You just wait and see .. he surely will.

Baby Darren said...

he is indeed one cute little boy. Can even scold the big girl that pushed him, don't play play...ur boy won't get bullied so easily next time..

And he let u napped for 30mins??? Such a good boy and got to be really careful that he did not wander off himself and play with dangerous thing in the room...

LittleLamb said...

i must make it a point for philip n Christopher to meet

Ann said...

Dear mummies...yeah, I was so surprised that I had that long a nap....but you know he had his teddie and no one breathing down his back about his thumb sucking!

As for the are all right of course, having come before me....have to just give him time for the words to come out!