Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some weekend outings

I love to cook.
But I also love my escape of eating out when the weekend comes!

Hubby and I are quite conscious when it comes to eating out. The $ that we pay must somewhat = the nutritional value = the full feeling = satisfaction level.

We have been to this place before. It is a place in Kota Damansara, nest to H&H, facing The Strand. If fact this place is one place that hubby and I will go to when we want a more wholesome meal!

Because they claim "Guarantee NO MSG" !
The more discerning in taste has to go and let me know if this statement is really true.

A meal like this set us back about RM32 but we were totally satisfied with the meal. Somewhat like a home cooked meal in simplicity and that full satisfying feeling.

We paid a similar amount one day when we went ate Western. But really, Western cooking in Malaysia amounts to ....standard tastes (BBQ or black pepper or mushroom), oozing oil (if fish and chips or chicken chop stands alone) and a feeling of fullness because of. Please I stand corrected if you have any place to recommend that is $ tolerable.

Kota Damansara also has Giant.

And recently, in a bout of wanting to use up all the energy boyboy was having from all the rice he ate at the previous establishment, I allowed him some playtime.

OK, truth be told, it was THAT empty and that was the only reason I allowed him in! I am always afraid the endless drool from his pork laden mouth will yield me a telling-off one day (as you can see, the majority of folks that visit this area!).
And I was surprised to know that the rides were all free! Sponsored by Giant so that dads can sit while mums shop?

So we indulged boyboy in a few. He was not too interested in the first you can see from the pic on the left top. Why?

He was more interested in the steering wheel in whatever creature it was on the left of him! Steering wheels = power = vrrooomm vrrooommm! More sound effect from daddy and mummy to accompany him!

And another thing for the weekend is I am now "Mama" and milkmilk is "nan nan". 2 words I was trying to avoid him using! But well....different words are better than no words at all!


simon said...

i know this place, its pretty packed during lunch on weekdays.

Jaanvi said...

Wow! the meal looks tasty... Ya it is always good to go to a place that you feel comfortable in and also the experience needs to be worth spending the money.

Sasha said...

oh yeah that play area is HUGE!!!!!

LittleLamb said...

why want to avoid him using the words Mama and nan nan? Mama is so sweet...:)

Ann said...

Simon - I am glad to know....coz in the evenings, I would sometimes wonder how long they will survive! And I so don't want them to die!

Jaanvi - yes....boyboy is typical Chinese..loves a good meal with rice! And we reckon it is more filling for him too!

Sasha - yes it is!

Littlelamb - coz then it will be confusing when my MIL thinks he is calling her! Nan nan sounds a bit crude to me....esp earlier when I was BF him.

Angeline said...

What?! Rides are all FREE!!!
hUMPH! how come we don't have such perks by Giant here... *pout*
You lucky girl and lucky boyboy....

mommy to chumsy said...

oh i think i've seen this claypot place before. must give it a try one of these days..but i do dread going to that area because of the traffic jam :( The last time i was there, we visited the new Giant too. Like the mall because it's new and clean :D Ashley wanted to go on the slide but I didn't allow cos we were running out of time...hehehe

Julie said...

The Giant at my place provides free playground with free rides too. But hardly can get to sit those rides coz the kids will occupy it for hours since it's free. Unless I go there really late or really early or show my pitty face with Jonathan in my hands while waiting beside the rides. :P