Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something old, yet new

Something old?
A, B, Cs....etc.
Peter and Jane
Whole Word Approach
Flash cards
Learning Charts

Something new?

The whole thing about this learning process is that it takes so much effort. So much more for me becuase that little rascal of mine can never sit still for more than 2 minutes!

Christopher learns very quickly through action becuase action is what he likes to do.

He next easiest method of learning (and for me teaching) is through pictorial. They are bright and colourful and come with sounds emitting from mummy (if they are animals), touch and feel of a real thing (if they are food/objects and mummy can find them) or enthusiastic "mum-mum" sounds and taste (if they are fruit/food).

So, the 4-5 charts on our kitchen wall is Christopher and my favourite place where he will pull me down and ask me to "sit" (on the floor) where I will go "Where is the biscuit?" and he will show me, "Where is the giraffe?" and he will show me....all this while with a 'smart-ass' "THERE!!!". And if I am lucky, he will show me some numbers too!

But he hasn't really mastered or learnt the 'word'...or in fact his ABCs.

Upon realisation, I decided to make him some flashcards. Reading the Glenn Doman book, it was suggested that we start with words like Mummy and Daddy. Words that he can associate with the object.

So, I did. And that didn't fare too well becuase he literally REFUSES to say the word. Although if I ask him, where is the word Daddy, he can actually bring the card to me. Sigh.....

And all this while, I have also let him watch Starfall as and when I can. His attention span lasts maybe 2-3 alphabets before he starts wandering around. His current favourtie is the letter "T" especially when they start counting to ten.

I am glad he seems to quite like numbers.

So....why have I brought this all up?

Christopher is starting nursery (will blog more about this later) in June.
A ltitle early I know......but it is the start of a new semester and a new class in the nursery we found.
And there will not be anymore toddlers at the Baby Centre to keep him company. So, we decided better early than next year....

(He is going backwards now I feel....as in crawling and all that....you know the age of imitation....and who else to imitate but the many many babies he sees everyday there!)

And the principal has told me that the first thing they will need to learn is their ABC. Only once they know their ABC will they go on to reading.....
Of course they will also introduce phonetics from the start.
Sigh.....I can very well leave it to them to teach him.....but as a mum, I know I shouldn't waste one precious day of learning for Christopher.

Have created some colourful ABC charts and ABC flashcards (again).
Going to keep up with the Starfall every night for 15-20 minutes.
The principal also recommeded a book and CD - Ants on the Apple. RM29.90 from MPH. Bangsar Village just ordered some 43 books in April. THe other PJ MPHs are out of stock!

So, to all mommies out there who are still teaching their kids, keep it up! I know despite anything, I will also have to keep it up and walk around with Christopher teaching him whenever I can, however I can, in whatever form or way.

By the way, he loved the Ants on the Apple book and the catchy tune!



Im in the same situation as you but i aint that hard-working lar. Everyday come back already half dead! I salute you. Keep up the good work.

andrewjune said...

Ann, every kids hv diff developments...dont put so much pressure on them or yourself! let them hv fun as well :-)

hey i just recently joined MPH's Kidz Club and this entitled me to buy ALL children's books at 10% discount! ain't that cool! yeah i've seen that Ants on the Apple book...mite grab that later!

well rachael can't seem to recognise the numbers or alphabets yet...she just love looking at books with lots of colorful photos...

yay! i'm sure chris will hv lots of fun at the nursery cos there's other kids! and yes, kids love to imitate other kids!

Merryn said...

wow.. u r really a hard working mom!!!

hissychick said...

Wow..so much pressure on you and your boy!

There is plenty of time for formal learning.....Chris is learning so much every day through play and everyday interactions :)

LittleLamb said...

Chris going to school ....
ya...different kids, different learning curves. i hope he likes his new school soon.

Jaanvi said...

Great work...
I am not as patient as you are... my boy also runs away when I try and tell him anything...

Julie said...

Same here with Jonathan. Can't sit still for me to read the whole nursery ryhme. He learns through action and songs quicker than reading.

I bought him alphabets magnet so that he can play and learn ABC but he is not interested at all. There goes my investment.

When I showed him flashcards, he tend to snatch from me and bends it. Heartache...I quickly grab it back from him.

He surely will pick up a lot when in nursery especially the art of sharing and socializing.

mommy to chumsy said...

ooo..how old is your little one? don't pressure him so much. i know, sometimes it's hard not to be anxious eh..especially when you see/read abt other kids' progress. *sigh*

i'm very "kan cheong" about ashley too so i started flashing cards to her when she was a few months old. Then i stopped and went on to baby books. she liked them because they are colourful :) i didn't teach her any words until just a few months ago, before she starts kindy :)

Ann said...

:) thanks for sharing. Actually I am not that anxious at all....just exploring all ways to teach Christopher.

Sigh....what else can you do to entertain a 19 mth old otherwise??

And I love craft work....so even though Christopher doesn't learn, I enjoy doing it either way.

Julie, Jaanvi, Family First...I hear you. We are all in the same boat.

Julie, my alphabet magnets have been thrown on the floor and I reckon some are under the fridge!!! :)

Angeline said...

this is what I am learning everyday from Keatkeat, who is way behind what he should or could do at his age: -
when the string is let loose the child grows.