Tuesday, April 21, 2009


How many kind of spoons are there?

A Tablespoon is actually a large spoon used for serving. The tablespoon used as cutlery is supposedly slightly smaller.

A tablespoonful is approximately 3 teaspoonful. In US it is half a fl. oz. or 1 and 1 sixth of a cup. In Australia is it about 20 ml or two thirds of a fl.oz.

It is never really ever indicated if a spoonful should be a level or rounded. Because you know a rounded spoonful is about 2 times a level spoonful.

If the food is great, I guess a rounded spoonful is due for. And if it is sugar, the health would put in a level spoonful!

Then we have the teaspoon. This is a small spoon used to drink tea (whatelse you know!) and coffee. Coz heaven forbid a coffee spoon is just too small to spoon that heavenly beverage in your mouth when it is steaming hot!

The coffee spoon is really a smaller version of the teaspoon, no joke!

And one teaspoon is supposed (not supposedly) to be 5 ml! Quick mummies, check if you are using the right spoon with the right dosage when spooning medicine for your kids!

And did you know, in recipies, when they call for a teaspoon, they usually mean a level spoonful! And a dash is like a quarter of a teaspoon!

Now we know ya!

So, what about ice cream? Do you eat ice cream with a teaspoon or (truth be told) a tablespoon?

Heavens! No no no!

You either use an iced tea spoon (a tea spoon with a longer handle) or the glorious dessert spoon!

Did you know a dessert spoon is one utencil specifically designed to spoon that yummy goodness in our mouths? It is also used to spoon cereal....and that should be yummy too right?

And...a desert spoon is said to be 2 times a teaspoon or 10 ml.

And then there is the soup spoon.

There are actually TWO kinds of soup spoons. The Western soup spoon is somewhat like the dessert spoon. And then we also have the distinct Chinese ceramic soup spoon. And it seems logically designed considering the richness and the liquidity of these two soups!

Of course there are other spoons - the orange spoon (not becuase it is orange in colour), the bar spoon (5ml spoon for those alcoholic **ness), egg spoon, salt spoon, sugar spoon etc. and the most common of all plastic spoon! :)

So, do you recognise your spoons? Try naming these from left to right!

Answers found in the Comments section!


Merryn said...

i recognise that some of them are not spoons but knives or forks?! ;P i failed my table etiquette test.. so..

Techcrazee said...

Oh Ann.... you are giving me a headache with the cutlery lesson :( I would normally just use whatever is available and shove it in my BIG mouth :) .... that's life!!!

andrewjune said...

errrr...so which is which? hahaha...

Moomykin said...

Eh? Where's the answer-le?

Do you eat an orange with a spoon?

My favourite is the ice tea spoon.

Angeline said...

Ok out of the 14 utensils, there are 3 I don't know.
But WHERE ARE THE ANSWERS?? you said in comments section... where????

Ann said...

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Carlie Osborne said...

What is a dinner spoon? Where would it fit in your picture as far as the size?