Monday, April 13, 2009

Updates on some decisions

Updates on the car:

Hubby found a potential buyer for my car. According to him, buyers would usually offer a higher price than if I were to trade in. Hubby also found me an agent to take care of the Myvi purchase. Some perks and savings thrown in! Expected monthly repayment of RM500/month for 5 years @ 3.65%!

I feel broke already!

Updates on the sauces:

Bought the LKK char siew sauce. Bought some pork with some fat. Will most probably try making char siew this week. And will remember to take some pics of it IF it turns out well! :)

Also started on my "siu yoke" (roasted pork) yesterday! They never did mention how much 5 spice to I am wondering if I did it right now. AND....sigh....the piece of pork my MIL bought for me was not as nice as expected (as in the skin and the meat were 'detached' in most places). So, it was VERY hard to get the vinegar on JUST the skin! Any tips for me? What if the meat gets the vinegar too?

Updates on some Saturday morning experiments:

1) Pancakes
  • Some with mashed banana - boyboy loved!
  • Some with mashed strawberries - not too nice! I think I put in too much strawberries and they were quite sour. Should have added some icing sugar.
  • Some plain - nothing like these with maple syrup!
2) My steamed raisin cake - puuhhhed out by boyboy. Baked version no pic!

3) Fried spaghetti - this one boyboy loved! He loves salty food, he loves noodles!

This coming Sat?

4) French toast......IF I remember to get the bread! :)

Updates on Investment:

Did any of you invest in the new scheme by BNM? 5% for 3 years, min 1 K. If you haven't and want to, be quick! First come, first serve!


Baby Darren said...

good try...I hope the roast pork and char siew turned out nice....

And yeah...soon u have a new car to drive....hey car also same model and same age as urs leh....and also started giving problem but I also refuse to sell it off because of sentimental value (my first car).

Myvi is definitely a nice car...

Cecilia said...

Hi Ann
To get crispy skin on the siu yoke, prick the skin with a fork. The more 'holes' that you get the more crispy it will be. Then just rub salt on it and hang it in the oven to roast. Once the meat is cooked, remove the hooks and place it skin side up to brown the skin. I have never used vinegar when roasting siu yoke. Happy cooking.

Angeline said...

Ok, so much to say (as usual), one by one...
Ohhh... the feel broke feeling, I know I know....

no wonder no photos on the siu yok.

I just ate steamed raisin cake this morning after not tasting it for more than 25 years!!!

YOur spaghetti reminds me of mee goreng... its a complement, ok?!


OMG .. you are at char siew & siew yoke stage now .. how shall I catch up? No new house yet and no new oven yet . sigh!

Any more tips on investment? I thot the response to this one was lukewarm ... no?

Ann said...

BabyDarren - truth be told, I don't want to sell it too....but scared later too many problems especialy when I will be dealing with the picking up of boyboy more often soon!

Cecilia - and I guess you didn't have to wait for 4D either!!! sigh....can't wait to get that piece of meat into the oven!

Angeline - yeah, hubby also said my fried spaghetti looks like a healthy mee goreng! :)

Family First....the Maybank downstairs my office building, ppl start queuing at 8.30 am! although not that much higher, still better than FD! and believe me, I think I will slow down soon...running out of ideas! And you still catch up so quickly, I will be surfing your blog for recipies instead!

mommy to chumsy said...

i wanna get a car too but can't afford rm500 since i'm not working *sob*

The food looks yummy :D You are so hardworking..making siew yoke and cakes :D I heard about the investment today in the newspaper. Will check it out soon :)

LittleLamb said...

for the char siew, hope u have some honey at home too..u will need that..

for the siu york, just rub in the 5 spice. no worries on the vinegar getting to the meat as the skin is thick. well, mine was. i had hard time to poke to skin ok..

oh..why ur car installment interest so high???? most companies givng 0-2.5% only wor..

LittleLamb said...

oh try allianz or great eastern... they have a great scheme now .. 8% for 5 yrs

Jaanvi said...

Well I never cook pork so can't be of much help to you... but nice combinations for pancakes.. I must also try..

andrewjune said...

wow! lately you've been cooking a lot!
i'm still one lazy mummy who only likes cooking soup! hahaha...

it's always nice to eat home cook food esp prepared by ourselves!

heard about BNM but the crowd must be crazy i thk!

good luck on your french toast!

Ann said...

Mommy to Chumsy - but SAHM really good....invest in the life of your kid. Better returns!

littlelamb - I literally butchered the poor meat! Maybe that helped as well to make it crispy!! And I didn't put honey on the char siew...too lazy to buy and nothing else better to cook. Maybe that was why it was a bit too salty! hahaha....

Little Lamb - Oh the car loan so low wan ah.....I didn't really bother much...thanks for the info. And will def check out Allianz since I have an agent there to assist!

Jaanvi - whatever you do, don't try the strawberry one! It SUCKED! hahaha...

June - exciting with all the new kitchen and appliances....though the new recipies will be ending soon since I only go for the easy ones!!!But really....good soup beats it all!!!