Sunday, April 19, 2009

WEekeNd MaDneSs

Well...the minute of madness is gone. It was just a minute, never in my mind for long.
But there were some madness over the weekend (the weekend is also mad with an 19 mth old toddler)!
In a moment of extravagance, hubby and I decided to bring boyboy to 1U's Kids Sports Gym. Entrance fee of RM10 - RM 0.01 per kid.
If ever you want to go there, please note everyone needs to wear socks! And they have food sold there can play a while, rest and then play again.
There were 3 sections - 2 for younger children and 1 for bigger monkeys! I confined boyboy to the 2 sections coz God knows, I will not be climbing up the bigger gym with him!!!!

Boyboy had fun. He played and ran around non stop for 1 and a half hours. It seemed like 2-3 hours to tired ol' me!

Saturday morning's experiment - French Toast - was a success.
  • Made the sweet version - eggs and icing sugar - which both my sis and hubby proclaimed was the bestest of the 3 versions!
  • The salty version had salt and pepper - I guess this tasted like omellete!!
  • Christopher's version was egg with his Mamil milk! I made a few in the shape of a star and this was what got him happily munching!
Lesson learnt - For 3 eggs, I should have cut up 3 quarts of the loaf. I only prepared half a loaf with each new bread cut up first into the star. So the rest had pretty odd shapes! Because I had so much egg left, the last remaining few looked more like omellete than french toast!

Madness continuing - I think I want to get some cookie cutters now!
I had a few friends over on Saturday. They wanted to see my new place. So, as always when it comes to what-to-prepare for them, I turned to hubby!
This was his excellent suggestion!
Really nice cool, refreshing, healthy detox drink. Not much sugar required. In fact I didn't put in any. There were 8 adults and we finished the jug - with only 2 grimacing! hahaha.....
My Shimono Multi-Function Food Processor is pretty amazing in extracting the juice. See the last pic (bottom, right)! That was all that was left of the 5 cucumbers I started with!
I also cut up some fruits.
And one of them bought me this !
It has cake baking funtionality, which got me really excited! I am looking forward to trying it out! Yummy....


LittleLamb said...

I'm glad Christopher can play on his own... Philip stuck to me like glue. I've to keep on encouraging him to play, to slide, etc... his eyes were always spying on me.. sigh..

Glad ur madness weekend turn out really good for you.

Baby Darren said...

guess what? I've the same food processor or I call it blender as urs but never realised it can be used this way...I only use it to make soya bean juice...

Glad boyboy enjoyed himself at the kids sports. It's a good and safe place for them to release all their energy and yet have fun. But I thought weekend more expensive???

andrewjune said...

wow! looks like you guys had GREAT fun over the weekend!

lil chris does looks so happy in the photo...anyway, kids always love playing!

oh my, your french toast was a sucess, wasn't it? CONGRATS! can't wait to see what r u up to wif ur new interest - baking cakes!

mommy to chumsy said...

ahhh..what a fun day for the little one. you know...i've never brought ashley to any of those kidsports places. bad mommy eh? i should try bangsar shopping mall next time. i heard they have really good play areas :D

your french toasts are making me sooooo hungry. i love eating french toasts. i'm going to make some soon :D

Angeline said...

Oh yes! The 'dead' baby sitters! Don't you just love them? *wink*

That drink!!! Never heard of it but it definitely got my saliva glands going....


Hey! Cucumber juice with asamboi! Salivating already! No need to add water when blending?

Moomykin said...

Glad you had an exciting weekend.

We would love to come visit you some time too, but later, ya?
The 2 younger boys are not well:
Max has running nose and poor Myron has blocked nose.

Jobless Girl said...

Cucumber juice, it is refreshing n taste nice when you add in Assam boi !