Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yummy! Char Siew and Siu Yoke

The results of my pork baking experiments:

The Char Siew was relatively easy. You just need enough strength to open the vacuumm tight LKK Char Siew sauce, a clean spoon to scoup out the heavy mass and enough patience to coat the entire block of meat with the sauce.

The piece of meat that I had was quite small, so I didn't bother to make any incisions etc etc.

Marinate for 2 hours and into my bread toaster for 20 minutes. Hubby finished it with a smack of the lips.....

And of course my next experiment was the Chinese Roasted Pork/"siu yoke".

The original recipie I got from Mummy Moon site. It is the usual 4D3N recipie. When I went to buy the ingredients, I saw there are 3 kinds of white rice vinegar - the synthetic kind, the kind mentioning the use of rice and the last one using glutinous rice. I bought the last kind since it was the one used in the recipie.

In my original entry, you would note that some comments mentioned it didn't work out as well as expected. Also others commented that she didn't use vinegar at all.

Curiousity got the better of me.

I found the reasons for some of the actions:
1) You put the meat in the fridge for so long partly to dry out the skin.
2) Vinegar normally 'cooks' the meat. And so I reckon putting the vinegar on the meat for 3 nights would actually mean the skin is partially 'cooked'. Thus you can imagine when it goes into the oven, the partially cooked skin would 'burn' faster which I guess is what we want.

I made some changes to Mummy Moon's recipie after reading Happy Homemaker 88 and Yienjee.

So, this was my block of 'not-so-nicely-arranged' pork. You see the skin didn't cover the entire block of meat so there were parts of the meat that would be exposed to the high heat in the final part. I decided to experiment and put the meat on a aluminium paper and use the aluminium paper to cover the exposed ends at the final part.....

HOWEVER, no part of the skin can touch the base becuase the base will have alot of liquid from the fat and the juice of the pork. So, if it is wet, it cannot crisp!

I started on Monday with salt and five-spice powder all over the meat.
Poured some vinegar in a bowl and used my hands to rub the vinegar into the skin. the recipie....oppss....forgot to poke holds. Hai, the meat was too cold and quite hard to poke holds. I put the meat in the 'Chiller' section of the fridge since this was a closed area. Scared the meat smell filled up my fridge you see.

Put more vinegar on the skin.

Wednesday...took out the meat to let it thaw for a while. Took a knife and poked like mad on the skin. Poked and poked and poked....
Rubbed some vinegar again.
Also put salt on the skin, in clumps!!! Loads of it. And all the time thinking this can't be healthy!!! This was the derivation I made from the original.

I decided to roast it that evening - only 2 nights of vinegar rubbing.

Put it in the middle section of the bread toaster, set the setting to top and bottom roast roasted for 15 minutes.
Then put it on the top section of the toaster and set it to only top roast for another 15 minutes.

Result ?

The bubbly parts of the skin are the crispy parts. It was the salt that made the difference I reckon. And of course I brushed off the extra salt!!!

A nice plate of siu yoke. Not bad for my first time. Hubby declares now no need to buy siu yoke already!

Lessons to consider:
Lesson 1 - my salt was not really that fine, so to me the meat was not salty enough. And I think I put too much five spice in some areas of the meat. You see I poured the five spice from the packet onto my fingers on top of the some 'clumps' landed directly on the meat!
Lesson 2 - next time I will put a little bit of pepper on the meat as well.
Lesson 3 - buy a proper piece of meat! :)

And to end it all off, a picture of Christopher wanting to look at the pictures he saw me taking of the food!



Looks like you are not bad a cook eh? I am waiting patiently for my kitchen. MY KITCHEN!!!!

reanaclaire said...

wow..not bad for a first timer.. i wish i can have more interest in cooking than in blogging.. haha..

LittleLamb said...

so what is the secret to get the crispiness??? cos i still failed...

Mummy Moon said...

Good try woh!

Baby Darren said...

not bad not least hubby said no need to buy siu yok outside already means ur home made siu yok passed his test la....

Ann said...

FamilyFirst - I love cooking....but actually I wouldn't think myself a good cook lah. I rely alot of sauces.....and boyboy puuhhhss out alot of the food I give him!!! Only hubby a bit more kind!

Reanaclaire - more, earn some money and then can eat out! That also works very well!!!

Littlelamb - the skin must be REALLY dry and really alot of salt before I roasted it. Some people even put COARSE SALT one layer on the skin before roasting....

Mummy Moon - thanks for the recipie!!!

Baby Darren - he was being kind...and I also put his expectations down a LOT before he saw it! hahaha...

Angeline said...

Whoo-hoo! With that sentence from hubby, you know you HAVE succeeded!!!! *smile*

mommy to chumsy said...

wow...very good :D the porky meat look delicious!! i better not let my hubs see this or he'll ask me to learn how to make his fav siew yoke!!!!

andrewjune said...

wah wah wah nice efforts you put in there, Ann!
home cook stuffs are always the BEST!
i am still trying to lift my a** to the kitchen...but still in vain hahaha...

the siew yoke sure looks GOOD!

love the photo of chris...he looks more like you now!

Julie said...

Looks good for a first timer. Practice makes perfect. Next time no need to buy siew yoke/char siu. Save money coz nowadays they charge quite expensive for just little portion of the meat.

So long never see you posting up Christopher's photo. He has grown so much and looks like more demanding too. :) Same here...

Perhaps one day can put both our boys together and see how they interact with each other.

Moomykin said...

Continue to have fun experimenting.

Love the pix of boyboy.
So cute!