Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nose bleed.

I was at work when my phone rang.

It was hubby....it was just after 7 am. Why was hubby calling at this hour?

"Dearie....boyboy's nose is bleeding....non stop....I don't know why....there is blood everywhere....our whole bed is filled with blood...and his face has so much blood....and it is still coming out"

(conversation and clarification)

"I think you better come home."

And so like a mad woman, I ran back to my car and drove home. Thank God the traffic was still alright.

When I reached home - boyboy was cleaned up and the bleeding had stopped.

But what a sight....there was blood everywhere....on the mattress, on hubby's shirt, on the pillow cases....on the comforter...and even on the mattress protector.

At least boyboy was alright.....

Just for precaution, took him to the pead to have a look up his nostrils....

So, this was what the doctor said:
1) If the bleedng happens again today or tommorrow, bring him to an ENT - suspect then could be a growth or an injury
2) If we notice any blue black marks/bruises occuring on any part of his body, bring him to the hospital - indication of blood problems.
3) If nothing happens anymore for the next few days, it is a one off thing.
This reason is the most likely (I am optimistic??) because that little monkey of mine has knocked his nose before. And the doctor has said that if a person every knocks his nose, it will tend to bleed easier!

So what do we have to do?
1) Giving him some oral medicine to clear the congestion. Also giving him nose drops to clear his nose.
2) Have to put a basin of water in the air-con room now to increase humidity in the air.

And if it happens again....I can reuse the same medication.

So, if your kid has a nose bleed, think of the above and that may stop your panic or your rush home!

Now....back to my 2nd load of washing with 2 more loads to go...and I can put this episode behind me.


LittleLamb said...

ooo hope Boyboy is ok now and its a one-off thing !

Angeline said...

Oh girl, I'm not trying to brag here ok?
I'm a nose bleed expert. Did a few posts on it already... 'cos of Keatkeat....
So just do the right steps, and there's no panic already, 'cos when you panic, the kid gets really insecure. They can feel your emotions....and it could make the situation worse (sometimes)

Let me know if you would like to read my postS on this topic... then I'll give you the direct URL.

Cuddly Family said...

j1 is a chronic nose bleeder. It happens with some kids. just lean em back, it may seem a lot but it soon passes.

what angeline says is right. if u and hubs act calm and matter of fact, C will also be fine :)

mommy to chumsy said...

if it's the first time i know i'll panic cos i'm a chronic worrier :) hope your little one is ok now. thanks for the info :)


i could have panicked as well if i know my son is bleeding! But why are you in the office so early? 7am?

Our Jouneys.... said...


Jaanvi said...

hey don't worry... just be cautious and calm...

Merryn said...

ethan has had nose bleed like so many times.. the first time i panicked.. the second time, not too panicky... the third time, very calm.. the following.. no probe! LOL!

hope your little one is ok.. maybe just the heat..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ann, hope your boy is okay now.
Sure must have frightened all of you.
I'm sure he'll be fine.
Best regards, Lee.

HI said...

What a coincidence! Olivia is also a nose bleeder. In fact, last night, she woke up at 1am, cried, her nose bleed and blood got everywhere. (earlier in the day, she had bumped her nose and her nose bled) On the crib sheet, her blanket, her pajamas, crib bumper.

I was doing laundry at 1.30am!

Sasha said...

eh jayden also kena before and justin too. really scarry

andrewjune said...

ohh thk God it's nothing serious...ohhh, if i were you, i would drove back home like a mad woman too!
i pray that everything goes well and there will be NO nose bleeding again!

hissychick said...

Here's hoping it was a one off.

Kids certainly know how to scare their parents!

Take care xx

Julie said...

Jonathan had once but since then no more. I suspected it was due to heatiness.

Hope no more nose bleed for Christopher especially on a rainy day. :)

JLow said...

I was a bit late to comment here, and then noted that there are so many other cases of nose-bleeders!

I was one myself when I was a kid. Sometimes it was cos i picked my nose (!) but most times it was just because. i remember once I was in school, looking/writing in my exercise book, sneezed, and drip drip drip. Another time (I think i was even younger) i woke up with my nose already bleeding, with an episode similar to boyboy's- that it just wouldnt stop.

Caitlin recently also had an incident. It was in the afternoon during watching tv. As far as I can tell it just started bleeding. Nothing profuse, but it was my first time as a parent, and Angeline said it right. I tried not to panic (just like just after the recent robbery where Caitlin witnessed it) and remain calm. She even aided in holding the towel-wrapped ice block on the bridge of her nose and started joking :)