Monday, May 18, 2009


Do you wear scent - perfume for the ladies, cologne for the men? Or perhaps just some body splash?

There are only 2 scents in my vanity drawer. A perfume oil for night dinners and an Ocean Pacific for light day wear.

I remember the perfume oil was given to me by my sister, maybe some 12 years ago. Perfume oil doesn't loose its scent as easily. The OP was given to me by a friend some 7 years ago. I put it in my cupboard so it still retains its scent.

Scent to hubby is more important. He will never be without a bottle of cologne and sometimes he has 2.

I remember someone gave us 2 bottles for our wedding - one perfume and one cologne. But to date, it is still lying in my inlaws cupboard. It is a branded version but the scent is out of this world - in a bad way!

My hubby's GAP cologne is running out. Bought this from US, can't be found in Malaysia. He is looking at some in Loccitane. He has expensive taste! hahaha....

Maybe I will get him some Thierry Mugler perfume.

So far, although I don't wear scent, I love the scent on hubby. It ascentuates 'something'! :)

But give me a lotion with scent anytime....I love scented lotion or scented soap or the scent from shampoo. It's a feeling of utter comfort! Maybe it's when I use it that matters.

Do you wear scent? Is your hubby crazy about scent too?


LittleLamb said...

ya ya i wear perfume n deodorant..every day without fail

HI said...

Hehe...there are no scents in my drawer. I never wear any.

The only hubby wears is after shave, after he shaves. Otherwise, he just puts on underarm deoderant.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Anne, I love after shaves and scents.
Have been using Tabac on and off past 35 years.
Inbetween either Stetson or Wild Country Musk, as well Monsieur Musk. Depends on season and moods, ha ha.

For women's perfumes, have always loved Nina Ricci's L'air du tempe, Blue Grass, or White Linen.

You keep well and have a great week, Lee.

4malmal said...

I love scent though my tolerance for them is pretty low. I get sick if they are too strong, still, my vanity drawer is loaded with scent of different brand and sizes. I think I end up more of collecting than wearing them!

Angeline said...

hmmm... I don't, cos' I'm too 'perspiry' already, my perspiration is plentiful enough to 'wash' away the scent! *laugh*

hissychick said...

I used to love wearing a subtle hint of perfume...but ever since having the kids I seem to break out in a rash if i wear any.

To be honest I mostly find perfume overpowering nowadays. I prefer it when hubby smells clean and fresh and natural :)