Sunday, May 31, 2009

Twillight Zone

I know NOW how it feels to be in the twillight zone. Indeed I do.

Since watching the movie Twillight and now being suck-ed into Meyer's Twillight saga, I have been leaving in a land of ambiguity between 2 conditions.

Condition 1 is a light,far away, dreamland-ish kind of place. Somewhere in Forks.
Condition 2 is here.

I prefer to be in condition 1. But that is kind of tough considering.

When you are in twillight zone, you want it to end and you don't want it to end.

I love and hate being in the twillight zone.

Have you seen the movie? Or read the book? Maybe I will also see you in Twillight Zone!

Sure beats being in tummy flu land!


mommy to chumsy said...

so happy to read your post. been wondering what's happening to you. glad that you have recovered. poor thing...must have lots a few kilos eh? hehehehe. twilight zone was one of my favourite movies when i was a kid. now i have that familiar theme song playing in my head :D

Anonymous said...

HI Ann

was searching for infor on port dickson food when i chanced upon your blog. will be going there this thurs, driving up from singapore to pd. planning to go to Lukut - Lucky seafood for lunch before checking into Avillion. would like to know which highway to take to go to Lukut and which exit? is it easier to go there from avillion ? if yes, how far is it from Avillion interms of time? also will be going to Sia lee for dinner. where exactly is it and how far is it from Avillion? You mentioned that it is near to Guoman resort. is the restaurant situated next to the seaside ?

andrewjune said...

omg! i watch that movie and i was so mesmerized by cullan (he has such great beautiful eyes and that sexy accent of him!)
i went google-ing for him and since has been a fan of robert pattison! such a HUNK!


love the movie, love the actors, and so lovin' the fairy-tale ending hahaha...wished i was the lead actress and wished i hv never woke up from the dream! hahaha...

so nice to see you're back...that means everyone is well again :-)

Irene said...

hehehe.... rob-patz-ing?! can't wait for their next movie man!

LittleLamb said...

good that u found time to watch movie.. i dont have time. if i had..probably i will be sleeping away

Jaanvi said...

Great that everyone is fine now .. :)
No I haven't watched it but with so many good comments, I definitely eye for it...

Ann said...

Dear Octopusmum, I would reckon take the trunk road from PD towards Lukut town...meaning, you will get into PD, pass all the hotels (including Avillion) and drive further north. The Lcky Seafood is located along the main road itself. Use the KFC as the landmark, it would be about 1+ km away after that. It is about 20 minutes from Avillion.

As for the restaurant Sia lee....I didnt eat there, coz it was so packed...but if I rememeber correctly, it is NOT on the beach is south from Avillion and will be on your left. You will notice MANY seafood eateries on your left....look out for Sia Lee. Reckon about 10-15 minutes from your hotel.

Have a good trip!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann

tks a million! your reply really means a lot and very useful too. we spent about an hour or more trying to pin down the exact locations of the restaurants but had to give up. with your explanations, now i don't feel so lost and am more confident to try to find the places ourselves.

Anonymous said...

HI Ann

sorry to bother you again...husband asked me if you know the exact location on google map ie the marker on google map. he is using gps to find all these places so it would be easier if he knows the exact is okay if you don't know about this...

Ann said...

Dear octopusmum...I found the Lucky Seafood Restaurant using Google Map. Reckon your hubby would have found it too...if not, let me know and I will email the link/map to you. As for the Sia Lee, I couldnt find it on the map....but here are the general directions...

- from your hotel, turn south towards Guoman Resort....the restaurant is at the opposite side of Guoman entry

Hope you find it...if not try the many other restaurants along the main road! :)

Anonymous said...

HI Ann
thks. we have tried google to look for lucky and boy, there are quite a few of them. the nearest being the one at Seremban but we thought that is a bit too far from avillion. in any case, thks once again..we'll look out for KFC. as for sia lee, i think it should not be too difficult with the landmark to look out for.

Ann said...

Dear octopusmum...I just checked....the directions that were given to me was not for Sia Lee....coz I asked another friend since I didn't go there personally.

Can you call this number when you are there instead - the tel. number for Sia Lee 606-6621039 / 012-2570868 are right about the Lucky Seafood...but anyway if you look for the KFC signs, you should not miss it. It is a corner coffeeshop.

Sorry no info on the Sia Lee. Hope the tel number works.