Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a weekend!

On friday, I was thinking, this could be more tiring than it is fun.
On saturday, I was thinking, a holiday overseas with boyboy could be possible.
On sunday I was not thinking.
Checked into Parkroyal on Friday. Hubby got this free 3D2N stay compliments from the hotel for the 3 workshops he conducted for UNICEF there that came with the free room he did not stay in.....

We stayed in the Executive Suite.
I didn't know much what to eat in KL. Ask me where in PJ and I can give you a whole list....but...somethings we ate are worth mentioning!
Clockwise :
Tangkak Beef Noodles, Jln Imbi
- we ate the mixture of beef balls, tendon and stomach!
Chewy Custard Puffs, Pavillion Food Court
- one bite took me 24 chews...really different texture!
Hokkien Fried Prawn Mee, Pavillion Food Court
- this one I have been looking forward to since my last trip to Singapore!
This cake was a present to me from an old friend. She ordered Angeline's signature cake, the Chocolate Walnut! It was totally a chocolate brownie that is a cake! It was covered with melted chocolate and the flowers were made of icing sugar.
And some pictures and antics from boyboy!

This baby chair he sat at the hotel buffet breakfast - he can climb it!
And he can do so in a matter of 1-2 minutes.

And he enjoyed himself tremendously at the hotel!!!
I found it really cute the way he acted so differently at the hotel compared to at home!
When it was time to go out, he will climb down and sit on the carpet and try to put on his shoes.
Then he will walk to the door and wait for us....
When we open the door, he will rush out and walk to this luxurious carpet and run a bit or walk on it.
Then he will press the elevator button to go down!
He will hold our hands when we reach outside to the street.
Coming back, we will press the lift and wait.
He will enter the lift when it opens.
When we reach our floor, he will rush out and run to the door.
(The first day, he stood at the wrong door....and that got him laughing and a bit embarassed!)
When we open the door, he will sit by the carpet and take off his own shoes.
Not much need for me to hold his hands and take of his shoes....
One thing we allowed him the freedom within the hotel...and it was carpeted, so it was rather clean.
It was a great gift from hubby....although he didn't have to pay for it.
"But dearie....not all great gifts require monthly installments.
And it was your previous hardwork and good nature that resulted in the hotel giving you this executive suite free of charge...
and for 2 nights what more!
Thanks for the wonderful hotel gift. Looking at boyboy's smiling away was the 2nd greatest birthday gift you have given me. "


Merryn said...

NICE one there.. glad u had a great time! ur boy's so happy there too. :D

Julie said...

Happy belated birthday. Wah, so much fun both of you had. And tempted me with food again!

I'm longing for a breakaway too. :(

LittleLamb said...

Happy Birthday...
Once a while...going away is fun huh...

Never been so lucky to stay in KL yet...

Why no #2... later u will know..

mommy to chumsy said...

what a nice getaway. the hotel room looks so cosy :) I like the photo of the little one in the bath tub. So cute!! Kids...they all love staying in the hotels eh?

hissychick said...

Happy Birthday!

Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful weekend :)

Jaanvi said...

happy belated birthday dear.... have you heard, "best things in life are for free" ;)

reanaclaire said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Ann.. happy to see u all enjoying in such a comfortable environment...


What a nice way to spend the weekend. Wish my boy would be so well behaved when we head out! Going to PD end of this month, not sure if I will survive the trip!

Angeline said...

oh dear! I'm late I'm late... forgive me...
Happy Birthday Ann!
That's what woman ask for isn't it? All we really want is spending time with our loved ones...that's the best present ya?

Happy (belated) birthday again girl!

andrewjune said...

you certainly had lots of FUN on your bday!
wah executive suite some one LUCKY lady!

ahhh, how do you find eating out when boy boy is able to climb out from the baby chair?
ohhhh...i'm starting to hv nightmares when eating out with rachael!

Ann said...

Thanks for all your birthday wishes.

Moomykin said...

Happy Belated Birthday.

So glad you had such a splendid time.

Oh, my boys love staying in hotels too, especially the big bathtub and the cold bed. Hahaha...