Tuesday, June 23, 2009

About blogging

This is a rant. A serious 'need to get it out of my chest' rant.

Since I started blogging...I realised two main things.

1) You can't blog daily about the little problems in your life even though all you want to do is to get it out of your chest. Coz no one wants to read daily on how bad you are doing or what is your latest problem. We all have problems too, so get on with life!
2) People have opinions and will leave it as a comment...no matter how it would make you feel or if it will spoil your day. After all, they don't really know you all that well, so how can you expect them to know what will make you upset. And well, you did write about it.

I know some who have private blogs to spill their beans...coz the only way for them to let it out really is by writing. And they sure knew earlier than me on the two points above.

I have this stand now...if I have nothing neutral, or nothing nice to say.....think hard and leave something neutral or nothing at all.

Wondering now if indeed the tongue is sharper.....after all isn't it harder being 'not nice' when the person can look you in the eye?


Cuddly Family said...

how;s your finger.

it is tough.

hugs. I've been neglecting my blogs too!

hope my comments (although few and far inbtwn lol) haven't offended you, dear.



I hope I did not leave any message that hurt you .. not me! not me! I am a nice nice blog fan of yours!

But yeah, blogging is like that lor. I never let it affect me. I just delete those nasty remarks and get on with life .. hehehe.

Take care.

Cynthia said...

First, how is your finger now?

Second, don't be too bothered about the comments, if I write a post and just want to rant, I will disable the comments column... :D

Third, I hope I not the one that leave you those annoying comments ya :)

reanaclaire said...

Ju Ann, frankly I rec nasty remarks before, that was why i deleted my chatbox, i dont know who the person was also... and i have even blogged about it.. yes, i understand when u said that it will spoil our day.. yes, it truly does if we rec unwanted comments that have nothing to do with our posts..

as one blogger wrote, "if u dont like my blog, don come and read it."

well, i suppose we cannot please everyone..yeah? after all, we r only bloggers..

Mummy Gwen said...

Hope you are feeling better now. :)

LittleLamb said...

just ignore the -ve remarks..

Merryn said...

aiks... who who? who the notti one? *hope it is not me* as i tend to type before i think! oh dear...

mommy to chumsy said...

hey blogging is like that lah :D some people are very direct. happened to me too. it's yr blog so you write what you want :D

pssst...i hope it wasn't me...hehehehe

Ann said...

Strange be it...some of you who were worried made me laugh...and I needed a laugh....thanks.

I don't know who anymore actually.....I don't look back at a hurt and bear any grudges. I just presumed you had a hard day too and let it out! :)

But it's always good to know that people understand.

hissychick said...

Hope I haven't inadvertently left you a snarky comment :(

I agree with the PP who said turn off comments when you want to vent...or do a password protected post like I do ;)

Take care xx

mumsgather said...

The other thing about blogging is ppl whom you have come to know and begun to think of warmly and come to regard as a friend even though you have not met them, can suddenly disappear from your life overnight as if they didn't care at all. I've had many visitors who come daily, they leave very nice caring comments when they are there but then they suddenly disappear and "drop off" from my blog radar after a while leaving me wondering what happened? So I guess if you don't want to get hurt from blogging, you have to tutup mata, tutup telinga and tutup mulut too. Hahaha.

Sasha said...

*wondering did i? hmmmm* I hope its not me that pissed u off. Blogging is like this.

Err i used my blog to rant but some ppl think that I blog about sad things to fish for sympathy. So I stop blogging about sad things. Then happy things is aboutmy kids achievement. So blog about that and ppl say I show off. So i stopped blogging about that also. Soon i noticed I got nothing to blog. So now i seldom blog cos i dunno what to blog edi.

JLow said...

Thats why I have been neglecting mine too. Nothing nice to say, really, and cant really use it to vent what's been bugging me at home at work or anything else...

And these moods have also kinda made me read less of others' blogs... let alone leave comments!

Moomykin said...

Ok, confession time: I have a private blog which I vent about things that really bugs me and only a few people (can count with one hand) are invited to read.

And that's been sitting "dead" for a while now, so that means things have become better somewhat.

Hope your are more clam after spilling these beans here.

andrewjune said...

ohhh, ann...i'm also hoping it's not me you meant??