Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dish of the day

My last half day got me trying a new recipie in the kitchen.
You know when you cook something and have a taste at it and still find you need to put in more salt or more sugar or something else is missing to give the dish that ummmppphhhh?
Surprisingly when I tasted this one wihle it was still simmering in the pan, it didn't need any improvements.
I myself was surprised that I got it right the first time.
And it is proven to be excellent by my most fussy eater who finished a portion I think I could not even have managed!
I didn't follow any recipie....so, I can't really tell you how much to put in....
I would presume I had two hands heapful of mince meat.
To this I marinated it with 1 tbsp oyster sauce,
1 and a half tbsp light soya sauce,
2 swirls round the meat (about 1 tbsp I think) dark soya sauce,
some sugar and some cornflour.
I ommitted the pepper becuase of Little C.
I lightly fried some garlic.
Added the mushrooms and black fungus plus its
2nd round 'essence' (water it was soaked in).
Let it boil a bit while I shaped and threw in the meatballs.
Cut up some Japanese tau fu and dumped it in.
Cooked till it was well....cooked!
Dished out for Little C
then added spring onions and some freshly cut chilli.

The result!

Note : I find meatballs easier for kids. Once it is cooked, I will break the balls while feeding them. I find that cooking mince meat this way is less 'dry' (more tender) compared to cooking it minced. And Little C's tendency to chew it up and spit it out null.


HI said...

YUMMO...sounds good and looks good.

Olivia likes meatball too. I made them with gound turkey, put in some chopped onion, egg, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, salt & pepper and baked them. This is the italian style lor...:)

andrewjune said...

yeah looks good!

coffeesncookies said...

looks like an easy 1 dish 'yat wok sook' dinner. Thks for tips

Merryn said...

wow, christopher eat chili kah??? fuiyo... dashat! @@

Cynthia said...

looks colourful and nice... hmmm... :) yum yum!

Angeline said...

My MIL always say, "cook with your heart and not the book. And the food will turn out delicious."
I think you just did it. *wink*

mommy to chumsy said...

*slurp slurp* delicious :) yeah...i was wondering the dish is not spicy?

LittleLamb said...

yum yum... what do u call this dish?

Mummy Gwen said...

Mmm...looks yummy. You can cook very well. :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Wah Ann, the dish look so good and surely yummy. Futhermore, it has very nice colour for decor. For my dish, I seldom bother about it.