Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Exchange

I was not there when the exchange happened.

Something happened that prevented me from witnessing it.

It didn't actually mean much to me. There was no feelings of expectation, anxiousness or regret.

Well....maybe a slight tinge of regret. After all. the next 5 years of my life was going to change forever.

So, when hubby came back with it...in the middle of my dinner, what more, I didn't hurry out to welcome it (or him).

It didn't help of course that boyboy was clamouring all over me wanting a few more bites of my spaghetti as well.

But eventually I decided I should show some enthusiasm towards it and get to know it better. Boyboy didn't agree to this diversion of attention.

WSR 820 did not look as impressive in my car porch. It looked better on the road when I could see its medallion grey on the move, like a knight. When I was inside, really, the colour does not make much difference.

I mean...it was still just a it!

Now, there are many 'small' things I pray for. Like this number that came with it. No...I didn't pay for the number. I just prayed for it.

But hubby's prayer in this matter was slightly different. He said when we were about to sleep that he felt really sad when ADN 2516 left him standing there alone with WSR 820. He prayed that ADN 2516 would find a good owner who would take care of 'him'.

I was surprised, he didn't call it a 'her'. I thought all cars were guys' mistresses? :) But maybe this car was mine, that is why.

When he said that, it really made me realise.

ADN2516 has indeed served me really well. And I had not done my part in taking really good care of it. And I had no feelings whatsoever too when he left.

I can imagine how hubby felt. Watching ADN2516 turn round the corner, departing from our lives forever.

He is somewhere in Ampang now. I hope he will be beautified and someone warm will take care of him for the rest of his life.

Now....WSR 820....he is the new visitor in our lives....one which requires a monthly allowance for the next 5 years. I hope he (I might as well call 'it' a 'he') will enjoy his stay with us and also serve the family well. I should treat him better than I treated my ex. They do deserve more, don't they!

Is a car really just a car and just a car?


Techcrazee said...

Cool and congratulations on your new "it". For me and wife is very different. We took LOTS of pictures of our "ex" before releasing it.

When receiving the new "it", I was excited like a baby without caring or missing the "ex" but my wife was cool about it. I think she misses the "ex" VERY much as it has sentimental value - our wedding car.

Enjoy your new "it" and have a good day :)

mommy to chumsy said...

congrats for being the owner of "it". any photo of it?

Jaanvi said...

Congrats for the new car.... But Very frankly I am also very much attached to my car... I just love it and for my hubby, it seems its his first love, me coming second :(

LittleLamb said...

ehhehe new car.. congrats

Merryn said...

aiseh.. i quickly browse down to look at the picture of 'it'.. but nothing pulaks!!! congrats though.. hahaha..


yeay! new toy! new toy! hey ann, i can get keys to my "new toy" next week edi .. then i will try to call Lai again!

andrewjune said...

if i remember very well...it's a MyVi right?
hope he serves you well :-)

Julie said...

Take good care of "him" and "he" will serve you well. So what colour you choose at the end?

Moomykin said...

Congrats on your new car.

It's funny how we become emotionally attached or detached with our possessions...

Hope you got a few shots of the old "he" before you gave "him" up.

Anyway, have safe and more comfortable rides in days ahead. At least for the next 5 years when you're still paying for it.

mumsgather said...

Haha. I felt the same way when my Ex car left me too even tho its just a car.