Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers' Day @ LYJ Sungai Buloh

Directions : Take the NKVE to Sungai Buloh. Upon exiting the Sungai Buloh toll plaza, take the extreme left lane to make a U turn to the main road (going away from Kepong/PJ). Continue to keep on the left lane. You will pass under the NKVE again. And after this, you will need to turn off (the most left lane) heading towards Shah Alam. As soon as you enter the 4 lane main stream of traffic, make your way to the far right. You will need to make a right turn at the first traffic lights in front. Go straight until you see Jalan Perkhidmatan on your left. Turn and head on straight. You will see single storey shops on your left. Soon you will see LYJ which is situated opposite a Chinese School. There are 2 shops bearing LYJ. Go to the middle one to ask for your table number. YOU HAVE TO BOOK TO EAT IN THIS PLACE. And best reach there by 6.30 to avoid irritation! :) that you know how to get there. Let's get down to business.
This is worth trying - ginseng soup served in a claypot and clay teacups. There is even meat inside which is very tasty....good for the kids.
Pre-ordering required unless you are super early!
Sabah Paku - served cold with a tinge of sourness. Heavenly!
Pre-order to avoid disappointment, sometimes they run out!

Lala (clams) with bittergourd. Ate this when I brought my parents there. As you can see, my whole family loves bittergourd. Tastes good!

Tofu - as recommeded. Don't know what they called it. But the gravy was sooooo good that I ate everything with it. Right amount of saltiness and flavour!

Your usual fare of fish? NO !!! THis was steamde with pork mince and 'tung choy' (preserved cabbage). Salty, sweet and the fish was sooooooo fresh and sweet!

Duck. Had better. Don't order this! :)

So...this was what we ordered the first time we went there with my parents. Total bill RM98. We were raving becuase the taste was out of this world and cheap too!

My second time there with my inlaws was something else. The total bill came up to RM 250. Mainly due to these 2 dishes.

Glutinous rice stuffed in a chicken. It costs us RM68 and although the rice was really tasty, not overly sticky or oily the way glutinous rice sometmes is and the novelty of it was really interesting.....but at RM68? What happened to the chicken meat too? The rice was stuffed between the meat and the skin and then the whole thing was fried. It will be a one time only for me - this dish. But well.....first time there, it is really different. Pre-ordering REALLY required.

The Treasure Pot was also expensive at RM45. Not worth it. The reason it was expensive was due to the bountiful of cuttlefish, clams, prawns etc. But the taste was pretty normal.

Well....I got to end on a high note. The last 2 dishes I tried were both good although the pork with mantau (steamed Chinese buns) was a bit too fatty for my liking. But the steamed chicken was really good - becuase of the minced ginger it came with!


Onn said...

yummy! the last dish looks good!

mommy to chumsy said...

oh man...i am so hungry just looking at the food you ate. the fried chicken looks yummy!

reanaclaire said...

hey, those dishes are pretty unique la.. esp the lala with bitter gourd, my goodness, never tasted that before.. and the sabah paku too.. must ask my rawang fren whethter she knows the place or not.. good to post pics, Ju Ann.. share with us what is special...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Ann, thanks for dropping by at my blog. Mind if add your blog into my blogroll?

All the dishes looked yummy to me. I like steamed chicken a lot. How about you?

Christopher is a cute boy. He is now 21 mths old? My girl just turned 21 mths old today.
So far, Sarah has yet showed any interest in feeding herself.
How about Christopher?

Thanks to your comment about the food I cooked for my girl. Basically I just throw in all the ingredients that I like for her. Hehe.

Moomykin said...

Hey, you got to take photos of the food this time!!... or was it your hubby at work while you feed boyboy? hahaha...

Everything looks good. Will get my hubby to see if we can ever get to this place. The other end of the world for us.

andrewjune said...

one word - WOW!

Cecilia said...

Thanks Ann for getting me the chicken. I agree with you that it was not really worth the RM 68.00 as there was a lot of rice and very little chicken.

BoeyJoey said...

Sounds yummy... would love to try the fried chicken stuffed with glutonous rice...