Monday, June 15, 2009

FIrst day at school

Given this is my weekend post, actually LOADS happened. But nothing as significant as this.

Christopher's first day at nursery. The start of his next 5 years of his life.

He woke up surprisingly late on Monday. In fact I had to wake him up by 8 am. Well, what can be expected after 3 long weeks of not having to follow daddy's hours!

Chucked his milk bottle at him becuase I was 'desperate' for him to have some breakfast before I send him off to school. Christopher is hardly a morning breakfast person. His stomach like daddy's wakes up like 1 hour later.

Thank God he drank majority of it up.

No poop yet? hmmm.....

Got him washed up and dressed up.

He was actually pretty proud of his uniform. In fact he looked down at it and smoothed it all up and even stodd quietly for me to take some photos.

When we reached there, he looked amazed at all the little people wearing the same thing he was! And when the prinicipal stretched out her arms to him, he went willingly. Wah....good boy!

But the minute I mentioned that we will pick him up at 4+, he started to sense something was amiss. He cried and wanted to come back to me.

We were literally shoooed away. And I heard his cries as we left.


We picked him up at 5 instead. Wanting to regulate his hours there better.

The report was good.

Of course he cired and of course he kept pointing towards the gate and of course he called for us.........but after a while he was alright. Distracted.

After assembly, all the other students walked up hand in hand. But boyboy being the youngest, the teacher didn't dare let him walk up with the rest unattended. So, she cleared up and was going to carry him up.

But when he saw everyone going up, he started crying again pointing up the stairs this time. I reckon the teacher/principal is a reassuring person who talks to the kids frequently.

He played and ate like all the rest. But come 11+, he started to get sleepy and thus grouchy. Thank God the principal rememebrs I telling her about his timing being she brought him down to sleep.

Thank God that even though they have school hours, they can still be flexible enough with the young. That was my main concern before and now I know they can manage until he gets used to the school hours. I can imagine it is not easy to deal with just one kid who violates the school hour. Coz then one of the teachers/assistant has to come down to watch my son....sleep!

Other things the teacher said....
He drinks his milk so slowly.

I think he will be weaning off milk soon.

He eats so much. One whole big bowl of rice.

He could eat well, because he took his nap before lunch.

He knows his alphabets already. We were all surprised.

I am soooo proud of him that he knows his alphabets. All my teaching not gone to waste. And I never really tested him before.

He wets his whole nappy and he won't even tell you!

And toilet training can wait until he is ready. Now, in the afternoon, he goes diaper free. He will wear a nappy with nappy protector and pants. Seems alot of layers....but reckon boyboy will never walk aronud with just the nappy protector! And I didn't know a nappy can contain so much liquid. He was wearing that from early evening till 7 pm and it didn't even leak!

So, I am back to work today. No reason to extend my leave further.

Christopher will do really well in school. I am sure of it. Thank God.


Ponytail said... is good to hear that all goes on well with his first day in school :)

I like his uniform, very nice!

mommy to chumsy said...

he looks so cute in the uniform :) He knows all the alphabets? Good job Christopher :D Yes, I am sure he will do very well in school :)

LittleLamb said...

glad that Christopher is managing well at school..

wah..what type of nappy is there? a cloth diaper or normal nappy? can hold for so long???

i m happy that Christopher knows his alphabets.... i myself hv to buck up now.

Jaanvi said...

Glad that he is doing great in school....

Merryn said...

aiks, how old is he? looks so small to go to school! so cute though... well done christopher!

Julie said...

Looks like a smooth sailing one. :)Big boy already and he looks so smart in his new uniform. Good to hear that the teacher is a nice person.

JLow said...

Good job!

Just this morning when dropping Caitlin off on Day2, I saw a boy being wrestled out of his daddy's arms, wriggling and crying. Daddee had to yell at him and walked away. Apparently he was away (too long) due to chicken pox and wasnt used to school, again.

Caitlin too was teary eyed. 2 weeks of school holidays can reverse a lot of routines!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ann, It takes one woman twenty years to make a man of her son - and another woman twenty minutes to make a fool of him. Ha ha.
Best regards and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

HI said...

It's great Christopher did so well on his first day.

Do the teachers change his diapers? That seemed like a long time to be sitting on a wet diaper.

andrewjune said...

BRAVO to chris!
he doos looks very smart in that uniform!
he WILL do very well in school!