Wednesday, June 17, 2009

School has been a mad rush

Since toddler C has started nursery, it has been a mad rush for me. Right now it is not that bad given it is still daylight saving. So, that gives me ONE whole hour extra. I am wondering how I will do it when November comes.

So, my day so far has been....

Up at 5 am to cut and wash what I can for tonight's dinner. Bring out the meat/fish to the fridge to defrost.

Leave for work at 6 am.

The most relaxing time I have is from 6am - 3 pm. Yes, I finish work at 3 during daylight saving time and 4 pm for the other 6 months of the year.

2.59 pm, I shut down my laptop! Leave at 3 pm on the dot.

Drive as fast as I can home using the shortest route possible. 20 minutes. 3.20 pm.

I try to put in 30 minutes of exercise. But have to alternate this with house cleaning now. 4 pm.

Cook. Wash up all the pots. Clean the kitchen floor and walls. 4.30 pm.

Bathe, rest a while and take a little bite. Leave the house to pick up boyboy. 5 pm.

Reach home and let him play outside for a while. 5.30 pm.

Give him his dinner, followed by fruits, followed by some other desert of his choosing, followed by some more biscuits! He can really eat, I tell you! 6.30 pm.

Hubby is back! GREAT!!!!

Wash up and wipe the floor where boyboy was sitting and eating and messing everything up! 7.15 pm.

Get hubby's dinner ready. Take boyboy up for his bath. 7.40 pm.

Watch some TV (snatches). Read to boyboy. Teach him a bit. 9 pm.

Time for milk. Hubby brings boyboy up to bed. 9.10 pm

Iron clothes (more becuase of boyboy's uniform!!! but since I am at it....). 9.40 pm.

Bath (again) and pray, talk to boyboy till I get sleepy myself. Or if boyboy is already in bed, catch up on my reading. 10.30 pm.

If I am lucky, boyboy's talking/screaming in his sleep, hubby's snoring or my growling tummy will not wake me.

And then the new day starts again.

Boyboy is eating alot these days. It's like a never ending process of feeding! And I have to come up with dishes that he can poke himself on one side, and his rice with soup on the other side. AND I am sooooo running out of ideas!!!! What more have to be yummy!

Monday took leave from the kitchen.
Tuesday was carrots and potatoes and fish.
Wednesday was fishballs and celery.
Today will be omellete, rice pancake.

Can make small meat balls next week.
Any other ideas?


Cynthia said...

Hi, first time to your blog :) Nice schedule to keep you busy ya :) but you are doing very well with it :) *clap clap* mummy!

Ponytail said...

Okay, since you r looking for meatballs recipe, I just happen to have 1 that I learned from my Mom recently after her trip to China. You can use mince chicken or pork, add in chopped onions (big ones), a little salt + pepper + corn flour and five spice powder. Mix them all together and make into meatballs, the size is up to you. Steam the meatballs for a while (you can choose to skip this step also but the meatballs might not hold so well together during frying). Beat one egg and dip the meatballs into the egg. Fry the meatballs with a little oil.

Zoe loves this dish and it goes well with some tomato or chilli sauce too.

LittleLamb said...

suggest u buy a recipe book n follow 1 recipe a day.........
i'm using one..n work well for me.

mommy to chumsy said...

daylight savings time? you work for a North American company? Nice to leave work at 3pm eh? no jam at all :D cook more eggs..different style so it's like a different dish..hahahaah

reanaclaire said...

yeah..what company that allows u go off at 3pm? wonderful boss.. so this is yr day? well, reminds me of my kids when they were young as yours too... no time wasted..and the best time is hitting the pillow as early as 11pm those days... phew..

Julie said...

So nice you can leave office early but hate the early morning part.

Try steam egg with minced meat and add some diced pumpkin. Mushroom? Christopher don't like vege? You can try cucumber stir fry with dried shrimp. Jonathan likes it a lot and the cucumber is soft.

andrewjune said...

wow you sure hv a very BUSY schedule everyday!
waking up at 5am to cut wash for dinner...that is something i really can't do! waking up that early! i salute you to that!

you're really one dedicated career, to family and to yourself! juggling btw your work, your hubby and son, cooking and also hv some time for! i salute again to you for that!

boy boy is really blessed to hv such a devoted mum :-)

and here's also wishiong ur hubby a happy father's day!