Monday, June 1, 2009

Shouts and shots at the park

Look at him! Having fun!
Running up and down the slopes.
Taking himself as fast as his little legs can manage the stride.
Away from me, towards me, beside me.
Into the pot holes, into the shallow drain,
And into the man-made hole around the plant.
Pretending to fall
Just for an excuse to roll around!
Aaahhhh....what joy that they can run around unhibited.
Where barriers that block them are not trolleys and people.
In a rush, in a rush, on their way somewhere.
He loves his slides.
A genuine reason to go on his fours and start climbing!
And what delight, hear that squeal,
When down the slide he comes.
"Mummmmyyyy.....catch me please!"
"Mummmyyyy......can I go again?"
His hands get dirty, his clothes are stained.
But it is alright.
Nothing can be quite as satisfying
as seeing your son grin ear to ear from playing.
Shoo-ing the birds! Shoo-ing the monkeys!
Shoo-ing some people too!
"Can I play with you?"
"Can I chase you around?"
"Can we come again...mummy, can we come again."

Note : His first visit to the park went well.
His grandfather was more tired than him.


Simon said...

which park is this? with monkeys?

reanaclaire said...

ann, your son?
having a nice time at the park is what most kids love to do...

LittleLamb said...

i like to bring Philip to the park..cos it will "TIRED" himself very easily, sleep easily after that, eat easily after that.. only con, the adults will be exhausted.

Jaanvi said...

cool.... he seems to be having fun...


Kids these days ... full of energy I tell ya! They dont know how to be tired one. Only the adults "suffer"!

Merryn said...

got monkeys ah? aiyo.. LOL!

ethan goes to the park everyday coz the park is just a few steps in front of our house.. :D

mommy to chumsy said... monkeys? bukit kiara? we haven't been to the park for quite awhile. the heat is killing us.

Mummy Moon said...

I also wondering which park out there got monkeys???
He must be enjoy playing at the park

Ann said...

Taman Tun Dr Ismail park....the same one I took my wedding photos. The same one I have been jogging before I was married. The same one some guys hit on me. The same one I had a few dates and also brought hubby.

There is a small hill beside it as well....where monkeys 'live and breed' in public! :)

andrewjune said...

so nice to go to the park ehhh? boy boy really is a BIG boy already!

Julie said...

Can't believe our boys grown so much...and taller too. Can't fit them into our tummy already. Haha...

Moomykin said...

Oh, they grow so fast!!
I remember when my boys first took to walking on grass and slopes too. Quite an adventure indeed.

So his sports shoes are doing the thing they are really suppose to be doing now, huh?

Have to keep up with them all the time - the physical energy, their mental development, their emotional needs and moral training... Having a child means demanding you life. Takes a lifetime to care for them...

But it sure is a wonderful ting, isn't it.