Monday, June 29, 2009

Tis' is the age.....

This is the age of marvelling....

When Christopher wants to "eat mumm mummm" (he doesn't fully grasps that it is the same meaning, these 2 words!)
......pulls me to the cupboard to open it for him
.....looks at the stuff inside
......sometimes even moves some of the tupperwards around so that he can see what is behind them
.....even looks to see if there is anything new
.....and if there is asking me "What's this?"
.....touches all those packets that are familiar to him, asking himself "mummm, mummmm? no no"
......and then moving on to the next one
.......crocks his head when he reaches something
....deciding, contemplating
.......and then declaring "I want this one."

When daddy just pulls in a car flyer stuck on his windscreen
.....and the little one declares he wants a look at it
......puts is up in right order and smoothens the paper
......and 'reads'
......and looks at me with a question in his eyes
.....(and I pretend to understand and answer him)
.....and I tell him "Honda is Yee Ma (my elder sister's) car, this logo is Toyota, kungkung's (my dad) car, this is mummy's car (perodua logo) and this is daddy's car (proton logo)
......and after telling him once, I ask him "Where is Kungkung's car?"
.....and he points to the Toyota logo going "There!" (in a singsong voice)
....and does it correctly for all the other logos and again a few days later

When he sees a cake and candles
.....and pulls me to "Sing"
....and claps his hands as I sing the happy birthday song
....and when I am done, he pretends to blow at the cake and candle picture

When he is crying
.....and I pull out his teddy
...and do a sing and dance with teddy
....and he stops, watches a bit and then laughs
....and comes over and sings and dances with us!

When he hits me (playfully, though it hurts)
.....and I actually cry (or pretend to cry)
.....and he looks at me worried
....and tries hard to change the situation around
.....and when it doesn't work he calls daddy
......and if daddy is not around, he will look at me
......almost crying
.....and stroke my face

And when it is time to eat or just before bedtime or when we are in church or in sundayschool
....and I tell him "Let's pray"
.....he will look at me and then bow his head
.....and close his eyes
.....and put his hands together
.....waits like 2 seconds
.....then looks up at me again to see if I am done! (cheeky smile on his face)
.....and if I am not, tries really hard to remain quiet with his hands together (but usually gets distracted.....)

When I am feeding him his rice
....and he looks into the plate
.....and points to the carrots declaring "I want this!"
......and points to the meat declaring " no no!"
......and asks for "Soup, want soup" sometimes in between
.......and when he is full declares "No more, no more!"

And the way he understands instructions and does it out so quickly the way it should be done when he wants to when he wanted to play the piano that day
.....and I told him to put away his water bottle and wash his hands
....poof the bottle went shut (normally he will not remember to close it) to the table and put it there nicely (sometimes he puts it there but it falls coz it is not balanced properly) he went like a little bullet
...took out his stool to climb on
....waited for me to turn on the water and soap his hands
....down he goes and off to dry his hands
.....goes straight into the room
....climbs on the piano bench
.....he can't understand why I am so slow!

There are marvellous things that he does everyday. It is true at this age, their capacity for learning is so quick and they are so willing to learn. They are growing so fast, becoming so independent yet they still LOVE cuddle time, story reading time, rolling around before bedtime, splashing in the tub, sitting on your lap talking to you, singing and dancing, playing hide and seek....and any simple activity that we do with them.

It is an amazing amazing age....this age of 21+ months.


LittleLamb said...

Happy Happy 21 Months...

Do u wish time didnt go any faster????
Sigh..I m missing Philip dy..

Cynthia said...

Happpy 21 months... :) kids are so much excitement ya...

reanaclaire said...

it is good that u write them all down in yr blog.. unfortunately during my time, i din't have such facilities... so now i cannot remember much what my kids did when they were small... this blog will be a treasure later on, a special gift to your Christopher..

mommy to chumsy said...

so sweet eh? now we are in the talking back phase *slap forehead*

hissychick said...

They are so amazing aren't they?!

Wai Yin said...

Saw him praying in church that so cute.

Through little Christopher, I can see your dedication and love. *clap, clap*

Merryn said...

this is the best-est time ever! when they talk cute n funny but not irritatingly talking BACK at you.. i love this stage! :D well done christopher.

Moomykin said...

They are a real marvel.
I love your stories.

Happy Mother's Day, Ann!!
Happy 21st Month, Christopher!

MeRy said...

Happy 21 months old to Christopher!!

andrewjune said...

enjoy your moments now with him...happy 21 mths old to boy boy :-)

Julie said...

Isn't happy and proud that our boys are doing all those things?

But Jonathan refuse to shut his eyes and put his hands together to pray or even keep silence. He just can't wait to eat the food! If we don't give him the food, he whined and screamed. So ended up he's eating while we say grace. And after we say Amen and gaze at him, he will smile cheeckly. Tell me how lar?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ann, you know how to play piano? I am sure you will teach Christopher too.

I used to use the trick to "pretend to cry" when Sarah naughty, but seems like the trick no longer usable!

Christopher behaved so adorable when he was praying.