Sunday, July 5, 2009

Christopher's day out!

We were all geared up for it - a weekend at Awana Kijal on occasion of my cousin's wedding. The bags were packed. Christopher must have guessed we were going somewhere coz he saw he stuff being packed as well.

Friday morning came. We were taking our time to leave given we would only be able to check in at 2 pm. But around 10+ am, I noticed my little one looking tired.

Brought him upstairs to sleep.

One hour later, after his nap, I noticed he was frequently lying down and holding his head and when he was satnding up, he tended to double over. He also looked a bit flushed and was warm to touch.

His fever ran to 39 degrees and he vommitted a couple of times.

Sigh......something was on its way.

Friday night I unpacked the bags and put everything away. I decided as much as I want to go, the risk might not be worth it (given my cousin is marrying an Australian and there will be like TONS of Aussies/Sporeans in the house - H1N1 you know!).

On Saturday morning, I knew for a fact that Christopher knew we were indeed supposed to go for a trip. And that his grandparents were going and he was NOT. I had the hardest time dragging him back into the house and closing the door. I had the longest hour trying to coax him into doing something else and stop sitting by the door crying and pointing to go out.

It was heartbreaking. Truly.....really.....never had to deal with a case of disappointment as bad as this.

He cried himself tired and slept.

It was a Saturday and I couldn't bring him out - partly due to his fever and also hubby was out for classes. So, disappointment coupled with disappointment added with a fever = TROuBLE!!!

I was close to losing it by Saturday night. We needed a night out.

So, when hubby came back at 5.30 pm (one hour later due to car battery trouble), I was dressed and eager to go out!

Now.....there are many memories we can build into our kids mind.

When we think back on the days gone by, actually it is the routine things that brings back warm fuzzy feelings.

True, holidays are memorable. But warm chicken soup when we were ill or mum's curry chicken or dad's famous fried mee hoon or weekday evenings at 6pm watching Chinese serials with mum or Saturday night family dinners......those routine things are the ones that remind us of home, that pull us by during lonely cold college days, that makes us remember mummy and daddy's love.

I have made it a point since Christopher could eat adult food (somewhat) to make Saturday night out enjoyable for him as well as for us. Some family time together.....

So, this Saturday - disappointment 2 times over, a fever breaking through and a day stuck at home half crazed, I decided something different for dinner would be good. It does help that Christopher's concept of FUN is also a good meal!

So, where did we go? What new food did Christopher get to eat?

JAPANESE @ Sakae Sushi.

Fever also can eat Japanese? Umm, cannot?? Well, my little one had chawan mushi and Sushi rice rounded up with green tea ice cream pancake.

He declared "Good" and then "I want this (pointing to the sushi rice)".

He ate 7-8 rolls of sushi rice, 3 quarts of the chawan mushi and half the green tea pancake. He walked around, ran around and laughed outloud. Brought him to the toystore and he played pee-ka-boo, climbed up and down, banged some drums....all that in slightly more than an hour.

Change of clothes after eating and pooping!

I reckon he had fun. It is not really a biggie making my son happy. It shall be our 'tradition' to have a family Saturday night out FUN. Well, at least as long as he is young enough to want to spend his Saturday nights with us.
Until that time arrives, I will always want him to remember the Saturday nights with mummy and daddy doing something oh-so-enjoyable and eating that oh-so-wonderful dish!

It might just pull him through one lonely night when he is in college far far away and homesick!


Ponytail said...

oh dear, I thot I will be able to see some photos from Awana Kijal posted up here...

BUT, I totally agree with you, it is those warm and homely stuff we did at home that will make us miss home some day when we are out there alone - either studying or working abroad...

We were down too with dry cough and practicailly spend most of the weekend at home. But for people like me, Sat nite out and dinner is still a must. Like you said, something for the little one to enjoy time together and if she she should ever get kinda lonely when she is all grown up. She might get some warm thoughts about all those weekend outing with good food and a merry=go-round ride ;)

Hang in there yea, the flu season will be over soon....praying hard!

LittleLamb said...

ho ho ho..i thought Chris ventured to raw sushi or sahsami... in fact i was emailing my friend in Japan..asking them at what age kids eat sushi n such..and he said 2 yo.. so slowly i will let philip try..

so no more fever now???? sometimes the fever is just like a touch n go..not long term.. so no worries

andrewjune said...

i thk you DID the right thing of not attending the wedding...cos there are lots of aussies/sporeans attending. now that we are kiasi, the fact that boy boy was down with fever and with his weakened immune system, he can be easily infected by other viruses.
i hope he's doing better by now.

pls check thoroughly if he has any red spots on his palm, soles of feet or diaper area after his fever subsided. never can be too careful these days (since my daughter is down with HFM!)

Merryn said...

so cute philip eating sushi there! ethan loves sushi too.. waiting for ur awana's pic..

btw, add me in as ur friend once u r in myLot.. kay? tata

mommy to chumsy said...

You are such a good mommy...wanting to make your little boy happy :) I am sure he'll look forward to every saturday :D

little prince's mummy said...


Julie said...

So that cures all the discomfort that Christopher has. :P

In one of the marriage seminar I attended, the counsellors kept putting this thought to us..."What is the legacy that you want to pass down to your children". And here, the family Saturday night out fun is a good idea!

hissychick said...

Glad that your boy is on the mend and that you managed to enjoy an evening out.

I found it very amusing for you to mention Aussies as germ bags LOL. You guys are a lot more worried than we are, over here no one wears masks or anything....

Cynthia said...

nice to know Christopher enjoyed his day out.. and he recovers from his fever hah... :)

HI said...

Aawww....poor Christopher. I'm so glad he had a fun night out. It's so important to have a tradition that look back on.

Growing up, we always go out for breakfast on Sunday as a family. I missed it.

Moomykin said...

So right that routines are good for kids to establish memories of childhood, home and love.

Glad you all had a good time despite all the stress in the early part of the day.

Looking at his smiles, motherhood is just so rewarding, isn't it?