Monday, July 6, 2009

I can market....

If you are involved in something totally, you will be able to market it effectively.

There are 2 things I am able to 'pull' people in too well currently.....

1) Reading the Twillight saga*
2) Eating Pearlin**

The first addicts you to romance, the second helps you live it out.


*Anyone want a read?
**Pearlin has been recommended (by me) to women who have been trying hard to conceive


LittleLamb said...

am i reading or understanding a hidden msg behind this???


Ann said... hidden message at all. Just wrote it when a colleague was talking to me about her miscarriage and I shared with her about Pearlin and she was willing to try it straight away.

As for Twillight, I already got 3 other people hooked!!!

Hijackqueen said...

All human are perv. including the gays. lol. Glad to know another Twilight addict out there ;)

andrewjune said...

what's exactly is Pearlin? a medicine?
I'm a twilight fan as well :-)

coffeesncookies said...

what's pearlin ?

Ann said...

June, Elaine,

Pearlin is a product from e-excel. It is a capsule containing pearl powder, red date, lotus seed, royal jelly, chrysanthemum extract and licorice root extract.

It helped me regulate my period when I was younger coz in college and early part of working life, I didn't get it for 3 years!!!