Thursday, July 16, 2009

Old manual vs. New auto

This is a post on what I feel driving my new car.

My previous car was a manual Wira 1.6. My current car is a Myvi 1.3

So, my first difference would of course be my ability to speed at 130 km/hr. At 5.30 am, you bet it is possible to drive at that speed along the highway on my way to work. :) Now, I find the fastest I go is a 100 km/hr.

Next, I am able to be more courteous to the highway toll booth operator. I am able to say "Thank You" when she collects my money and then opens the bar up quickly! Of course this has to do with the car being new and that the auto windows work...... so I am not struggling to open the door and consciously aware that I need to close the door and drive off quickly before the person behind me starts honking.

Also getting out of the car park is easier since I am also able to open the window. There is a bump created where we 'teet' to go out. And most cars do not have to go over the bump since the bump was created just at the right area to 'stop' the front wheel of the car and the 'teet' machine will be where the window usually is!

Reversing is a breeze - the Myvi is a much smaller car than my Wira.

But I realised that auto cars use alot of brake power. And that the hand break doesn't really work if your car is still in Drive.

I also have accepted and even enjoyed the fact that an auto car in Drive can move by itself for quite a long distance.

I seldom drive in neutral now unlike with my manual Wira car.

And oh, the power of balancing!!! My heart doesn't skip a beat now when I know I have to face slopes laden with slow vehicles!

The Myvi though is a higher car and therefore more difficult to wash on the top!

I am listening to CDs now and not tapes and seldom the radio.

The additional features especially with regard to the wiper functionality is sorely limited in the Myvi. Something which I have found quite irritating since the speed is either to slow or too fast for me. In the Wira, I could manipulate the speed to suit the rain conditions.

All in all.....of course the Myvi is an easier drive. It being auto makes the main difference. It being shorter makes up the other.

But I think I still have no preference. A car is still a car. Avalibility of CD player aside.....


reanaclaire said... car... i love that.. a wonderful and cautious feeling when i drive a new car. i drove a myvi once, my sister's car, not bad, yeah.. but not so sure of the wiper.. btw, what is the teet sound u mentioned? cannot visualise that...
my own car is more than 3 yrs old now, still under bank loan, doesnt belong to me yet..haha... but we ought to be grateful that we can drive new cars, right? hehe... so what is your dream car? I would love to have a honda citi but i know i wont have one.. i travel outstation a lot so i bought a vios 3 yrs ago.. my first auto, like u too... :)

Cynthia said...

did you feel your left foot being abandon? when I first started to drive auto car, I feel like "where should I place my left foot" muahaha..

Julie said...

Yeah, yeah, auto car is perfect for slopes. :P I still remember when I first learn to drive a manual car, it always mati enjin when heading up a slope when the traffic lights go green. So memalukan when cars at the back start horning.

mumsgather said...

What a cute comparison. :)

Angeline said...

You've got a new love!!
Hubby has got to be on red alert now.... *laugh*

LittleLamb said...

as long can get u from point A to point worries :)

andrewjune said...

auto is better whenever there's a jam :-) yeah we hv the same prob as well on the windows of "wira" was hubby's first car!

Mummy Moon said...

Auto car is much more convenient huh? I used to drive a manual car, about 10 years. Until few months ago, only I started to LEARN to drive an auto car. People keep telling me : you no need to learn to drive auto car, you know drive manual, then auto is easy job.
Guess what ? My first drive at auto car was so scary and funny! I use both my legs to drive the auto car! Wakakka,

Moomykin said...

Since having kids, I find that it's also safer to drive an auto as you don't need to worry about shifting gears, so one less thing for the brain to "operate", and so can give more attention to the kids.

I just can't imagine driving a manual now with the kids in the car demanding for a some attention, yelling and fighting between themselves and occasionally puking...

I need an MPV...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am very very poor in driving manual car. I always admire ladies which are able to drive manual car without prob.

I guess auto is so much better when there's jam.